Certificated Employees

DescriptionBoard Policy Administrative Procedure
BP 7341 Sabbatical Leave of Absence
BP 7346 Military Leaves
BP 7828 Agreement between CFE/AFT and CCCD
BP 7829 Agreement between CCCA/NEA and CCCD
BP 7830 Employment Notices
BP 7831 Health Science and Allied Health Programs
BP 7832 Evaluation and Improvement of Instruction
BP 7833 Tenure
BP 7834 CCCD and Certificated Employee Relations
BP 7835 Academic Due Process
BP 7836 Retirement
BP 7837 Faculty Role in Governance
BP 7838 Faculty Hiring Policy
BP 7839 Faculty Qualifications
BP 7840 Sick Leave
BP 7841 Extended Sick Leave
BP 7842 Absences for Personal Reasons
BP 7843 Unpaid Leaves
BP 7844 Salary Advancement While on Leave
BP 7845 Vacation for Employees Changing Schedule
BP 7846 Industrial Accident and Illness Leave
BP 7847 Property Rights