Business Operations

DescriptionBoard Policy Administrative Procedure
BP 2712 Conflict of Interest CodePDF
BP 2716(A) Participation in EventsPDF
BP 2748 Purchase of Goods and ServicesPDF
BP 3040 Identity Theft Prevention PolicyPDF
BP 3200 AccreditationPDF
BP 3250 Institutional PlanningPDF
BP 3301 Inspection and Copying of Public RecordsPDF
BP 3310 Retention and Destruction of RecordsPDFPDF
BP 3311 Destruction of Old Employment Apps.PDF
BP 3521 College Police Department - GWCPDF
BP 3522 Investigation of Violent CrimesPDF
BP 3523 District Use of ForcePDF
BP 3600 Auxiliary OrganizationsPDF
BP 3722 Policy on Software UsePDF
BP 4010 Academic CalendarPDF
BP 4611 Illness and Injury Prevention ProgramPDF
BP 4612 Replacing/Repairing Employee's PropertyPDF
BP 5131 Federal Perkins Loan ProgramPDF
BP 6100 Delegation of AuthorityPDF
BP 6150 Designation of Authorized SignaturesPDF
BP 6200 Budget PreparationPDF
BP 6201 Budget Transfer Board Approval PolicyPDF
BP 6300 Fiscal ManagementPDF
BP 6311 Co-Curricular AccountsPDF
BP 6312 Petty Cash for Small Emergency PurchasesPDF
BP 6313 Revolving Cash FundPDF
BP 6314 Revolving Cash Funds at the CollegesPDF
BP 6315 Signature of Commercial WarrantsPDF
BP 6316 Replacement Warrants Drawn by CountyPDF
BP 6317 Replacement Warrants Drawn by DistrictPDF
BP 6320 Investment PolicyPDF
BP 6330 PurchasingPDF
BP 6331 Purchasing by Dept. of General Services-CAPDF
BP 6332 Standard Agreements for ServicesPDF
BP 6333 Institutional MembershipsPDF
BP 6340 ContractsPDF
BP 6400 AuditsPDF
BP 6401 CCCD Internal Audit Manual of PoliciesPDF
BP 6402 Internal Audit Services CharterPDF
BP 6403 Cashiering and Cash Handling GuidelinesPDF
BP 6520 Security for District PropertyPDF
BP 6521 District/College Security PolicyPDF
BP 6531 Transportation RegulationsPDF
BP 6541 Insurance BrokeragePDF
BP 6542 Limited Authority- Settle Liability ClaimsPDF
BP 6550 Disposition of District PropertyPDF
BP 6551 Sale or Lease of Real PropertyPDF
BP 6552 Land Utilization/Joint Use DevelopmentPDF
BP 6600 Capital ConstructionPDF
BP 6621 Naming District Facilities and PropertiesPDF
BP 6700 Use of Facilities and Co-Sponsored EventsPDFPDF
BP 6703 Employee Restricted Use -District ServicesPDF
BP 6704 Lending of EquipmentPDF
BP 6750 Parking and TrafficPDF
BP 6751 Parking and Traffic Regulations - CCCPDF
BP 6752 Parking and Traffic Regulations - GWC/OCCPDF
BP 6960 Energy and Resources ConservationPDF
BP 6961 Integrated Waste Management PolicyPDF
BP 6962 Acquiring Federal Surplus PropertyPDF
BP 6963 Remove Architectural Barriers/HandicappedPDF
BP 6964 Disposition of PropertyPDF
BP 6965 Sale or Lease of Real PropertyPDF
BP 6966 Land Utilization/Joint Use DevelopmentPDF
BP 6970 Transportation RegulationsPDF
BP 6971 Mileage ReimbursementPDF
BP 6972 Attendance at Meetings/ConferencesPDF
BP 6973 Events with Charitable/Political DonationsPDF
BP 6974 Participation in Overnight Athletic EventsPDF
BP 7131 Mileage ReimbursementPDF
BP 7132 Particicpation in Overnight Athletic EventPDF
BP 7401 Attendance at Mtngs, Confs & ConventionsPDF