Board of Trustees

DescriptionBoard Policy Administrative Procedure
BP 2010 Board MembershipPDF
BP 2015 Student MemberPDF
BP 2100 Board ElectionsPDF
BP 2104 Election of OfficersPDF
BP 2105 Election of Student Member(s)PDFPDF
BP 2110 Vacancies on the BoardPDF
BP 2200 Board Duties and ResponsibilitiesPDF
BP 2210 OfficersPDF
BP 2222 Land Development CommitteePDF
BP 2223 Accreditation CommitteePDF
BP 2224 Career Technical Education CommitteePDF
BP 2225 Personnel CommitteePDF
BP 2227 Legislative Affairs CommitteePDF
BP 2228 Board of Trustees' Audit & Budget PolicyPDF
BP 2305 Annual Organization MeetingPDF
BP 2340 AgendasPDF
BP 2345 Board Meetings, Participation and DecorumPDF
BP 2360 MinutesPDF
BP 2365 RecordingPDF
BP 2410 Policy & Administrative ProceduresPDFPDF
BP 2430 Delineation of Authority to CEOPDF
BP 2435 Evaluation of the ChancellorPDF
BP 2510 Participation in Local Decision MakingPDF
BP 2710 Conflict of InterestPDF
BP 2712 Conflict of Interest Business OperationsPDF
BP 2715 Code of Ethics/Standards of PracticePDF
BP 2725 Board Member CompensationPDF
BP 2735 Board Member TravelPDF
BP 2740 New Trustee OrientationPDF
BP 2745 Board Self EvaluationPDF
BP 2748 Purchase of Goods and ServicesPDF
BP 2900 District Student CouncilPDF
BP 2901 Filing Qualification for Trustee CandidatePDF
BP 2902 Governing Board Election Procedure in TiePDF
BP 2903 Board Involvement in Personnel MattersPDF
BP 2904 Board of Trustees Standards for AdminPDF
BP 2905 General CounselPDF
BP 2906 Presentation of ResolutionsPDF
BP 5420 Associated Students' FinancePDF
BP 6900 College BookstoresPDF