Confidential Employees

DescriptionBoard Policy Administrative Procedure
BP 7240 Confidential Employees
BP 7858 Definition of Confidential Employee
BP 7859 Confidential Staff Hiring Policy
BP 7860 Overtime Compensation
BP 7861 Longevity
BP 7862 CCCD (CE)Professional Development Program
BP 7863 Reclassification
BP 7864 Pre-Retirement Reduced Schedule
BP 7865 Retirement
BP 7866 Sick Leave
BP 7867 Illness While on Vacation
BP 7868 Extended Sick Leave
BP 7869 Absence due to Death in Immediate Family
BP 7870 Absence due to Personal Necessity
BP 7871 Absence- Quarantine/Witness/Jury Duty
BP 7872 Floating Holiday
BP 7873 Holidays and Vacation
BP 7874 Military Leaves
BP 7875 General Provisions
BP 7876 Insurance
BP 7877 Life Insurance
BP 7878 District's Medicare Supplement Plan