Supervisory/Management and Management Personnel Policies

DescriptionBoard Policy Administrative Procedure
BP 7879 Exempt Classification
BP 7880 Due Process
BP 7881 Tenure
BP 7882 Management Salary Schedule
BP 7883 Advancement on Salary Schedule
BP 7884 Management Longevity
BP 7885 Pre-Retirement Reduced Schedule
BP 7886 Management Professional and Staff Dev
BP 7887 Classified and Certificated Evaluations
BP 7888 Management Hiring Policy
BP 7889 Sick Leave
BP 7890 Illness While on Vacation
BP 7891 Extended Sick Leave
BP 7892 Leaves of Absence
BP 7893 Military Leaves
BP 7894 Industrial Accident and Illness Leaves
BP 7895 Absence due to Death in Immediate Family
BP 7896 Absence due to Personal Necessity
BP 7897 Absence - Quarantine/Witness/Jury Duty
BP 7898 Absence - Professional Development Leave
BP 7899 Professional Improvement Admin Leave
BP 7900 Holidays and Vacation, Management
BP 7901 Lump Sum Vacation Payment
BP 7902 General Provisions
BP 7903 Insurance
BP 7904 Life Insurance, Management
BP 7905 District's Medicare Supplement Plan