Personnel Policies and Human Resources

DescriptionBoard Policy Administrative Procedure
BP 3050 Code of Professional Ethics for all Employ
BP 3420 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
BP 3421 Equal Employment Opportunity Plan
BP 3510 Workplace Violence Plan
BP 3541 Policy on Sexual Assault
BP 3550 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy
BP 3720 Computer/Electronic Systems Acceptable Use
BP 7110 Delegation
BP 7111 Chancellor to Employ Certificated Staff
BP 7112 Chancellor to Employ Classified Staff
BP 7113 Chancellor to Accept Written Resignations
BP 7121 Employee Recruitment & Selection
BP 7122 Wages / Hours of Employment
BP 7127 Summary of Criminal History Information
BP 7131 Employee Remuneration
BP 7141 Employee Rights
BP 7142 Qualification as "Employee Organization"
BP 7143 Recognition of Employee Organizations
BP 7144 Spokesperson for Employee Organizations
BP 7146 Spokesperson for the Board of Trustees
BP 7147 Public Notice - Collective Bargaining
BP 7148 CCCD Management Association
BP 7149 Association of Confidential Employees
BP 7310 Nepotism
BP 7330 Communicable Disease
BP 7345 Catastrophic Leave Sharing - Managers
BP 7360 Discipline/Dismissals Academic Employees
BP 7365 Discipline/Dismissals Classified Employees
BP 7385 Salary Deductions
BP 7700 Fraud Prevention /Whistleblower Protection
BP 7800 Payroll Deductions
BP 7801 Employee Recognition
BP 7802 Emeritus Status
BP 7803 Sexual Harrassment Policy Statement
BP 7804 Board Privilege
BP 7805 Conference Attendance
BP 7806 Use of District Mailboxes
BP 7809 Provision of Parking Space
BP 7810 CA State Teachers' Retirement System
BP 7811 CA Public Employees' Retirement System
BP 7812 Employee Deferred Compensation Plan
BP 7813 Gender Equity Policy Statement
BP 7814 District Smoking Policy
BP 7815 Rights of Administrators - Faculty Tenure
BP 7816 Faculty Hiring Policies and Procedures
BP 7817 Accommodations for Employees/Disabilities
BP 7818 Unused Sick Leave
BP 7819 Doctor's Verification
BP 7820 Maternity Absence
BP 7821 District Holidays
BP 7822 General Provisions
BP 7823 Salary Continuation Insurance
BP 7824 Dental Care Insurance
BP 7825 Tax Sheltered Annuity
BP 7826 Optical Care Insurance
BP 7827 Retiree Health Benefits
BP 7909 Search/Selection of Executive Management