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Another Day in Paradise . . .

Chancellor’s Blog

November 9, 2011

Goal 1 – 60 by 2014
Attain a 60% completion rate for students by the year 2014

Goal 2 – 15 by 2020
Attain a 15% international student population by the year 2020

Goal 3 – THE place to work
Be the most desirable employer by the year 2015

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that we are winding down the fall semester.  As I reflect upon the short three months that I have been at Coast Colleges, I am proud of the journey that we have all begun together.  I am particularly proud of the stretch goals that have been set for the District.  

I know that by working together, we can achieve these goals.  It won’t be easy and it will require all of us to step outside of our comfort zone, but it is only outside of our zone that we grow.  One way we are working toward the goal of 60% completion by 2014 is through the efforts of the Launchpad Initiative.  As you know, the Launchpad Initiative is a contest in which the winning team will share in a $10,000 cash prize.  Of course, the real prize will be the development of new and creative ideas to increase student success. Below is information that is intended to answer some questions that have been received regarding the Launchpad Initiative.  While I hope that this information is helpful, I welcome your comments and feedback regarding the contest and am looking very forward to the initial presentations.

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge Team Launchpad.  A group of Coast College team members that have been identified as creative leaders and meet as a think tank.  Does that sound like you?  I invite you to join the team!  Team Launchpad meets monthly to discuss issues related to education, technology and how we can institute new ways of thinking and create our own future.  Interested?  Send me an email at to get on the mailing list. 

Until next time, enjoy another day in paradise!

Launchpad Initiative Revised Timeline (New dates in red.)

October 14, 2011                              Coast Launchpad Initiative announced
November 18, 2011                           Applications due by 5:00pm PST
December 12 – December 16, 2011      Initial proposal presentations
December 16, 2011                           Semi-Finalists announced
March 19, 2012                                Final Presentations


October 13, 2011

I have been at Coast for two months now, and I am fully convinced that this is paradise. Aside from enjoying a perfect climate, my time at Coast has been filled with meeting great people, learning about our great colleges and programs, and setting stretch goals about our future. It's an exciting place to be growing with you!

Speaking of exciting, we have officially announced the Coast Launchpad Initiative. The Coast LAUNCHPAD INITIATIVE is a contest in which INNOVATION is rewarded and STUDENT SUCCESS is the primary objective. The Coast LAUNCHPAD INITIATIVE is a creative contest that will allow teams to work together to develop creative and innovative methods that can be implemented at our colleges and will increase student success. Teams will work together to prepare a concept proposal and present to a panel of judges. Four teams will be selected to move forward to develop their concept and will be provided support for related research and development of the final presentation. The semi-finalist teams will give a final presentation to the judges and one team will win $10,000 to share. The contest will reward the best ideas that can be implemented to increase student success and be replicable, scalable and sustainable.

I hope you find it exciting and plan to participate. This contest is a way for each Coast team member to engage in our future and our goal of obtaining a 60% completion rate by 2014. For details and application information, click here (Announcement & Rules, Application Form).

I would like to thank those of you that sent messages via the Ask the Chancellor feature on our new website or via email at I assure that you that I read them all and value your feedback.


September 13, 2011

Welcome to the Chancellor’s Blog! In this inaugural entry, I want to focus on beginnings. This time of year marks the beginning of many things – the start of a new academic year, the first college classes for many of our students, the first time teaching for some of our faculty and the first time that we begin a semester together. It has certainly been a time of beginnings for me – the start of a new life in Southern California, the start of a new job as the chancellor of Coast Colleges and the start of our journey together. With a just a month under my belt as an Orange County resident, I am already getting very used to the wonderful weather and the many opportunities that we have here at Coast.

By now, you may have heard that I have some ideas and goals that will help propel Coast Colleges to be the best community college district in the world. Yes, I mean the world. I know that together, we can accomplish that goal. To get there, we will have to work together, stretch our minds and thought processes toward new and innovative ways of thinking and doing, and always remember that each person at Coast contributes greatly to the success of our students.

Student success is our success. In fact, that is the focus of my first goal for Coast Colleges. If you haven’t heard about the goal of attaining a 60% completion rate for students by the year 2014, you soon will (along with a few other goals that will help us to become the best community college in the world). For now, I would like to say thank you for the warm welcome and your service to our students and community. I thank you for what you have done, what you are doing and for what you are going to do in the service of our District. I look forward to working with you.

I welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you. If you have ideas or comments that you would like to share, please click here. Until next time, enjoy another day in paradise!