Coast Community College District-wide Telephone Directory

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GWC   58106 VP Office of Admin Services     AST Office
OCC   22573 Fine Arts                       Aartman                          Joanne           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52425 Math                            Abachi                           Shahriar         Adjunct Faculty
CML   11346 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Abel                             Robert           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52427 Cosmetology                     Abella                           Dori             Cosmetology Dispensary Technician
OCC   25868 Technology                      Abernathy                        Dean             Faculty
CCC   11248 Office of Instruction           Ables                            Dorothy          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25050 Academic Senate                 Academic Senate
CCC   16156 Faculty Senate                  Academic Senate
GWC   52412 Office of Instructn             Adams                            Mike             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22576 Math                            Adams                            Rebecca          Adjunct Faculty
WM1   18009 Westminster 1-Stop              Adan                             Abdi
OCC   21158 Social Sciences                 Adan                             Amina            Faculty
OCC   25859 Social Sciences                 Adan                             Amina            Faculty
OCC   25541 Respiratory Care                Adelmann                         Dan              Faculty
GWC   55174 Computer Services               Ader                             Dianna
GWC   52456 Arts and Letters                Adham                            Veronica         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11295 Office of Instruction           Adler                            Bobbi            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25773 Admissions                      Admissions & Records
GWC   58306 Admissions                      Admissions & Records
CCC   16521 Admissions Guidance Svs         Admissions & Records Office
OCC   26632 Admissions                      Admissions Assistant
GWC   51066 Admissions                      Admissions Clerk
GWC   59021 Admissions                      Admissions Info
OCC   25735 Admissions                      Admissions Info
CCC   16152 Office of the President         Adrian                           Lori             President
GWC   58325 Disabled Students Ct            Adult Transition
OCC   25673 Coast Report                    Advertising
WM1   14926 Westminster 1-Stop              Agag                             Diana
OCC   22094 Physical Education              Agahi                            Golnaz           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52683 Social Sciences                 Agnew                            Cassandra        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22255 Social Sciences                 Aguilera                         Gabriel          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   24325 Children's Center               Aguillon                         Jessica          Child Care Center Assistant
OCC   16370 Grant Development               Aguirre                          Isaiah
GWC   55181 Learning Resources              Aguirre                          Vanessa          Library Clerk Senior
OCC   22057 Consumer Sci                    Aguon                            Ron              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11207 Office of Instruction           Ahlman                           Mary             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52078 Business Sys                    Ahmad                            Manzoor          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22917 Technology                      Aiken                            James            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21189 Technology                      Airline Inst
OCC   25710 Aviation Services               Airline Travel
GWC   52245 Career Ed                       Aispuro                          Enrique          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16202 Grant Development               Aistrich                         Darian           Projects Coordinator
CCC   16151 Fiscal Services                 Ajbani                           Minal            Accounting Fiscal Specialist
CCC   11532 Office of Instruction           Akamine                          Karen            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25718 Counseling/Instruction          Akana                            Charlie
OCC   21063 English Department              Akers                            Tom              Faculty
OCC   25033 English Department              Akers                            Tom              Faculty
OCC   26347 Large Group Facilities          Akiona                           Amy              Course Assistant I
OCC   22825 Social Sciences                 Alabi                            Jessica          Faculty
OCC   25852 Social Sciences                 Alabi                            Jessica          Faculty
IRV   18023 Irvine One-Stop                 Alatorre                         Pat
OCC   22706 Business Education              Albelo                           Hilda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22845 Physical Education              Albiston                         Brook            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58146 International Student Programs  Alcala                           Javier           Immigration Technician
GWC   55231 International Student Programs  Alcala                           Javier           Immigration Technician
OCC   25801 Business/Personnel Services     Alcala                           Norma            Accounting Technician
OCC   22589 Consumer Sci                    Alegre                           Mac              Clinical Adviser
OCC   21206 Math                            Alemansour                       Steve            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22642 Business Education              Alenikov                         Teresa           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52735 Career Ed                       Alexander                        Sydney           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   24308 Community Education             Alfaro                           Gil              Program Assistant
DOC   84871 Financial Aid Administration    Allen                            Bill             Due Diligence Technician
OCC   25639 Technology                      Allen                            Blair            Information Systems Technician II
GWC   52031 School of Nursing               Allen                            Laurie           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58197 Admissions                      Allen                            Tim
GWC   52223 Criminal Justice                Allum                            Rich             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52150 Math                            Almy                             James            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22500 Hotel/Motel Operation           Aloiau                           April            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52541 Student Activities              Alpha Gamma Sigma
GWC   52212 Math                            Alshaw                           Ahmad            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25175 Athletics Department            Altobelli                        Anthony          Sports Information Director
OCC   21026 Physical Education              Altobelli                        John             Faculty
CCC   52797 Office of Instruction           Altobelli                        Melissa          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26273 Community Education             Alu                              Tom              Account Clerk
OCC   26622 Athletics Department            Alvarez                          Daniel           Athletic Equipment Assistant
GWC   52043 Arts and Letters                Alvarez                          Veronica         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21280 Math                            Alves                            Mitchell         Faculty
OCC   25677 Math                            Alves                            Mitchell         Faculty
OCC   21004 Fashions                        Amaral                           Chris            Faculty
OCC   25841 Fashions                        Amaral                           Chris            Faculty
GWC   55237 Theater                         Amen                             Thomas           Assistant Professor
GWC   58270 Criminal Justice                Ames                             Steve            Career Coordinator
FVL   17510 Fountain Valley Technology      Amito`elau                       Sylvia
GWC   52542 Student Activities              Amnesty Internationl
OCC   25038 Social Sciences                 Anacker                          Gayne            Faculty
OCC   21196 Social Sciences                 Anacker                          Gayne            Faculty
OCC   21024 Literature                      Anderson                         Courtney         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52356 Music                           Anderson                         Dennis           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26720 Children's Center               Anderson                         Eileen           Child Development Specialist
OCC   26614 Literature                      Anderson                         Jean             OCMCHS
GWC   25512 Art                             Anderson                         Jennifer         Faculty
GWC   52795 Arts and Letters                Anderson                         Matthew          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23052 Consumer Sci                    Anderson                         Melanie          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52601 Arts and Letters                Anderson                         Perry            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11359 Office of Instruction           Anderson                         Rachel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22784 Fine Arts                       Anderson                         Ruth Ann         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52044 Business                        Anderson                         Terry B.         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52464 Comm Studies                    Anderson                         Terry P.         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25708 Counseling                      Anderson                         Valerie          Staff Aide
OCC   22635 Consumer Sci                    Andre                            Timothy          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22186 Fine Arts                       Andrews                          Mark             Faculty
GWC   55083 Mailroom                        Andrews                          Pam              Mailroom Clerk Senior
OCC   23211 Math                            Anduri                           Megan            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52518 Business Sys                    Anello                           John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22243 Consumer Sci                    Angel                            Kathryn          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52249 Business                        Angeles                          Ernie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22899 Literature                      Anglin                           Marie            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58651 Personnel Services Division     Anguis                           Jenny            Personnel Technician II
GWC   52730 Arts and Letters                Anzai                            Rosemary         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23042 Literature                      Anzaldo                          Guadalupe        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52002 Arts and Letters                Anzaldo                          Guadalupe        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52473 Languages                       Anzaldo                          Guadalupe        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25939 Physical Education              Aper                             Dottie           Athletic Coordinator
GWC   55052 Community Services Office       Apodaca                          Angela           Community Services Technician
OCC   21304 Chemistry Department            Appel                            Mathew           Faculty
OCC   26541 Physical Education              Appell                           Charles          Instructional Associate Exercise
DOC   26015 Recruitment Analysis            Applicant Processing
GWC   52294 Arts and Letters                Apps                             Stanley          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23060 Consumer Sci                    Arakaki                          Christy          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26261 Children's Center               Arant                            Michelle         Faculty
OCC   52040 Career Education                Araujo                           Lance            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25809 Student Services                Arbizo                           Lydia            Outreach Program Specialist/Voc Ed
OCC   26440 Student Services                Arbizo                           Lydia            Outreach Program Specialist/Voc Ed
CML   11467 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Ardolino                         Maureen          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22591 Technology                      Ardy                             Daryl            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25965 Office of Instruction           Area                             Sheryl           Administrative Asst To Vice President
OCC   22568 Literature                      Arellano                         Carole           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16427 EOPS Office                     Arellano                         Christina        EOPS Recruit Technician
OCC   22520 Consumer Sci                    Arellano                         Norma            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26205 Campus Safety                   Arensdorf                        Tom              Campus Safety Officer
OCC   25784 Counseling/Instruction          Arfsten                          Pat              Counselor
GWC   22546 Math                            Arias                            Robyn            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21211 Math Department                 Arismendi-pardi                  Eduardo          Faculty
OCC   25503 Math Department                 Arismendi-pardi                  Eduardo          Faculty
OCC   22867 Math                            Arjmand                          Shahriar         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16173 Office of Instruction           Arlington                        Pat              Faculty
CCC   11332 Office of Instruction           Arlington                        Pat              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52085 ESL                             Armendaris                       Francesca        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23157 Literature                      Armstong                         Robin            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25832 Social Sciences                 Arnold                           Herrick          Faculty
OCC   21226 Social Sciences                 Arnold                           Herrick          Faculty
CCC   11461 Office of Instruction           Arreaga                          Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14947 Westminster 1-Stop              Arreola                          Desiree
GWC   52698 Arts and Letters                Arreola                          Steve            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16191 Custodial Services/Maintenance  Arroyo                           Gabe             Maintenance Lead
OCC   25627 Counseling                      Arroyo                           Leticia          Typist Clerk Senior
CML   17209 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Art Department
GWC   51032 Arts and Letters                Art Gallery
GWC   52430 Music                           Artemova                         Alina            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84613 DIS-Administration              Arthur                           Jeffery          Director
OCC   23222 Literature                      Ary                              Nichole          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22611 Consumer Sci                    Asad                             Raymond          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52482 Languages                       Asahina                          Ruby             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58107 New Media Center                Ascencio                         Jorge            Multimedia Development Specialist Senior
OCC   22620 Consumer Sci                    Ash                              Andrew           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23160 Math                            Ash                              Thomas           Adjunct Counselor
OCC   25796 Social Sciences                 Asim                             Dr. Paul         Dean
CCC   16285 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Assessment Center
GWC   55077 Assessment Center               Assessment Center
GWC   58920 Assessment Center               Assessment Center TDD
OCC   23130 Consumer Sci                    Atallah                          Joe              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   12304 Office of Instruction           Atallah                          Joseph           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52175 Arts and Letters                Atherton                         Anthony          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26181 Counseling                      Athletic Advisor
IRV   18025 Irvine One-Stop                 Atuatasi                         Fred
OCC   25053 English Department              Aube                             Susan            Faculty
OCC   22780 Athletics Department            Aubin                            Todd             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25767 Athletics Department            Aubin                            Todd             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11238 Office of Instruction           Aubry                            Michael          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84663 Financial Aid Administration    Auduong                          Anh              Financial Aid Accounting Analyst
OCC   26344 Library Services                Ausmus                           Colleen          Library Assistant
OCC   22882 Literature                      Austin                           Vera             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11380 Office of Instruction           Austin                           Vera             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58276 Diesel Technology               Auto Tech Dept
GWC   58278 Diesel Technology               Auto. Adjunct Faculty Rm 108                      Faculty
GWC   52751 Career Ed                       Automotive                                        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55005 Student Services - Admin        Avalos                           Mary             Staff Assistant
OCC   26240 Sailing Base                    Avery                            Brad             Director Marine Program
OCC   23286 Math                            Avetisian                        Deanna           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25563 Math Department                 Avetisian                        Sonia            Faculty
OCC   21238 Math Department                 Avetisian                        Sonia            Faculty
OCC   22380 Literature                      Avila                            Carmen           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55078 Maintenance                     Avila                            Nicolas          Groundskeeper II
OCC   22412 Theater Arts Department         Avina                            Teresa           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84656 Fiscal Affairs Office           Awoleye                          Oluwaseyi        Accounting Technician Senior
OCC   23098 Literature                      Ayad                             Nada             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22359 Office of Instruction           Aytes                            Kathryn          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22975 Business Education              Azadgan                          Alexander        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58249 Arts and Letters                Babb                             Susan            Faculty
CCC   16195 Office of Instruction           Babler                           Cheryl           Vice President
GWC   52579 Math                            Baca                             Jorge            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25530 Business/Personnel Services     Bach                             Bebe             Staff Assistant Senior
CCC   11271 Office of Instruction           Bach                             Michael          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51164 Criminal Justice                Bach                             Michael          Faculty
OCC   22663 Math                            Bachhuber                        Joel             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58382 Student Health Services         Bachmann                         Rob              Associate Dean
GWC   51037 Theater                         Back Stage
OCC   22296 Math                            Backey                           Joan             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52099 Physical Sciences               Backlund Walker                  Malin            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23238 Math Department                 Backlund-Walker                  Malin
OCC   25762 Counseling/Instruction          Bagatourian                      Linda            Counselor
OCC   22331 Literature                      Bahti                            Cynthia          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11302 Office of Instruction           Bai                              Hannah           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22631 Business Education              Bailey                           Bill             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11230 Office of Instruction           Bailey                           Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84725 Services/Staff Benefits         Bailey                           Marilyn          Benefits Technician
OCC   55267 Building Maintenance            Bailor                           Don
GWC   55017 Counseling                      Baird                            David            Dean
GWC   58209 Career Ed                       Baird                            Larry            Faculty
GWC   52720 Arts and Letters                Baitoo                           Hilda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22211 Consumer Sci                    Baker                            Blayne           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21283 Math                            Baker                            Cherryl          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52042 Life Sciences                   Baker                            Frank            Faculty
GWC   51107 Life Sciences                   Baker                            Frank            Faculty
OCC   23067 Literature                      Baker                            Karen            Faculty
CCC   16129 Office of Instruction           Baker                            Lynne            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22656 Consumer Sci                    Baker                            Sherilyn         Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84616 Budget Control                  Baker                            Tim              Accounting Technician Senior
OCC   22668 Technology                      Balding                          James            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22644 Consumer Sci                    Baldwin                          Audrey           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22180 Consumer Sci                    Baldwin                          Rene             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58752 Music                           Bales                            Bruce            Faculty
GWC   55142 Public Information Office       Bales                            Debbie           Graphic Designer
OCC   22623 Math                            Ball                             Jerald           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22678 Physical Education              Ballard                          Teri             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25531 Consumer Sci                    Ballinger                        Kevin            Dean
OCC   22111 Consumer Sci                    Baltazar                         Margaret         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22039 Physical Education              Baltes                           Christine        Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11231 Office of Instruction           Bancroft                         Bradford         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21205 Math Department                 Bandaruk                         Ted              Faculty
GWC   52119 Arts and Letters                Banej                            Kia              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23242 Business Education              Bannister                        Michael
OCC   25591 Consumer Sci                    Banoczi                          Walt             Faculty
WM1   14994 Westminster 1-Stop              Baquerizo                        Alexis           Westminster One-Stop
OCC   25835 Food Services - Instruction     Barber                           Bill             Faculty
OCC   26428 Food Services - Instruction     Barber                           Bill             Faculty
OCC   23050 Social Sciences                 Barber                           Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16147 Staff Diversity-Dist Support    Barber                           Shaunick         Area Facilitator
OCC   23165 Custodial Services              Barcenas                         Leonor           Custodian
CCC   16104 Bookstore                       Bare                             Michael          Bookstore Manager
OCC   22257 Consumer Sci                    Bare                             Thierry          Adjunct Faculty
CML   17206 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Bargas                           Brook
GWC   58128 Admissions                      Barker                           Linda            Admissions & Records Technician
OCC   22397 Social Sciences                 Barmore                          Gary             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21084 English Department              Barnard                          Donna            Faculty
OCC   22934 Literature                      Barnard                          Jaclyn           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25511 Counseling                      Barnes                           Carol            Faculty
GWC   52442 Criminal Justice                Barnes                           Gene             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11235 Office of Instruction           Barnes                           Stephen          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11507 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Barnes                           Ted              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55209 Maintenance                     Barrera                          Esteban          Groundskeeper II
CCC   11282 Office of Instruction           Barret                           Debra            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22232 Fine Arts                       Barrett                          Charles          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52263 ESL                             Barrett                          David            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16279 Admissions Guidance Svs         Barry                            Nancy            Account Clerk Senior
OCC   23114 Music Department                Barsamian                        Aram             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22921 Consumer Sci                    Barton                           Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21087 English Department              Barton                           Laurie           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51141 Academic Senate                 Barua                            Dibakar          Faculty
GWC   52102 Academic Senate                 Barua                            Dibakar          Faculty
OCC   25632 Business Education              Barvarz                          Pamela           Faculty
OCC   21664 Business Education              Barvarz                          Pamela           Faculty
GWC   55118 Public Safety                   Barylski                         Tami             Typist Clerk
CCC   11289 Office of Instruction           Basford                          Sean             Faculty
OCC   23015 Social Sciences                 Basile                           Carol            Adjunct Faculty
CML   11416 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Bates                            Laurye           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22307 Literature                      Bates                            Lourdes          Adjunct Faculty
CML   17205 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Baugh                            Jim              Faculty
CML   17283 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Bauman                           Jane
CCC   11459 Office of Instruction           Bauman                           Jane             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52535 Arts and Letters                Baumheckel                       Ken              Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18064 Irvine One-Stop                 Bayard                           Jo
OCC   25021 College Publications            Bayes                            Chauncey         Graphic Designer
OCC   26256 Special Services Office         Beale                            Michael          Learning Specialist Aide
OCC   22189 Fine Arts                       Beanan                           Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25835 Cafeteria                       Beard                            Dan              Faculty
OCC   26427 Cafeteria                       Beard                            Dan              Faculty
OCC   25911 Business Information Systems    Beau                             Leslie           Faculty
OCC   23283 Math                            Beaupre                          Steve            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52465 Comm Studies                    Beauvais                         Suzanne          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11366 Office of Instruction           Beaver                           Dorothy          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52526 Cosmetology                     Beck                             Shirley          Dispensary Technician
GWC   51024 Cosmetology                     Beck                             Shirley          Dispensary Technician
GWC   52152 Office of Instructn             Becker                           Craig            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22946 Consumer Sci                    Becker                           Lauren           Faculty
OCC   26488 Fashions                        Becker                           Lauren           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52010 ESL                             Bedawi                           Sabri            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21193 Social Sciences                 Bednarski                        Chris            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25797 Social Sciences                 Bednarski                        Chris            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22294 Literature                      Beerman                          Jill             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22579 Business Education              Beers                            Matthew          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21305 Office of Instruction           Behr                             Laura            Faculty
OCC   23045 Consumer Sci                    Beitel                           Michelle         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11447 Office of Instruction           Belanger                         Al               Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21008 Early Childhood Education       Belcher                          Mary             Faculty
OCC   25067 Early Childhood Education       Belcher                          Mary             Faculty
DOC   84712 Recruitment Analysis            Bell                             Angela           Human Resources Staff Assistant
IRV   18019 Irvine One-Stop                 Bell                             Eveyln
IRV   18014 Irvine One-Stop                 Bell                             Eveyln
OCC   23201 Literature                      Bell                             John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25136 English Department              Bellah                           Geoff            Faculty
OCC   22771 Physical Education              Belovsky                         Joshua           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22817 Literature                      BenChaabane                      Salwa            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26360 Admissions                      Benavides                        Olga             Admissions & Records Technician III
OCC   21219 Geology Deparment               Bender                           Erik             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22262 Social Sciences                 Bender                           Linda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26629 Cafeteria                       Benes                            Bryce
GWC   52488 Math                            Bennaman                         Bud              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25126 College Foundation              Bennett                          Doug             Director
GWC   52264 Comm Studies                    Bennett                          Jaima            Faculty
GWC   51144 Comm Studies                    Bennett                          Jaima            Faculty
OCC   25570 Business Education              Bennett                          Jane             Faculty
GWC   52196 Arts and Letters                Benoe                            Christopher      Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25088 Business Education              Benoit                           Doug             Dean
OCC   25605 Technology                      Benoit                           Douglas          Dean
OCC   22430 Math                            Berekeian                        Beverly          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22323 Office of Instruction           Berekian                         Beverly          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22399 Social Sciences                 Berenson                         Virginia         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52265 Languages                       Bergman                          Martha           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22618 Technology                      Bergquist                        Margaret         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52334 Arts and Letters                Berkmann                         John             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51210 Library                         Berman                           Susan            Adjunct Librarian
OCC   26252 Disabled Students               Bernard                          Becky            Clerk Typist Senior
OCC   22690 Business Education              Bernston                         Michael          Adjunct Faculty
GGL   17313 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Berry                            Cynthia          Facilitator
OCC   25139 Campus Operations Office        Berry                            Dale             Director
GWC   52079 Math                            Berry                            Debra            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25685 Business Education              Berta                            Melissa          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22162 Technology                      Bertheaud                        Stanley          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58360 Art                             Best                             Amanda           Faculty
DOC   84659 Budget Control                  Bethel                           Lorri            Account Clerk Senior
OCC   22060 Social Sciences                 Bettner                          Timothy          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11351 Office of Instruction           Betz                             Paul             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55026 Counseling                      Bevington                        Pam              Typist Clerk Senior
GWC   23161 Technology Suppt Svs            Bezaire                          David            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52096 Arts and Letters                Bhandari                         Harleen          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22040 Physical Education              Bharadvaj                        Ramaa            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25825 Math                            Bialecki                         Mike             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21213 Math                            Bialecki                         Mike             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22061 Consumer Sci                    Bierlich                         Sue              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11597 Office of Instruction           Bindman                          Dan              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22422 Literature                      Binggeli                         Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51125 Life Sciences                   Birnie                           Deborah          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52252 Life Sciences                   Birnie                           Deborah          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21104 Social Sciences                 Bise                             Bob              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22926 Social Sciences                 Bishai                           Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22102 Technology                      Bishop                           Dennis           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58304 Social Sciences                 Bishop                           Joyce            Faculty
GWC   52208 Criminal Justice                Bitting                          Kenneth          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84726 Services/Staff Benefits         Black                            Lynn             Benefits Analyst
GWC   52624 Social Sciences                 Blackburn                        Brenda           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52059 Business Sys                    Blackburn                        Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25163 Computer Maintenance            Blackman                         Woody            Information Systems Technician Senior
CCC   11320 Office of Instruction           Blackman                         Woody            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25754 Fine Arts                       Blackstock                       Vicki            Supervisor Large Group Support
OCC   25676 Math Department                 Blair                            Jamie            Faculty
OCC   22705 Business Education              Blake                            Cory             Adjunct Faculty
CML   17226 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Blake                            Suzanne          Office Specialist II
OCC   26680 Office of Instruction           Blanc                            George           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21028 Physical Education              Blanton                          Janice           Faculty
OCC   23125 Math                            Blasius                          Mary             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52231 Arts and Letters                Blean                            Nicole           Adjunct Faculty
CML   17204 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Bledsoe                          Katherine        Typist Clerk Intermediate
DOC   84658 Fiscal Operations-Accounting    Blocker                          Cheryl           District Account Supervisor
OCC   25171 Fine Arts                       Bloomfield                       Lisa             Faculty
OCC   22735 Technology                      Blosser                          Richard          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84848 District Governance             Board Office
CCC   11511 Office of Instruction           Boddie                           Richard          Faculty
CCC   16136 Office of Instruction           Boddie                           Richard          Faculty
GWC   51007 Diesel Technology               Body/Fender Lab
CCC   11494 Office of Instruction           Boehler                          Connie           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16143 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Boehler                          Ted              Dean
OCC   23232 Fine Arts                       Boettger                         Susan            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25161 Department of Education         Boettiger                        Bob
GWC   52750 Career Ed                       Bogart                           Dennis           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22401 Social Sciences                 Bogdan                           Gloria           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11409 Office of Instruction           Bogle                            Dennis           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22099 Consumer Sci                    Bohlen                           Sue              Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84667 Fiscal Operations-Payroll       Bola                             Mary             Payroll Technician
OCC   25542 Institutional Research          Boloorian                        Mitra            Coordinator
GWC   52321 Counseling                      Bon                              Denise           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25122 Physical Education              Bond                             Barbara          Dean, PE&A
WM1   14957 Westminster 1-Stop              Bond                             David            Accounting Assistant II
OCC   22931 Photography Department          Bond                             Shari            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52061 Physical Education              Bonsall                          Andrew           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51097 Arts and Letters                Booker                           Anya             Faculty
CCC   16101 Bookstore                       Bookstore
OCC   25896 Bookstore                       Bookstore
OCC   28824 Bookstore                       Bookstore
OCC   22524 Business Education              Boone                            Rick             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23276 Social Sciences                 Booth                            Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52030 Career Ed                       Borack                           Christy          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22645 Business Education              Borack                           Christy Ann      Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11440 Office of Instruction           Borcoman                         Doug
OCC   22130 Literature                      Borgatta                         Tina             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   24300 Electronics Technology          Borkenhagen                      Brian            Electronics Technician
OCC   25831 Technology                      Borkenhagen                      Brian            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52420 Computer Science                Borowko                          Stephen          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22402 Social Sciences                 Borton                           Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22894 Consumer Sci                    Bosich                           Jill             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52459 Languages                       Boster                           Linda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22246 Emergency Medical Technician    Boughey                          Ann              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55058 Office of Instructn             Boughton                         Sandie
GGL   11510 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Bouley                           Hal              Faculty
GWC   52621 Art                             Bourne                           Lissette         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22011 Social Sciences                 Bourouis-Benyassine              Aisha            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52247 Math                            Bouzar                           Pete             Faculty
CCC   11322 Office of Instruction           Bovard                           Kelly            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22328 Literature                      Bower                            Brigitte         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22863 Business Education              Bowers                           Eleizabeth       Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58900 Arts and Letters                Bowlby                           Margot           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22789 Business Education              Bowman                           Donald           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22226 Social Sciences                 Bowman                           Tamara           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25956 Community Education             Box Office
OCC   22739 Consumer Sci                    Boyd                             Joel             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52239 Arts and Letters                Boyd                             John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21202 Biological Sciences Department  Boyer                            Derek            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25825 Biological Sciences Department  Boyer                            Derek            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52600 Arts and Letters                Boyer                            Jeanne           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22299 Literature                      Boyer                            Mason            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51142 ESL                             Boyer                            Nancy            Faculty
GWC   52104 ESL                             Boyer                            Nancy            Faculty
CCC   16489 Community Services              Boyle                            Robin
OCC   22714 Fine Arts                       Bozzi                            Maria            Faculty
OCC   23198 Math                            Bradley                          Devon            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22193 Fine Arts                       Bradley                          Lee              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52384 Business                        Bradshaw                         Donald           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52719 Arts and Letters                Brady                            Kenneth          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84612 Administrative Services         Brady                            Paula            Executive Assistant, Vice Chancellor
IRV   18029 Irvine One-Stop                 Brahmbatt                        Ravi
GWC   58318 Fiscal Services Division        Brahmbhatt                       Harshad          Accounting Technician, Senior
OCC   25742 Technology                      Brahmbhatt                       Jay
OCC   26276 Community Education             Brahmbhatt                       Nina             Account Clerk Intermediate
OCC   22776 Social Sciences                 Brand                            Jon              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52154 Office of Instructn             Brandau                          Craig            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22808 Consumer Sci                    Brannon                          Leigh            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52060 Office Administration           Braun                            Martha           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22062 Consumer Sci                    Brayford                         Mark             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51200 Physical Education              Brazney                          Suzanne          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58298 Physical Education              Brazney                          Suzanne          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25798 Social Sciences                 Breece                           William          Faculty
OCC   22793 Consumer Sci                    Breen                            April            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22332 Literature                      Breit                            Craig            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51128 Life Sciences                   Brenner                          Candace          Instructional Associate Math & Science
GWC   52266 Arts and Letters                Bresnahan                        Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22135 Literature                      Brewer                           Justin           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25941 Library Services                Bricca                           Renza            Division/Area Coordinator
OCC   22315 Literature                      Briggs                           Doris            Faculty
OCC   22666 Literature                      Briggs                           Jack             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22566 Physical Education              Briggs                           Paul             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25116 Physical Education              Bright                           Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26814 Physical Education              Bright                           Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22864 Business Education              Bright                           Lynn             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52971 School of Nursing               Bright                           Rhonda           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25180 Film                            Broberg                          Scott            Coordinator
OCC   23099 Literature                      Brock                            Marilyn          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22650 Business Education              Brodbeck                         John J.          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22603 Consumer Sci                    Broderick                        Eileen           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58281 Dance                           Brodie                           Nannette         Faculty
GWC   52614 Arts and Letters                Brodie                           Trenton          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52106 Communications                  Brooks                           Lurene           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22729 Physical Education              Brooks                           Thomas           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22187 Physical Education              Broome                           Missy            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52267 Comm Studies                    Brown                            Helen            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25596 Literature                      Brown                            Jeff             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23070 Literature                      Brown                            Jeff             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11550 Office of Instruction           Brown                            Jim              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52123 Office of Instructn             Brown                            Patricia         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22788 Physical Education              Brown                            Ron              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58909 Public Safety                   Brown                            Trish            Secretary Senior
GWC   51190 School of Nursing               Brownell                         Beverly          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52315 School of Nursing               Brownell                         Beverly          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51211 Library                         Brownlee                         Diane            Adjunct Librarian
GWC   52087 School of Nursing               Broyles                          Ju-An            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22687 Office of Instruction           Bruchman                         Eileen           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22020 Consumer Sci                    Brun                             Kristin          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58101 President's Office              Bryan                            Wes              President
OCC   22223 Social Sciences                 Bryant                           Jacqueline       Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23064 Campus Safety                   Bryant                           Tony             Campus Safety Officer
OCC   26647 Computer Services               Buckingham                       Tom              Temp Technical Paraprofessional
OCC   22647 Business Education              Buckingham                       Tom              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23194 Consumer Sci                    Buckles                          Patricia         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22806 Fine Arts                       Bucksfarg                        Andrew           Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14963 Westminster 1-Stop              Bui                              Michelle
GWC   52269 Languages                       Bui                              Phuc             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23111 Literature                      Bullard                          Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   22005 District Governance             Bunch                            Paul             Student Trustee
CCC   11202 Office of Instruction           Bund                             Stefan           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84717 Recruitment Analysis            Bunnell                          Dave             Duplication / Mailroom Clerk
OCC   26648 Computer Services               Bunnell                          Dave             Temp Technical Paraprofessional
GWC   58315 Resource                        Bunten                           Margie           Director Public Relations
GWC   52696 Criminal Justice                Burgess                          Ronald           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22381 Literature                      Burmaz                           Piedad           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52367 Art                             Burner                           Alan             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22672 Social Sciences                 Burnes                           Patricia         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25149 Computer Maintenance            Burnett                          Brian            Information Systems Technician II
GWC   55259 Financial Aid                   Burton                           Adrienne         Student Financial Aid Supervisor
GWC   52185 Arts and Letters                Burton                           Frank            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84610 District Governance             Burton                           Jane             Staff Assistant Senior
GWC   51162 EOPS                            Bush                             Huong            Counselor
GWC   52695 Arts and Letters                Bush                             Nathan           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52587 Arts and Letters                Bush                             Stacy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25867 Business Education              Business Education
OCC   25842 Business Management/Market      Butler                           Dennis           Faculty
OCC   23302 Technology                      Butler                           Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25048 English Department              Cabanel-Bleuer                   Denise           Faculty
OCC   21262 Literature                      Cabanel-Evans                    Denise           Faculty
OCC   25641 Literature                      Cabanel-Evans                    Denise           Faculty
CCC   16170 Cable TV Program                Cable Center
GWC   52629 Arts and Letters                Cabral                           John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22775 Dance Department                Cady                             Amy              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25876 Cafeteria                       Cafeteria Operations
CCC   16499 Fiscal Services                 Cahill                           Gerry            Counselor
OCC   25084 Children's Center               CalWorks Child Care
CCC   11449 Office of Instruction           Calcanas                         Christina        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52668 Arts and Letters                Calderon                         Araceli          Adjunct Faculty
CML   11360 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Caldwell                         Avery            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22741 Consumer Sci                    Caliendo                         Gabriel          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55102 EOPS                            Callender                        Bruce            Outreach Program Specialist
GWC   52358 Physical Education              Calmelat                         Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23043 Literature                      Caloia                           Cynthia          Adjunct Faculty
GGL   17360 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Caluag                           Liz              Instructional Associate/Lab Assistant
GWC   52101 Social Sciences                 Camelot                          Allison          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58316 VP Office of Admin Services     Camody                           Laurie           Secretary Senior
OCC   21010 Early Childhood Education       Campbell                         Laurie           Faculty
OCC   25067 Early Childhood Education       Campbell                         Laurie           Faculty
WM1   14967 Westminster 1-Stop              Campbell                         Marcia
CML   17210 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Campellone                       Nina
OCC   25590 Campus Operations Office        Campus Operations
OCC   25017 Campus Safety                   Campus Safety
GWC   52246 Math                            Can                              Minh             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52377 Math                            Can                              Minh             Adjunct Counselor
CCC   16126 Telecourse Distribution         Candelaria                       Pat              Faculty
CCC   11530 Office of Instruction           Candelaria                       Pat              Faculty
OCC   25882 Building Maintenance            Canett                           Mike             Facilities Coordinator
CCC   16224 Custodial Services/Maintenance  Cant                             David            Director
CCC   11229 Office of Instruction           Cao                              Thomas           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16675 Admissions Guidance Svs         Capoccia                         Rozanne          Administrative Specialist
OCC   23148 Literature                      Capps                            Tucker           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26434 Cafeteria                       Captain's Table
OCC   26138 Physical Education              Cardio Lab
OCC   25628 Career Education                Career Education
OCC   25128 Recycling Center                Carey                            Mike             Recycling Center Coordinator
GWC   52143 Social Sciences                 Carle                            Spencer          Faculty
GWC   58705 Social Sciences                 Carle                            Spencer          Faculty
OCC   25582 Construction Technology         Carlson                          Ravin            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11609 Office of Instruction           Carlucci                         Michael          Faculty
CCC   16124 Office of Instruction           Carlucci                         Michael          Faculty
GWC   52363 Diesel Technology               Carlyle                          Richard          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51091 Business                        Carmel                           Diana            Faculty
OCC   23313 Theater Arts Department         Carmen                           Radha            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52020 Languages                       Carney                           Christopher      Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22196 Fine Arts                       Caron                            Lionel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23087 Social Sciences                 Caron                            Stacy            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16608 Community Services              Carpenter                        Bill
CCC   11212 Office of Instruction           Carpenter                        Linda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22799 Consumer Sci                    Carpenter                        Melissa          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55233 Learning Resources              Carr                             Greg
GWC   51108 Math                            Carrie                           Dennis           Faculty
GWC   58372 Criminal Justice                Carrizo                          Michael          Staff Aide
OCC   25780 Speech Department               Carroll                          Kat              Faculty
OCC   21092 Speech Department               Carroll                          Kat              Faculty
GWC   55062 College Support Services - Div  Carroll                          Kym              Office Coordinator
GWC   51098 Arts and Letters                Carruthers-Seebold               Patricia         Faculty
GWC   52301 Arts and Letters                Carsillo                         Mary Ann         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58753 Music                           Carter                           Henrietta        Faculty
OCC   26526 Aviation Services               Carter                           John             Instructional Associate
GWC   55229 Library                         Carter                           Le Minh          Library Assistant
GWC   52036 Social Sciences                 Carter                           Norman           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58798 TV Production                   Carter                           Warren           Faculty
GWC   52737 Counseling                      Cary                             Bruce            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22336 Social Sciences                 Casasola                         Sylvia           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22106 Technology                      Cash                             Theodore         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22737 Technology                      Caspa                            Humberto         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51134 Admissions                      Cassens                          Diane            Office Assistant
OCC   22373 Social Sciences                 Cassens                          Michael          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51214 Library                         Cassens                          Treisa           Librarian
OCC   26170 Learning Center                 Cassidy                          Lori             Librarian
GWC   52370 Math                            Cast                             Steven           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25745 Technology                      Castano                          Robert           Faculty
GWC   58214 Counseling                      Castellanos-Gaona                Susana           Counselor Aide
OCC   22311 Literature                      Castello                         Anthony          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58342 Counseling                      Castillo                         Jerry            Counselor
GWC   52615 Arts and Letters                Castro                           Amy              Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14952 Westminster 1-Stop              Castro                           Enrique
OCC   22810 Consumer Sci                    Catanzaro                        Matthew          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52721 Arts and Letters                Caterina                         Amy              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52437 Business                        Catlett                          John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22069 Business Information Systems    Causey                           Desiree          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25704 Construction Technology         Cavanagh                         Robert           Instructional Associate
CCC   16105 Bookstore                       Cavella                          Penny            Textbook Clerk
OCC   22609 Architectural Technology        Cecconi                          Mike             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52254 Arts and Letters                Cechin                           Jaime            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23159 Literature                      Celik                            Tuba             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11345 Office of Instruction           Cemo                             James            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52088 Arts and Letters                Centeno                          Deborah          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16325 Admissions Guidance Svs         Cervantes                        Rachel           Office Assistant
CCC   11489 Office of Instruction           Chabra                           Shashi           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26084 Career Education                Chae                             Linda
OCC   21009 Consumer Sci                    Chaiyakal                        Jennifer         Faculty
OCC   25067 Consumer Sci                    Chaiyakal                        Jennifer         Faculty
OCC   23267 Consumer Sci                    Chamaa                           Manal            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11270 Office of Instruction           Chambers                         Malcomb          Adjunct Faculty
CML   11602 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Chambers                         Thomas           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52648 School of Nursing               Chan                             Dennis           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22134 Office of Instruction           Chan                             Robert           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52422 Computer Science                Chandra                          Jyoti            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22661 Math                            Chang                            Nina             Adjunct Faculty
CML   11357 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Chang                            Yu-An            Adjunct Faculty
WML   16454 Westminster Learning Center     Chapman                          Cheryl           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52270 Arts and Letters                Chapman                          Julie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22006 Sailing Base (Crew)             Chapman                          Matt             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58300 Social Sciences                 Chapman                          Nina             Faculty
CCC   16154 Public Information Office       Chapman                          Robyn            Staff Aide
GWC   52634 Arts and Letters                Chapman                          Tamy             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16414 Print Shop                      Chard                            Kevin            Publications & Commincations Manager
OCC   25041 Music Department                Chardonnay                       Carole           Faculty
CCC   11413 Admissions Guidance Svs         Chase                            Suzanna          ESL
DOC   84733 Environmental H                 Chauhan                          Deepak           Environmental Health & Safety Technician
OCC   22628 Social Sciences                 Chaves                           Hernando         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52653 Math                            Chaves                           Sindy            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51138 Physical Sciences               Chaves                           Sindy            Chem Stock Room
IRV   18071 Irvine One-Stop                 Chavez                           Andrea
GWC   52073 Languages                       Chavez                           Richard          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52375 Comm Studies                    Chavez/Appel                     Mercedes         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22290 Business Education              Chelf                            Timothy          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26342 Chemistry Department            Chemistry Hall 1
OCC   26343 Chemistry Department            Chemistry Hall 2
CCC   11286 Office of Instruction           Chen                             Donna            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11236 Office of Instruction           Chen                             Eric             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22986 Medical Assisting               Chen                             Judy             Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84721 Personnel Services              Chen                             Linda            HR Specialist
OCC   21105 Social Sciences                 Cherian                          Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23294 Career Education                Chervenak                        Timothy          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22708 Literature                      Chesebro                         Candace          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55045 Community Services Office       Chesney                          Heather          Community Services Technician
GWC   52156 Social Sciences                 Chesser                          Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58127 Child Care Center               Children's Center
OCC   25569 Children's Center               Children`s Center
OCC   26701 Children's Center               Children`s Center
OCC   26700 Children's Center               Children`s Center
GWC   52005 Office Administration           Childs                           Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51201 School of Nursing               Ching                            Berlynn          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52705 School of Nursing               Chiong                           Ludivina         Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18067 Irvine One-Stop                 Chiumento                        John
OCC   26408 Admissions                      Choe                             Tom              Admissions & Records Technician II
OCC   23044 Literature                      Chopra                           Monica           Adjunct Faculty
WML   17421 Westminster Learning Center     Chotima                          Poomchai
GWC   51053 Counseling                      Chovan                           Maria            Counselor
GWC   58353 Cosmetology                     Christie                         Joan             Faculty
GWC   51018 Cosmetology                     Christie                         Joan             Faculty
GWC   52209 Social Sciences                 Chu                              Alice            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52731 Arts and Letters                Chuah                            Cheng            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55124 Arts and Letters                Chung                            Cidney           Secretary
OCC   23158 Fine Arts                       Chung                            Huijae           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22431 Math                            Chung                            Phoebe           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26682 Campus Safety                   Churan                           Rex              Campus Safety Officer
OCC   26277 Community Education             Cilley                           Brock            Theater Events Coordinator
OCC   21060 Library Services                Circulation Counter
WML   16141 Westminster Learning Center     Cisneros                         Mark             Adjunct Faculty
WML   11466 Westminster Learning Center     Cisneros                         Mark             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22779 Literature                      Civen                            Isabel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26282 Community Education             Clark                            Brian            Receptionist
OCC   22198 Office of Instruction           Clark                            Charles
OCC   25974 Student Services                Clark                            Greg
CCC   11267 Office of Instruction           Clark                            John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25134 Fine Arts                       Clark                            John             Technician Senior
OCC   25897 Student Services                Clark                            Kristin          Vice President
OCC   25773 Student Services                Clark                            Kristin          Vice President
OCC   22713 Business Education              Clark                            Tammy Cliffta    Faculty
CCC   16538 Admissions Guidance Svs         Clark                            Wendy
OCC   22093 Business Education              Clarke                           Bret             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25587 Library Services                Clarke                           Chris            Library Clerk Senior
WM1   14933 Westminster 1-Stop              Clausen                          Carolyn          Workforce Specialist
OCC   22694 Consumer Sci                    Claxton                          Nancy            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11254 Office of Instruction           Clay                             Caron            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52348 Art                             Clemans                          Harvey           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52426 School of Nursing               Cleveland                        Leah             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25816 President's Office              Clevenger                        Julia            Executive Assistant to the President
OCC   22738 Consumer Sci                    Clinard                          Linda            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16543 Administrative Services         Cline                            Jim              Information Systems Technician Senior
GWC   52014 Office Administration           Clough                           Brian            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52335 Criminal Justice                Clough                           Richter          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26313 Computer Maintenance            Co                               Jeff             Information Systems Technician I
CCC   16109 Telecourse Distribution         Coast Learning Systems
FVL   16139 Fountain Valley Technology      Coast Learning Systems
OCC   25561 Coast Report                    Coast Report
OCC   26020 Coast Report                    Coast Report Staff
OCC   25863 Office of Instruction           Coats                            Mona             Faculty
OCC   21188 Psychology Department           Coaty                            Patrick          Faculty
OCC   25029 Psychology Department           Coaty                            Patrick          Faculty
GWC   52271 Languages                       Cobb                             Elisabeth        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22769 Social Sciences                 Cobb                             Joe              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55074 Technology Suppt Svs            Cobian                           Gabriel          Information Systems Technician I
DOC   84645 DIS-Technical Support           Cock                             Don              Supervisor Technical Support
OCC   25580 Literature                      Coco                             Felicia          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21290 Literature                      Coco                             Felicia          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23017 Social Sciences                 Coffman                          Candace          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22199 Fine Arts                       Cogan                            Jeff             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52113 Computer Science                Cohen                            Herbert          Adjunct Faculty
CML   11536 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Coker                            Candice          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16406 Office of Instruction           Coker                            Paula
CCC   11291 Office of Instruction           Cole                             Maureen          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84648 DIS-Technical Support           Cole                             Randy            Systems/Network Analyst II
OCC   22451 Literature                      Coleman                          Catherine        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22242 Fine Arts                       Coleman                          Greg             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25020 College Publications            College Publisher
OCC   25878 Computer Services               College Support
IRV   18065 Irvine One-Stop                 Collie                           Wendy
GWC   52046 Business                        Collins                          Cheryl           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11591 Office of Instruction           Collins                          Clint            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52625 Criminal Justice                Collins                          Micheal          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22012 Physical Education              Collins                          Sean             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16547 Administrative Services         Collins                          Shirley          Computer User Support Assistant
OCC   26239 Staff Development               Colvin                           Diane
OCC   25837 American Language Department    Colvin                           Diane            Faculty
OCC   21088 American Language Department    Colvin                           Diane            Faculty
WM1   14984 Westminster 1-Stop              Colvin                           Elaine
WM1   14948 Westminster 1-Stop              Combs                            Han
OCC   23126 Literature                      Combs                            Michelle         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55195 Fiscal Services Division        Comer                            Louise           Accounting Technician
GWC   55228 Career Center                   Communications Room
OCC   25880 Community Education             Community Education
GWC   58738 Community Services Office       Community Services
OCC   26002 Business Information Systems    Computer Center Desk
CML   17240 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Computer Lab
FVL   16246 Fountain Valley Technology      Computer Services
GGL   17340 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Computer Services
GWC   55135 Bookstore                       Computer Store
OCC   25151 Computer Maintenance            Computer Support Center
OCC   26602 Computer Services               Computing Center
OCC   26354 Office of Instruction           Cong Huyen Ton Tu                Trang Thu        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21302 Chemistry Department            Congleton                        John             Faculty
GWC   58359 Art                             Conley                           Brian            Faculty
CCC   16355 Office of Instruction           Conlisk                          Karen            Hourly/Temp Clerical
OCC   21115 English Department              Conner                           Greg             Faculty
OCC   26198 Consumer Sci                    Conner                           Katherine        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26316 Campus Operations Office        Conover                          Eric             M & O Custodial Supervisor
OCC   22072 Fine Arts                       Conrad                           Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25702 Consumer Sci                    Consumer Health
OCC   25550 Physical Science Department     Contopoulos                      Nick             Faculty
OCC   21215 Physical Science Department     Contopoulos                      Nick             Faculty
OCC   22728 Literature                      Contos                           Aristi           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22164 Technology                      Conzelman                        Tom              Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14955 Westminster 1-Stop              Cook                             John
OCC   21047 Math                            Cooley                           Timothy          Faculty
OCC   26414 Food Services - Instruction     Cooper                           Barbara          Gen Mgr Instr Food
CCC   11218 Office of Instruction           Cooper                           David            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51019 Cosmetology                     Cooper                           Grace            Faculty
GWC   58353 Cosmetology                     Cooper                           Grace            Faculty
DOC   84642 DIS-Operations                  Cooper                           Joanne           Computer Operator Lead
OCC   22727 Literature                      Cordasco                         LaVada           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51106 Cosmetology                     Cordiero                         Judy             Faculty
OCC   22265 Social Sciences                 Corey                            Deborah          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22344 Literature                      Corfield                         Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25640 Fine Arts                       Corley                           Cynthia          Faculty
OCC   21177 Fine Arts                       Corley                           Cynthia          Faculty
GWC   52378 Art                             Cormier                          Judy             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22027 Business/Personnel Services     Cornell                          Jim              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52671 Social Sciences                 Coroy                            Deborah          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26724 Children's Center               Cortes                           Barbara          Child Development Specialist
IRV   18031 Irvine One-Stop                 Cortes                           Irma
GWC   52280 Arts and Letters                Cortese                          Aline            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58204 Languages                       Cosand                           Keisha           Faculty
GWC   51075 Languages                       Cosand                           Keisha           Faculty
GWC   58115 Cosmetology                     Cosmetology
GWC   55013 Cosmetology                     Cosmetology Reception
CML   17214 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Costa Mesa Center
OCC   25506 Dance Department                Costas                           Jose             Faculty
OCC   25040 Display Promotion               Costas                           Jose             Faculty
OCC   21225 Dance Department                Costas                           Jose             Faculty
OCC   22505 Business Education              Cote                             Shawne           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25813 Computer Services               Cotter                           Ray              Information Systems Technician II
OCC   25658 Medical Assisting               Cottrell                         Lynne            Faculty
OCC   22715 Fine Arts                       Couch                            Anna             Faculty
GWC   58119 Counseling                      Counseling
CCC   16508 Counseling Aid Of               Counseling
GWC   55021 Counseling                      Counseling Appoint
CCC   16524 Admissions Guidance Svs         Counseling Appointments
GWC   58157 Business                        Courchaine                       Jeff             Dean
CCC   11344 Office of Instruction           Covert                           Robert           Faculty
WML   17408 Westminster Learning Center     Covert                           Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25613 Psychology Department           Cox                              Olga             Faculty
OCC   21143 Art Department                  Cox                              Steve            Faculty
OCC   25759 Art Department                  Cox                              Steve            Faculty
CCC   16493 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Coxon                            James
DOC   26520 Recruitment Analysis            Crabtree                         Anne             Receptionist
OCC   22955 Literature                      Crachiolo                        Sarah            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58273 Technology Suppt Svs            Craig                            Mark             Lab Assistant
OCC   22035 Consumer Sci                    Craig                            Sandy            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58785 Personnel Services Division     Crane                            Crystal          Director
OCC   22030 Literature                      Crary                            Paul             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11583 Office of Instruction           Cratty                           William          Faculty
CCC   11209 Office of Instruction           Crawfis                          Robert           Faculty
OCC   26696 Building Maintenance            Crawford                         Maureen          Computer Data Specialist EMS
OCC   26244 Sailing Base (Crew)             Crew
OCC   26245 Sailing Base (Crew)             Crew Workshop
OCC   26725 Children's Center               Cripps                           Jodi             Child Development Specialist
OCC   22768 Technology                      Crockett                         Cameron          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23154 Literature                      Cronmiller                       Sue              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52379 Math                            Crough                           Deborah          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11201 Office of Instruction           Crowley                          Erin             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22079 Fine Arts                       Crowley                          Mardi            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52458 Life Sciences                   Crummett                         Lisa
OCC   26220 Bookstore                       Crumsey                          Florence         Bookstore Clerk II
DOC   84675 Purchasing Department           Cruz                             Eucario          Groundskeeper II
CCC   16197 Admissions Guidance Svs         Cruz                             Sheila           Staff Assistant
OCC   25047 Foreign Languages Department    Cucurny                          Marius           Faculty
GWC   52180 Languages                       Cucurny                          Marius           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21102 Foreign Languages Department    Cucurny                          Marius           Faculty
OCC   25778 Counseling                      Cuellar                          Eric             Counselor
OCC   22045 Social Sciences                 Culhane                          Richard          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52003 Social Sciences                 Cummings                         Megan            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22303 Literature                      Cummings                         Rebecca          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11249 Office of Instruction           Cummins                          Megan            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16130 Office of Instruction           Cummins                          Megan            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52052 Arts and Letters                Cunningham                       Christopher      Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23297 Social Sciences                 Cunningham                       James            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16102 Bookstore                       Curren                           Alice            Operations Assitant
GWC   52273 Comm Studies                    Curry                            Dolores          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11334 Office of Instruction           Curtis                           Mike             Faculty
WML   17427 Westminster Learning Center     Custodian
OCC   26822 Physical Education              Cutenese                         Charles          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21043 Physical Education              Cutenese                         Charles          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22662 Business/Personnel Services     Cutler                           Nancy Jean       Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22108 Technology                      Cutler                           Phil             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22210 Consumer Sci                    Cyrino                           Alvaro           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84740 DIS-Operations                  DIS Machine Room
OCC   23279 Consumer Sci                    Dahl                             Wendy            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16231 Telecourse Distribution         Dahnke                           Lynn             Director of Marketing
GWC   52657 Math                            Daigle                           Maurice          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52062 Counseling                      Daland                           William          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21056 Library Services                Dale                             John             Librarian
OCC   26518 Sailing Base                    Dalrymple                        Robert           Marine Program Facilities
GWC   52646 School of Nursing               Dalton                           Natalie          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26385 Student Health Center           Daly                             Kelly Ann        Nurse
GWC   52019 Computer Science                Dang                             James            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22238 Physical Education              Dang                             Peter            Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18043 Irvine One-Stop                 Danham                           Darlene
OCC   22855 Physical Education              Daniel                           Chancelor        Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16296 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Daniel                           Maribeth
OCC   25537 Biological Sciences Department  Daniel                           Sharon           Faculty
GWC   52647 School of Nursing               Daniels                          Karen            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26238 Academic Administration         Daniels                          Kye              Secretary Senior
GWC   52274 Languages                       Dannov                           Isabelle         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11379 Office of Instruction           Darby                            Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23137 Literature                      Das                              Adriana          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22204 Math                            Daubenmire                       Paul             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   23298 Library                         Daugherty                        Seth             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26321 Building Maintenance            Daul                             Craig
GWC   52309 Business Sys                    Daum                             Allan            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22891 Social Sciences                 David                            Julie            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52302 ESL                             Davidor                          Sharon           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23018 Social Sciences                 Davidson                         Matthew          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52540 Arts and Letters                Davis                            Adam             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22080 Fine Arts                       Davis                            Arthur           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22720 Social Sciences                 Davis                            Bernadette       Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52048 Office Administration           Davis                            Carolee          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52965 Fiscal Services Division        Davis                            Janice           Account Clerk
CML   11539 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Davis                            Loretta          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52308 Arts and Letters                Davis-Betts                      Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11247 Office of Instruction           Davis-Biswurm                    Penny            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55207 Library                         Davis-Wolfe                      Julie            Librarian
CCC   11582 Office of Instruction           Dawes                            Arthur           Faculty
GWC   55251 Maintenance                     Day                              David            Groundskeeper I
WM1   14925 Westminster 1-Stop              Daylin                           Zahra Heydari    Workforce Specialist
WML   17406 Westminster Learning Center     De Battista                      Janice           Area Facilitator
OCC   22452 Literature                      De Benedetto                     Maria            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22717 Fine Arts                       De Jong-Pombo                    T.               Faculty
CCC   16164 Admissions Guidance Svs         De La Rosa                       Jennifer         Admissions & Records Office Assistant
CCC   16119 Office of Instruction           De Witt                          Stan             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11297 Office of Instruction           De Witt                          Stan             Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14954 Westminster 1-Stop              DeFord                           Steve
OCC   23030 Literature                      DeFrance                         Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26281 Community Education             DeNunno                          Maria            Faculty
GWC   58126 Personnel Services Division     DePretto                         Diane            Staff Assistant Senior
OCC   21064 Literature                      DeSurra                          Christopher      Adjunct Faculty
CML   11540 Costa Mesa Learning Center      DeWitt                           Megan            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22935 Literature                      De`Avila                         Leonora          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22688 Business/Personnel Services     Dean                             Mary
GWC   55086 Technology Suppt Svs            Deaso                            Andrew           Systems Network Analyst I
GWC   52158 Social Sciences                 Deaver                           Douglas          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52110 Languages                       Debernitz                        Rudo             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52219 Languages                       Debernitz                        Rudolf           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21151 Art Department                  Decker                           Karen            Faculty
OCC   25823 Art Department                  Decker                           Karen            Faculty
OCC   25802 Mailroom                        Deculit                          Tim              Mailroom Clerk Senior
OCC   22477 Literature                      Del Rio                          Leticia          Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14940 Westminster 1-Stop              Delgadillo                       Leo
IRV   18063 Irvine One-Stop                 Delgadillo                       Vickie
OCC   21269 Athletics Department            Delgado                          Adrian           Faculty
OCC   22782 Architectural Technology        DellaMarna                       Loren            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22519 Business Education              Dellinger                        Dave             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22689 Social Sciences                 Demory                           Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25127 Math Department                 Denton                           Bob              Faculty
WM1   14991 Westminster 1-Stop              Department of Rehab
IRV   18059 Irvine One-Stop                 Department of Rehabilitation
GWC   52423 Social Sciences                 Der-Mesropian                    Emma             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22362 Business Education              Derflinger                       Bruce            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51005 Theater                         Design Office
CCC   17271 Administrative Services         Desmond                          Debbie           Faculty
OCC   22711 Business Education              Desmond                          Patrick          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11394 Office of Instruction           Detrich                          Phil             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16139 Office of Instruction           Detrich                          Phil             Adjunct Faculty
WML   11512 Westminster Learning Center     Devoe                            Todd             Adjunct Faculty
WM1   18088 Westminster 1-Stop              Dhami                            Sandra
GWC   51245 Fiscal Services Division        Di Giovanni                      Nancy            Staff Specialist
GWC   52622 Art                             DiGiovanni                       Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23156 Literature                      Diaz                             Carlos           Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18072 Irvine One-Stop                 Diaz                             Gloria
GWC   52205 Arts and Letters                Diaz                             Xoquima          Adjunct Faculty
WML   16112 Westminster Learning Center     Diaz-Brown                       William          Counselor
WML   11526 Westminster Learning Center     Diaz-Brown                       William          Counselor
GWC   55182 Library                         Dick                             Adele            Library Assistant
GWC   52357 Counseling                      Dickerson                        Karen            Counselor
OCC   23142 Math                            Dickson                          Juleen           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22610 Consumer Sci                    Diep                             Julie            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51006 Diesel Technology               Diesel Lab
GWC   51012 Diesel Technology               Diesel-Dyno Rm
GWC   58739 Cosmetology                     Dietrichson                      Terry            Business Facilitator
OCC   26296 Receiving/Inventory Control     Dinh                             Hung             Warehouse Coordinator
OCC   25807 Disabled Students               Disabled Students
CCC   16560 Office of Instruction           Distance Learning
DOC   84646 Physical Facilities Office      District Facilities
DOC   84752 Transportation Maint            District Garage
DOC   84746 Recruitment Analysis            District Human Resources
DOC   84747 DIS-Administration              District Information Services
DOC   84735 Fiscal Operations-Payroll       District Payroll
DOC   84693 Transportation Maint            District Receiving
DOC   84600 Recruitment Analysis            District Reception
DOC   84749 Transportation Maint            District Transportation
OCC   22409 Social Sciences                 Ditty                            Marilyn          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26553 Office of Instruction           Division Directory
FVL   17532 Fountain Valley Technology      Dixon                            Bob              Program Manager
GWC   50877 Office of Instructn             Dixon                            Camille
GWC   55097 College Support Services - Div  Dluzak                           David            Graphic Designer
CCC   11283 Office of Instruction           Do                               A. T.            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25860 Transfer Center                 Do                               Tam              Faculty
GWC   52715 Arts and Letters                Do                               Tom              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23216 Business Education              Doan                             Duyness          Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18046 Irvine One-Stop                 Doan                             Jane Giang
OCC   23225 Literature                      Doan                             Khanh Thi Kim    Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18024 Irvine One-Stop                 Dodd                             Donna
OCC   22913 Literature                      Dodero                           Antonio          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52147 Arts and Letters                Dodge                            Douglas          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52466 Languages                       Dodson                           Betty            Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14964 Westminster 1-Stop              Doina                            Angel
OCC   21297 Technology                      Dolas                            Christopher      Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52675 Career Ed                       Dolence                          Joe              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25183 Physical Education              Dominguez                        Art              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22686 Physical Education              Dominguez                        Art              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25144 Counseling                      Dominguez                        Heather          Office Coordinator
CCC   16215 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Donahue                          Kevin            Staff Assistant
GWC   58363 Art                             Donaldson                        Paul             Faculty
CCC   11251 Office of Instruction           Dong                             Edward           Faculty
GWC   52431 Languages                       Dongell                          Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22816 Office of Instruction           Donham                           Cynthia          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58130 Admissions                      Donnelly                         Shirley          Director Admissions and Records
OCC   23061 Consumer Sci                    Donovan(Murphy)                  kathleen         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11307 Office of Instruction           Doren                            Ricia            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52098 Criminal Justice                Doretti                          Brett            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21113 English Department              Dornan                           Ed               Faculty
OCC   22140 Literature                      Dorrough                         Mark             Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84792 Budget Control                  Doty                             Wanda            Supervisor, District Accounting & Budget
OCC   21005 Career Education                Doughty                          Corine           Director
OCC   22410 Social Sciences                 Douglas                          Leslie           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22564 Literature                      Dowlatshahi                      Kristina         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55159 Maintenance                     Dowling                          Joe              Maintenance Director
OCC   22901 Literature                      Dowling                          Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21140 Art Department                  Dowling                          Tom              Faculty
CCC   16137 Office of Instruction           Doyel                            John             Faculty
OCC   22121 Art Department                  Doyle                            Dana             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11221 Office of Instruction           Doyle                            John             Faculty
CCC   16139 Office of Instruction           Doyle                            John             Faculty
OCC   25600 Fine Arts                       Drama Lab Ticket Bth
OCC   22699 Business Education              Drenick                          Phillip          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22075 Theater Arts Department         Drew                             Patricia         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25038 Social Sciences                 Drew                             Rendel           Faculty
OCC   21029 Social Sciences                 Drew                             Rendel           Faculty
DOC   26094 Transportation Maint            Drivers Phone
GWC   52141 Social Sciences                 Drover                           Christopher      Faculty
GWC   58729 Social Sciences                 Drover                           Christopher      Faculty
GWC   52017 ESL                             Drum                             Jean             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21303 Math                            Drum                             Steven           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52436 Physical Education              DuBois                           Susan            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55038 Business Sys                    Duarte                           Teresa           Instructional Associate - Business Ed
OCC   23019 Social Sciences                 Dubbs                            Brianna          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22513 Physical Education              Dubois                           Jenna            Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18058 Irvine One-Stop                 Dudoit                           Lisa
OCC   22794 Office of Instruction           Duella                           Abdunasser       Faculty
GWC   58217 Career Center                   Duenas                           Yolanda          Career Center
WM1   14930 Westminster 1-Stop              Duff                             Donna            Workforce Specialist
OCC   26649 Computer Services               Duff                             Michael          Temp Technical Paraprofessional
OCC   22231 Social Sciences                 Duffin                           Stephen          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16257 Office of Instruction           Duke                             Shalamon         Dean, Counseling & Special Programs
GWC   51253 Counseling                      Dumont                           Stephanie        Counselor
OCC   26278 Theater Arts Department         Dunbrack                         Dave             Theater Lighting/Sound Operator
WM1   14905 Westminster 1-Stop              Duncan                           Jane             Workforce Specialist
CCC   11518 Office of Instruction           Dunham                           John             Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84611 Administrative Services         Dunn                             Andy             Vice Chancellor
OCC   23228 Consumer Sci                    Dunn                             Catherine        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25755 Fine Arts                       Dunn                             Earleen          Course Assistant II
GWC   52311 Arts and Letters                Dunn                             Paula            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52746 Business                        Duong                            David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25904 Office of Instruction           Duong                            Nghia            Counselor
DOC   84715 Recruitment Analysis            Dupuy                            Lisa             HR Technician
OCC   25656 Physical Education              Durand                           Evonne           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26702 Children's Center               Durand                           Ross             Maintenance
WM1   14931 Westminster 1-Stop              Durkee                           Dolores          Office Aide
DOC   84631 DIS-Telecom                     Durkin                           Pete             Information Systems Technician II
OCC   22961 Math                            Duselis                          Amanda           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26591 Physical Education              Dutro                            Chastity         Women`s Equipment Manager
OCC   25194 Technology                      Dutro                            Shawny           Division Area Coordinator
CML   11542 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Duzey                            Janice           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52573 Math                            Dvorkin                          Nadja            Adjunct Faculty
CML   11358 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Dye                              David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23020 Social Sciences                 Dyer                             Douglas          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16237 EOPS Office                     EOPS
OCC   26263 EOPS Office                     EOPS
OCC   26260 Admissions                      EOPS Appt Desk
GWC   55101 Financial Aid                   EOPS Office
WML   17409 Westminster Learning Center     ESL Office
GWC   52658 Math                            Eagle                            Ryan             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21116 American Language Department    Earick                           Dianne           Faculty
OCC   25044 American Language Department    Earick                           Dianne           Faculty
OCC   25067 Early Childhood Education       Early Childhood
OCC   23143 Theater Arts Department         Eaton                            Kimberly         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16139 Office of Instruction           Eber                             Lorie            Faculty
CCC   11234 Office of Instruction           Eber                             Lorie            Faculty
OCC   26076 Career Education                Eberhart                         Laurie           Staff Aide
GWC   58361 Art                             Ebert                            Darrell          Faculty
OCC   22342 Fine Arts                       Echols                           David            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52161 Social Sciences                 Eck                              Brian            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52077 Career Ed                       Edwards                          John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22352 Literature                      Edwards                          Julia            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11298 Office of Instruction           Edwards                          Kathy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23091 Business Education              Edwards                          Paula            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51125 Math                            Egan                             Catherine        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52186 Math                            Egan                             Catherine        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22127 Technology                      Egan                             James            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52966 Career Ed                       Egan                             Louise           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52435 Physical Education              Eich                             Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22560 Theater Arts Department         El Soudani                       Nabawia          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11396 Office of Instruction           El-Ahraf                         Amer             Adjunct Faculty
CML   11425 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Elbert                           Linda            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11482 Office of Instruction           Elbettar                         Jihad (Jay)      Faculty
IRV   18010 Irvine One-Stop                 Eldridge                         Keven
OCC   22819 Literature                      Elias                            Kristin          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   26658 Career Ed                       Elliot                           Lance            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22869 Biological Sciences Department  Elliott                          Kelli            Faculty
OCC   25504 Biological Sciences Department  Elliott                          Kelli            Faculty
OCC   22869 Math                            Elliott                          Kelly            Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18020 Irvine One-Stop                 Ellis                            Cassie
OCC   22348 Literature                      Ellis                            Cori             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23309 Consumer Sci                    Ellis                            Dale Lynn        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22725 Office of Instruction           Ellis                            James            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11576 Office of Instruction           Ellis                            Jeanette         Faculty
GWC   52429 Cosmetology                     Ellis                            Jodi             Dispensary Technician
GWC   51024 Cosmetology                     Ellis                            Jodi             Dispensary Technician
OCC   22772 Theater Arts Department         Ellis                            Karen            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84770 Personnel Services              Ellis-McCarthy                   Shannan          HR Specialist
OCC   22123 Dance Department                Ellison                          Monti            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11285 Office of Instruction           Ely                              Cyndee           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52704 Art                             Emmett                           Karen            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22084 Consumer Sci                    Encinas                          Karen            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51016 Career Ed                       Engineering
OCC   22851 Literature                      England                          Elli             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55248 Office of Instructn             English                          Janet
GWC   52498 Physical Education              English                          Jill             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22014 Technology                      Ennis                            Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52538 Arts and Letters                Ensch                            Elena            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51177 Physical Education              Ensey                            Kim              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58298 Physical Education              Ensey                            Kim              Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84728 Environmental H                 Environmental Health & Safety
OCC   22890 Fine Arts                       Erbstoesser                      Rebecca          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26625 Student Services                Erger                            Cynthia          Food Service Cafeteria Steward
OCC   23071 Literature                      Ericson                          Kendra           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84680 Purchasing Department           Eriksen                          John             Purchasing Director
OCC   22559 Computer Services               Ernsberger                       Gabriela         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52071 Arts and Letters                Erohina                          Tatiana          Adjunct Faculty
CML   17252 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Escobar                          Dora
CML   11410 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Escobar                          Dora             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22633 Technology                      Espinoza                         Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22818 Literature                      Espy                             Julie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   11311 Dance Department                Estep                            Jancy            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16587 Office of Instruction           Estrada                          Maria            CalWORKS
OCC   22205 Fine Arts                       Eubanks                          Erdie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22993 Dental Assistant                Evans                            Brenda           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25837 Literature                      Evans                            Chris            Faculty
OCC   21106 Literature                      Evans                            Chris            Faculty
OCC   22457 Literature                      Evans                            Eli              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16192 Mailroom                        Evans                            Jeff
OCC   22363 Literature                      Evans                            Julie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22453 Literature                      Evans                            Marilyn          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16198 Administrative Services         Evans                            Neal             Information Systems Technician
OCC   22086 Consumer Sci                    Evans                            Ray              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22937 Consumer Sci                    Evelyn                           John             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11516 Office of Instruction           Everett                          Michael          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52202 Business Sys                    Evins                            Robert           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52256 Arts and Letters                Ewing                            Diane            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22146 Math                            Ewoldt                           Donald           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21073 Physical Education              Exercise Science
OCC   25668 Chemistry Department            Ezell                            Mike             Faculty
OCC   25324 Chemistry Department            Ezell                            Mike             Faculty
CCC   16314 Administrative Services         FAX - Assessment Center
CCC   17511 Administrative Services         FAX - BIC
OCC   26806 Technology                      FAX - Emeritus Institute
CCC   16312 Office of Instruction           FAX - Financial Aide
DOC   84689 Risk Services                   FAX - Risk Services
OCC   25058 Campus Operations Office        FAX - Swap Meet Trailer
GWC   58930 Theater                         FAX - Theater
OCC   25533 Business/Personnel Services     FAX-Accounting Office
OCC   25547 Adapted Physical Education      FAX-Adapted PE
CCC   16295 Office of Instruction           FAX-Adjunct Counselling
OCC   25957 Business/Personnel Services     FAX-Administration
CCC   16252 Administrative Services         FAX-Administrative Services
CCC   16288 Learning Resources Center       FAX-Admissions
OCC   25782 Admissions                      FAX-Admissions & Records
OCC   25919 Admissions                      FAX-Admissions & Records
GWC   58960 Admissions                      FAX-Admissions & Records
OCC   25079 Fine Arts                       FAX-Art Center
GWC   58149 Assessment Center               FAX-Assessment Center
OCC   25944 Aviation Services               FAX-Aviation Services
DOC   84897 Services/Staff Benefits         FAX-Benefits
DOC   84878 District Governance             FAX-Board Office
OCC   25928 Bookstore                       FAX-Bookstore
GWC   58147 Bookstore                       FAX-Bookstore
CCC   16261 Bookstore                       FAX-Bookstore
GWC   58939 TV Production                   FAX-Broadcasting
OCC   25853 Business/Personnel Services     FAX-Business Division
GWC   58922 Business                        FAX-Business, Math, & Soc Sci
DOC   84802 Administrative Services         FAX-C. M. Brahmbhatt
OCC   25574 Campus Operations Office        FAX-Campus Security
OCC   25184 Career Education                FAX-Career Education
DOC   84882 Office of the Chancellor        FAX-Chancellor
OCC   25560 Children's Center               FAX-Children`s Center
OCC   25978 Coast Report                    FAX-Coast Report
GWC   58253 Staff Development               FAX-College Development
OCC   25070 Student Services                FAX-College Life
OCC   25614 College Publications            FAX-College Publications
OCC   25969 Computer Maintenance            FAX-College Support
GWC   58942 College Support Services - Div  FAX-College Support Services
GWC   58944 Community Services Office       FAX-Community Services
GWC   53507 Computer Science                FAX-Computer Science
GWC   58980 Technology Suppt Svs            FAX-Computer Service
OCC   25018 Computer Services               FAX-Computing
OCC   25534 Consumer Sci                    FAX-Consumer & Health Services
CCC   16270 Admissions Guidance Svs         FAX-Contact Eduction
CML   17213 Costa Mesa Learning Center      FAX-Costa Mesa Learning Center
OCC   25198 Counseling                      FAX-Counseling
GWC   58919 Counseling                      FAX-Counseling
GWC   58950 Criminal Justice                FAX-Criminal Justice
DOC   84884 DIS-Administration              FAX-DIS
OCC   25992 Student Services                FAX-Dean Of Students
OCC   25618 Design Works                    FAX-Design Works
GWC   58131 Disabled Students Ct            FAX-Disabled Students Center
OCC   25557 Disabled Students               FAX-Disabled Students Center
OCC   25932 Fine Arts                       FAX-Drama
OCC   25701 Fine Arts                       FAX-Drama Lab
OCC   25068 EOPS Office                     FAX-EOPS
CCC   16250 EOPS Office                     FAX-EOPS
OCC   25052 Early Childhood Education       FAX-Early Childhood
DOC   84873 Educational Services            FAX-Educational Services
GWC   58222 President's Office              FAX-El Viento Program
OCC   25924 Electronics Technology          FAX-Electronics Department
GWC   58971 Voc Educational Support Svs     FAX-Evening Operations
DOC   84893 Physical Facilities Office      FAX-Facilities
OCC   25169 Film                            FAX-Film & Video
OCC   25182 Film                            FAX-Film & Video
OCC   25092 Financial Aid                   FAX-Financial Aid
GWC   58784 Arts and Letters                FAX-Fine Arts
OCC   25075 Fine Arts                       FAX-Fine Arts
DOC   84874 Administrative Services         FAX-Fiscal Services
OCC   25856 Cafeteria                       FAX-Food Services
GGL   16187 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   FAX-Garden Grove
CCC   16259 Print Shop                      FAX-Graphics
WML   17404 Westminster Learning Center     FAX-Grigsby
WML   16321 Westminster Learning Center     FAX-HWST Counseling
OCC   25115 Student Health Center           FAX-Health
OCC   25923 Consumer Sci                    FAX-Home Economics
OCC   25608 Library Services                FAX-Honors Program
OCC   25901 Agriculture Department          FAX-Horticulture
DOC   84876 Recruitment Analysis            FAX-Human Resources
FVL   17535 Fountain Valley Technology      FAX-ICS
CCC   16287 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    FAX-Instructional TV
OCC   25191 International Students Program  FAX-International Students
GWC   58973 International Student Programs  FAX-International Students
OCC   25545 Job Placement Center            FAX-Internship
GWC   58908 Arts and Letters                FAX-Language Arts
OCC   25589 Disabled Students               FAX-Learning Center
GWC   58926 Library                         FAX-Learning Resources                            FAX Learning Resources
FVL   17506 Fountain Valley Technology      FAX-Ledbetter
GWC   58916 Library                         FAX-Library
OCC   25739 Library Services                FAX-Library
GWC   58245 Library                         FAX-Library Computer Center
GWC   58243 Mailroom                        FAX-Mailroom GWC
GWC   58941 Maintenance                     FAX-Maintenance
OCC   25910 Grounds Services                FAX-Maintenance
CCC   16248 Custodial Services/Maintenance  FAX-Maintenance
OCC   25912 Campus Operations Office        FAX-Maintenance & Operations
OCC   25733 Campus Operations Office        FAX-Maintenance & Operations
OCC   25586 Marine Science                  FAX-Marine Science
OCC   25960 Math                            FAX-Math & Science
OCC   25069 Math                            FAX-Math & Science
GWC   58171 Math                            FAX-Math & Science
OCC   25927 Counseling                      FAX-Matriculation
GWC   58935 Media Center                    FAX-Media Center, Periodicals
FVL   17557 Fountain Valley Technology      FAX-Meguro
OCC   25750 Athletics Department            FAX-Men's PE
CCC   16369 Office of Instruction           FAX-Military Department
CCC   16324 Office of Instruction           FAX-Military Department
GWC   58268 New Media Center                FAX-New Media Center
OCC   25675 Physical Education              FAX-OCC Football
OCC   25620 College Foundation              FAX-OCC Foundation
GWC   58226 Office Administration           FAX-Office Administration
CCC   16305 Office of Instruction           FAX-Office of Instruction
GWC   58117 Outreach Services               FAX-Outreach
GWC   58923 Physical Education              FAX-PE
OCC   25934 Physical Education              FAX-PE
GWC   58998 Personnel Services Division     FAX-Personnel Services
GWC   58929 President's Office              FAX-President`s Office
CCC   16277 Office of the President         FAX-President`s Office
GGL   17307 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   FAX-Primich
DOC   84837 Public Affairs Office           FAX-Public Affairs
GWC   58269 Public Information Office       FAX-Public Relations
CCC   16155 Public Information Office       FAX-Public Relations
GWC   58945 Public Safety                   FAX-Public Safety
GWC   58945 Public Safety                   FAX-Public Safety
DOC   84895 Purchasing Department           FAX-Purchasing
OCC   26801 Re-entry Center                 FAX-Re-entry Center
OCC   26803 Receiving/Inventory Control     FAX-Receiving
OCC   25781 Admissions                      FAX-Records Office
OCC   25736 Admissions                      FAX-Registration
OCC   25510 OCC Print Shop                  FAX-Reprographics
CML   17238 Costa Mesa Learning Center      FAX-Special Programs
GWC   58997 Financial Aid                   FAX-Special Students
OCC   25997 Physical Education              FAX-Sports Medicine
GWC   58166 School of Nursing               FAX-Stevens
GWC   58958 Student Activities              FAX-Student Activity
CCC   16180 Office of Instruction           FAX-Student Government
OCC   25174 Student Health Center           FAX-Student Health Center
GWC   58135 Student Health Services         FAX-Student Health Services
CCC   16327 Admissions Guidance Svs         FAX-Student Services
OCC   25644 Student Services                FAX-Student Services
GWC   58972 Special Student Services        FAX-Student Support
OCC   25915 Technology                      FAX-Technology
GWC   58164 Career Ed                       FAX-Technology VocEd
DOC   84748 DIS-Telecom                     FAX-Telecommunications
CCC   16286 Office of Instruction           FAX-Telecourse
GWC   58320 Physical Education              FAX-Training Room
OCC   25119 Office of Instruction           FAX-Transfer Center
DOC   84640 Transportation Maint            FAX-Transportation
GWC   58297 Tutorial/Learning Center        FAX-Tutorial Center
GWC   58155 VP Office of Admin Services     FAX-UFCE
OCC   25921 Business/Personnel Services     FAX-Union
WM1   14979 Westminster 1-Stop              FAX-Upstairs work room
GWC   58989 VP Office of Admin Services     FAX-Vice President
OCC   25114 Administrative Services Dept    FAX-Vice President`s Office
GWC   58795 Western Sun Newspaper           FAX-Western Sun
OCC   25713 Physical Education              FAX-Women's Locker
OCC   25744 Physical Education              FAX-Women`s Equipment Room
GWC   58750 Work Experience                 FAX-Work Experience
GWC   58186 Comm Studies                    FAX-Writing and Speech Center
OCC   25037 Business/Personnel Services     Faculty Union OCC                AFT 1911
OCC   25037 Business/Personnel Services     Faculty Union/AFT                Tina Bruning
GWC   52383 Arts and Letters                Fague                            Andrew           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55171 Student Health Services         Fair                             Jocelyn          Registered Nurse
GWC   55190 VP Office of Admin Services     Fallon                           Charles          VP CFCEU
OCC   25953 Technology                      Falzon                           David            Information Systems Technician Senior
OCC   23082 Fine Arts                       Familian                         David            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52576 Arts and Letters                Farazdaghi                       Farzane          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52474 Comm Studies                    Faridani                         Samina           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21233 Physics Department              Faridi                           Abbas            Faculty
OCC   25117 Campus Safety                   Farmer                           John             Security Coordinator
GWC   52211 Sign Language                   Farnsworth                       Jeanette         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25141 Computer Maintenance            Farr                             Carole           Secretary Senior
CML   11232 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Farr                             Jon              Faculty
OCC   25502 Respiratory Care                Farrell                          Dan              Faculty
GWC   52259 Arts and Letters                Farrell                          Donna
CML   11315 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Farrington                       Brenda           Faculty
GWC   51082 Business                        Farris                           James            Faculty
OCC   25556 Administrative Services Dept    Farrow                           James            Staff Specialist
OCC   25080 Computer Services               Fawcett                          John             Computer Center Lab Coordinator
CCC   16293 Public Information Office       Fax - Graphics
CCC   16365 Office of Instruction           Fax - Records
OCC   25850 Academic Senate                 Fax-Academic Senate
OCC   26802 Admissions                      Fax-Admissions & Records
GWC   58221 Office Administration           Fax-Adult Transition
CCC   16494 Bookstore                       Fax-Bookstore Customer Service
GWC   58213 Computer Services               Fax-Computer Center
OCC   26816 Office of Instruction           Fax-President`s Office
WM1   14980 Westminster 1-Stop              Fax-WTW
OCC   25095 Biological Sciences Department  Fay                              Michelle         Lab Assistant
OCC   22054 Math Department                 Fazeli                           Farimah          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22876 Technology                      Fazio                            Joseph           Faculty
GWC   52738 Math                            Feher                            Katherine        Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18095 Irvine One-Stop                 Feierbacher                      Karl
WML   11331 Westminster Learning Center     Feiner                           Henri            Faculty
WML   16132 Westminster Learning Center     Feiner                           Henri            Faculty
CCC   11336 Office of Instruction           Feldon                           Fred             Faculty
CCC   16134 Office of Instruction           Feldon                           Fred             Faculty
OCC   21174 Literature                      Felts                            Karen            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21039 Health Education Department     Fereira                          Ginny            Faculty
OCC   22803 Office of Instruction           Ferguson                         James            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22653 Physical Education              Fernandez                        Erika            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22859 Business Education              Fernandez                        Gabriella        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52187 Maintenance                     Fernandez                        Marty            Utility Worker
GWC   52468 Arts and Letters                Fernandez                        Rachel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25694 Office of Instruction           Ferrero                          Nathalie         Instructional Information Technician
GWC   52243 Criminal Justice                Ferris                           Mike             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52672 Social Sciences                 Ferry                            Michelle         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22585 Office of Instruction           Ferzacca                         John             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16588 Office of Instruction           Fettig                           June             Military Outreach
OCC   22418 Social Sciences                 Fey                              Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22200 Social Sciences                 Fidler                           Francine         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26486 Physical Education              Field House
DOC   84649 DIS-Technical Support           Filakousky                       Rich             Computer Support Specialist II
GWC   51054 Counseling                      Filson                           Joe              Counselor
OCC   22351 Literature                      Fimea                            James            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58394 Financial Aid                   Financial Aid
OCC   25508 Financial Aid                   Financial Aid
OCC   25525 Fine Arts                       Fine Arts Lect Hall
GWC   50122 Arts and Letters                Fine Arts Rm 106
GWC   58354 Cosmetology                     Fine Arts Rm 115 TBA                              Faculty
OCC   26389 Student Health Center           Fineman                          Ken              Psychologist II
OCC   23233 Fine Arts                       Finley                           Gillian          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51246 Cosmetology                     Fiorane                          Michele          Faculty
GWC   58354 Cosmetology                     Fiorane                          Michele          Faculty
GWC   51170 Disabled Students Ct            Fipps                            Trish            Counselor
DOC   84751 Fiscal Affairs Office           Fiscal Affairs
GWC   58112 Fiscal Services Division        Fiscal Services
OCC   25697 Math                            Fisher                           Carolyn          Course Assistant I
GWC   52461 Learning Resources              Fitz-Gerald                      Lindsey          Adjunct Faculty
CML   17219 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Fitzgeorge                       Brenda
OCC   25192 Technology                      Fitzgerald                       Clara            Typist Clerk Intermediate
GWC   58420 Admissions                      Fitzgerald                       Colleen          Admissions & Records Technician II
OCC   22539 Math                            Fletcher                         Huong            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22229 Fine Arts                       Fletcher                         Jonathan         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22902 Literature                      Floerke                          Brandon          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58330 Floral Design                   Floral Department                                 Faculty
GWC   52295 Business                        Flores                           Adriana          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52628 Social Sciences                 Flores                           Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52310 Maintenance                     Flores                           Ildefonso        Groundskeeper
OCC   23166 Custodial Services              Flores                           Noemi            Custodian
CML   11545 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Flores                           Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21126 Accounting                      Flowers                          Carol            Faculty
OCC   22484 Social Sciences                 Flowers                          Sandra           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52200 Social Sciences                 Flynn                            Kerry            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52151 Arts and Letters                Folayan                          Elaine           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52281 Office of Instructn             Follin                           Stella           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16227 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Follis                           Diane            Staff Assistant Senior
OCC   25980 Building Maintenance            Fonseca                          Frank            Director, Maintenance and Operations
OCC   26251 Disabled Students               Fonseca                          Patty            Typist Clerk Senior
GWC   55068 Technology Suppt Svs            Fontenot                         Jeffrey          Systems/Network Analyst II
GWC   58272 Athletics                       Football Office
GWC   58136 Physical Education              Football/Defense
CML   11546 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Forbes                           Junko            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22393 Technology                      Ford                             James            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22383 Business Education              Ford                             James            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22260 Business Education              Ford                             Ted              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22977 Literature                      Formosa-McMurray                 Kathleen         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52171 Math                            Foroutan                         Parisa           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23314 Theater Arts Department         Forssell                         Erik             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23269 Social Sciences                 Foster                           Amy              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52399 Math                            Foster                           Boyd             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52714 Arts and Letters                Foster                           Ed               Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22554 Fine Arts                       Foster                           Edward           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52762 Arts and Letters                Foster                           Lara             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52491 Arts and Letters                Foster                           Marc             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25987 Air Frame Plant                 Foster                           Rodney           Faculty
CCC   16541 Administrative Services         Foundation Office
FVL   17500 Technology Center FVL           Fountain Valley Technology Ctr
OCC   22145 Math                            Fouts                            Bill             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52037 Comm Studies                    Frame                            Stewart          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22201 Social Sciences                 Frame                            Stewart          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25670 Business/Personnel Services     Francis                          Laurel           Director Personnel Services
OCC   22251 Social Sciences                 Frank                            Alison           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52162 Social Sciences                 Franklin                         Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22691 Social Sciences                 Franko                           Karla            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52025 Math                            Fraser                           Mark             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23295 Literature                      Frazier                          Vanessa          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25687 Math                            Frechen                          Richard          Faculty
OCC   22844 Math                            Frechen                          Richard          Faculty
OCC   23164 Social Sciences                 Freed                            Rodney           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11378 Office of Instruction           Freeman                          David            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16142 Administrative Services         French                           Ann
GWC   58154 School of Nursing               French                           Lani             Nursing Program Assistant
GWC   52438 Physical Education              Frey                             Paul             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22124 Music Department                Frey-Monell                      Robyn            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52419 Arts and Letters                Friberg                          Josiah           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21068 Literature                      Fricker                          Norm             Faculty
OCC   25780 Literature                      Fricker                          Norm             Faculty
GWC   55227 EOPS                            Friend                           Hilda            Technician
OCC   21059 Library Services                Friends of the Library
OCC   26489 Library Services                Friesen                          Emily            Library Clerk Senior
OCC   23235 Fine Arts                       Fritzler                         Amythyst         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52758 Criminal Justice                Froeschner                       Eric             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58165 Physical Education              Frohn                            Patrick          Athletic Trainer
GGL   17305 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Front Desk/Recep
OCC   22787 Literature                      Fruehan                          Annette          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22143 Fine Arts                       Fu-koh                           Kristin          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22570 Consumer Sci                    Fueger                           Mary Ann         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23129 Business Education              Fuller                           Brent            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   12305 Office of Instruction           Fuller                           Brent            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11263 Office of Instruction           Fuller                           David            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84811 DIS-Technical Support           Fullerton                        Paula            Systems Analyst Specialist
OCC   23075 Athletics Department            Fullmer                          Stephen          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25183 Athletics Department            Fullmer                          Stephen          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26727 Children's Center               Funderburk                       Elizabeth        Child Development Specialist
OCC   25034 Business Education              Funez-Gonzalez                   Juani            Faculty
OCC   21168 Business Education              Funez-Gonzalez                   Juani            Faculty
GWC   55186 Disabled Students Ct            Funk                             Karen
DOC   84727 Services/Staff Benefits         Furlong                          Jill             Benefits Assistant
GWC   51011 Diesel Technology               GM Classroom
OCC   23106 Business Information Systems    G`Bye                            Diogba           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11595 Office of Instruction           Gabela                           Jose             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52260 Social Sciences                 Gaffaney                         Gialisa          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52470 Arts and Letters                Gagne                            Patrick          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52286 Languages                       Galassi                          Cecelia          Faculty
GWC   51143 Languages                       Galassi                          Cecelia          Faculty
GWC   51167 Criminal Justice                Galbraith                        Milton           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11474 Office of Instruction           Galima                           Maelanie         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55060 Technology Suppt Svs            Gallandt                         Pat              Typist Clerk Senior
GWC   52188 Custodial Services              Gallardo                         Oscar            Custodian
GWC   52058 Arts and Letters                Gallegos                         Joe              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26728 Children's Center               Gallois                          Mary             Receptionist
OCC   25774 Admissions                      Galvan                           Efren            Director
OCC   25820 Welding                         Galvery                          Bill             Faculty
OCC   23117 Technology                      Galvery III                      Bill             Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18044 Irvine One-Stop                 Gambina                          Linda
CCC   11455 Office of Instruction           Gance                            Leia             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11386 Office of Instruction           Gandall                          Beverly          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22098 Math                            Gangwer                          Sam              Adjunct Faculty
DOC   26096 Transportation Maint            Garage Office
GWC   55250 Library                         Garcia                           Gonzalo          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23076 Physical Education              Garcia                           Johnny           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52132 Maintenance                     Garcia                           Jose             Custodian
WM1   14956 Westminster 1-Stop              Garcia                           Lizmyra
GWC   52190 Custodial Services              Garcia                           Ruben            Custodian
OCC   26033 Financial Aid                   Garcia                           Sylvia           Financial Aid Technician
GWC   55236 President's Office              Garcia                           Zayda            Coordinator
WM1   14936 Westminster 1-Stop              Garcia                           Zeke
GGL   17316 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Garden Grove Center
GGL   17306 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Garden Grove Reception
GWC   52756 Career Ed                       Garg                             Akash            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22261 Business Education              Garrett                          Vena             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22488 Theater Arts Department         Garrison                         Kimberly         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21229 Marine Science                  Garrison                         Tom              Faculty
CCC   16230 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Garvey                           Judith           Publications Supervisor
CCC   11374 Office of Instruction           Garvin                           Tim              Faculty
CCC   16132 Office of Instruction           Garvin                           Tim              Faculty
WML   17444 Westminster Learning Center     Garza                            Nick
GWC   58334 Physical Education              Gasparian                        Albert           Dean
OCC   21071 English Department              Gaytan                           Don              Faculty
GWC   52478 Arts and Letters                Geery                            Lorie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22660 Consumer Sci                    Geil                             Shane            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55048 Community Services Office       General Information
GWC   58218 Counseling                      Genet                            Belen            Interim Supervisor
GWC   51083 Business                        Genet                            Don              Faculty
CML   17222 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Genova                           Lori             Program Assistant
OCC   22665 Fine Arts                       Genoway                          Kristi           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58248 Physical Education              George                           Constance        Athletic Trainer
OCC   25818 Technology                      George                           Joe
GWC   58277 Physical Education              Gerke                            Alex             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52122 Life Sciences                   Gerrard                          Amanda           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22577 Office of Instruction           Gerstein-Wolf                    Sharon           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52285 Languages                       Gettinger                        Amy              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22233 Technology                      Gharibian                        Fred             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16282 Cable TV Program                Giaconia                         John             Information Systems Technician II
CCC   11499 Office of Instruction           Giancario                        Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23097 Consumer Sci                    Gibbs                            Timothy          Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18096 Irvine One-Stop                 Gibson                           John
OCC   22531 Consumer Sci                    Gibson                           Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22722 Business/Personnel Services     Gibson                           Martha           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51114 Physical Sciences               Gibson                           Ron              Faculty
GWC   52233 Physical Sciences               Gibson                           Ron              Faculty
OCC   22259 Math                            Gieffe                           Jessica          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22247 Consumer Sci                    Giffen                           Ryan             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52288 Languages                       Gigliotti                        Elisa            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25632 Business Education              Gilbert                          Stephen          Faculty
OCC   21173 Business Education              Gilbert                          Stephen          Faculty
OCC   21209 Biological Sciences Department  Gilbertson                       Lance            Faculty
CML   11367 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Gill                             Tina             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22755 Fine Arts                       Gillette                         Laurie           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25844 Fine Arts                       Gillissen                        Blade            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51115 Physical Sciences               Gilpin                           Bernie           Faculty
GWC   52235 Physical Sciences               Gilpin                           Bernie           Faculty
GWC   58964 Physical Education              Gimenez                          Alex             Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84661 Budget Control                  Giordano                         Trudie           Account Clerk Senior
GWC   58790 Business Sys                    Girard                           Susan            Office Coordinator
OCC   22206 Fine Arts                       Gitlin                           Phyllis          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52405 Social Sciences                 Gittleman                        Charlotte        Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11626 Office of Instruction           Glassman                         Ken              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22815 Sailing Base (Crew)             Gleason                          Pat              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22207 Fine Arts                       Glenn                            Richard          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51101 Technology Suppt Svs            Glumace                          Sean             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22013 Math Department                 Go                               Jane             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52391 Social Sciences                 Go                               Marianne         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22258 Social Sciences                 Go                               Marianne         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22604 Literature                      Goddard                          Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23056 Office of Instruction           Goddicksen                       Sherry           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11600 Office of Instruction           Godfrey                          Donald           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23305 Social Sciences                 Godfrey                          Scott            Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14969 Westminster 1-Stop              Godwin                           Tiana
OCC   22391 Math                            Goerrissen                       Jan              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22304 Literature                      Goetz                            Joseph           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25905 Office of Instruction           Goetz                            Steve            Counselor
OCC   23189 Business Education              Goh                              Allen            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52523 Social Sciences                 Golbuff                          Kimberly         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   22008 Office of Instruction           Gold                             Bruce            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22088 Office of Instruction           Gold                             Jeff             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25756 Food Services - Instruction     Golden                           Jill             Coordinator Food Science
OCC   22297 Literature                      Goldman                          Art              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52015 Arts and Letters                Goldman                          Arthur           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21074 English Department              Goldmann                         Tamar            Faculty
GWC   51234 School of Nursing               Goldstick                        Deborah          Faculty
OCC   25522 Fine Arts                       Golson                           Alex             Faculty
OCC   21147 Theater Arts Department         Golson                           Rick             Faculty
CCC   16496 Admissions Guidance Svs         Gomez                            Angela           Military Technician
GWC   52528 Arts and Letters                Gomez                            Angela           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22147 Literature                      Gomez                            Diego            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52732 Arts and Letters                Gomez                            Diego            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23088 Social Sciences                 Gonzales                         Jarren           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84676 Physical Facilities Office      Gonzales                         Jill             Staff Specialist
OCC   21222 Chemistry Department            Gonzales                         Shirley          Faculty
GWC   52047 Business                        Gonzales                         Susan            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26063 Career Education                Gonzalez                         Fernando         Staff Assistant
OCC   21224 Social Sciences                 Gonzalez                         Jarren           Faculty
WM1   11293 Westminster 1-Stop              Gonzalez                         Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22732 Athletics Department            Gonzalez                         Julian           Faculty
CCC   16313 Institutional Resrch            Gonzalez                         Shanon           Research Assistant II
GWC   52724 School of Nursing               Gonzell                          Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25959 Counseling/Instruction          Good                             Dr. Shirley      Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21178 Counseling/Instruction          Good                             Dr. Shirley      Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25898 Building Maintenance            Goode                            Mark             Assistant Director
GWC   52103 Communications                  Goodman                          Michael          Faculty
GWC   51141 Communications                  Goodman                          Michael          Faculty
GWC   52314 Arts and Letters                Goodson                          Kathy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22406 Consumer Sci                    Goodwin                          Melvin           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23249 Fine Arts                       Goracke                          Michelle
GWC   52743 Math                            Gordion                          Irina            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52268 Counseling                      Gordon                           Douglas          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25959 Business Education              Gordon                           Lee              Faculty
OCC   21156 Business Education              Gordon                           Lee              Faculty
OCC   25930 Community Education             Gordon                           Lee
OCC   22493 Technology                      Gordon                           Matthew          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52284 Physical Education              Gordon                           Sherill          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58228 Pool Services                   Gordon                           Sherill          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84651 DIS-Technical Support           Gorman                           Daniel           Systems/Network Analyst I
GWC   52016 Languages                       Gorrie                           Kirk             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22538 Social Sciences                 Gorsuch                          Eric             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52026 Music                           Gottesman                        Judith           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23109 Computer Services               Gottlieb                         Rebecca          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22947 Literature                      Gougoumanova                     Zlatinka         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22847 Literature                      Gougoumanova                     Zlatinka         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25803 Music Department                Gould                            Brian            Faculty
CCC   11629 Office of Instruction           Gow                              Geoff            Faculty
OCC   25581 Office of Instruction           Graduation Info
GWC   52532 ESL                             Graham                           Jianning         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22885 Math                            Graham                           Lynne            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22562 Literature                      Graham                           Vicki            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52173 Maintenance                     Grajeda                          Marty            Maintenance Skilled
GWC   52380 Business Sys                    Grane                            Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
CML   17202 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Grane                            Beth             Area Facilitator
OCC   22419 Social Sciences                 Granitto                         James            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22870 Consumer Sci                    Granoff                          Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22009 Sailing Base                    Grant                            Dave             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22420 Office of Instruction           Grant                            James
CCC   16106 Print Shop                      Graphics & Publishin
GWC   55023 College Support Services - Div  Graphics Copy Room
GWC   55249 College Support Services - Div  Graphics/Publications
GWC   55085 College Support Services - Div  Graphics/Publications
CCC   16539 Admissions Guidance Svs         Graves                           Ashley
OCC   23077 Physical Education              Grayeli                          Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22235 Literature                      Greblick                         Tony             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22991 Diagnostic Medical Sonography   Grech                            Elida            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52449 Languages                       Greco                            Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26509 Technology                      Greeley                          Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22796 Consumer Sci                    Green                            Gladys           Adjunct Faculty
CML   17237 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Green                            Jody
GWC   52660 Math                            Green                            Katherine        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22809 Consumer Sci                    Green                            Mastaneh         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22578 Social Sciences                 Green                            Ulrike           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22903 Consumer Sci                    Greene                           Voiza            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58283 Physical Education              Greenfield                       Jim              Faculty
GWC   55019 Counseling                      Greenly                          Stephanie        Counselor Aide
GWC   58292 Outreach Services               Greenwald                        Anna             Outreach Coordinator
GWC   52441 Office of Instructn             Greenwood                        Richard          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51204 Physical Education              Greer                            Larry            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22244 Literature                      Gressier                         Pamela           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23021 Social Sciences                 Grey                             Gene             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   28054 Student Services                Griffen                          Trevor           Office Aide
OCC   21173 Social Sciences                 Griffing                         Joyce            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84812 Environmental H                 Grigsby                          Don              Envronmental Health & Safety Specialist
GWC   51118 Math                            Grimes                           Carol            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58705 Social Sciences                 Grimes                           Pierre           Faculty
GWC   52144 Social Sciences                 Grimes                           Pierre           Faculty
GWC   52655 School of Nursing               Grint                            Jayne            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51190 School of Nursing               Grint                            Jayne            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23124 Consumer Sci                    Groendyke                        Jaclyn           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16161 Admissions Guidance Svs         Groot                            Joycelyn         Director Economic & Student Dev
OCC   22516 Physical Education              Grossman                         Marianne         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23282 Literature                      Grostephan                       Alan             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23136 Consumer Sci                    Grover                           Rashmi           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22091 Consumer Sci                    Grzeskowiak                      Mark             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23237 Math Department                 Guarino                          Anthony
IRV   18097 Irvine One-Stop                 Guerin                           Lori
OCC   23110 Business Education              Guerin                           Regis            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21282 Math                            Guerra                           Arnold           Faculty
GWC   52081 Social Sciences                 Guerrero                         Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52082 Languages                       Guerrero                         Martha           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11391 Telecourse Distribution         Guerro-Phlaum                    Martha           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25629 Fine Arts                       Guevara                          Martha           Typist Clerk Intermediate
OCC   26437 Counseling                      Guevara                          Martha           Typist Clerk Intermediate
OCC   25795 Counseling                      Guillen                          Alex             Counselor
OCC   25099 Office of Instruction           Guillen                          Denia            Counselor
OCC   22710 Business Education              Guillod                          Mark             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21298 Technology                      Guimond                          Christopher      Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21114 Office of Instruction           Guista                           Michael
CML   17254 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Gulini                           Jami
OCC   22301 Social Sciences                 Gulu                             Michelle         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23133 Technology                      Gunderlock                       Kurt             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11388 Office of Instruction           Gundy                            Helen            Faculty
IRV   18033 Irvine One-Stop                 Guray                            Jimmy
CCC   16477 Admissions Guidance Svs         Guray                            Minerva
OCC   22925 Math                            Gust                             Sherri           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22372 Literature                      Gustafson                        Larry            Adjunct Faculty
WML   17317 Westminster Learning Center     Gutierrez                        Pedro            Faculty
CML   11520 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Gutierrez                        Pedro            Faculty
GWC   52418 Arts and Letters                Haas                             Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52479 Arts and Letters                Habash                           Samira           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22658 Math                            Haeri                            Shadi            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52201 Math                            Hager                            Benjamin         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52206 Life Sciences                   Hagermann                        Matt             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22697 Literature                      Haghighat                        Shayma           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22043 Physical Education              Hagino                           Pauline          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52669 Counseling                      Haig                             Jeffrey          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26404 International Students Program  Hailey                           Mireille         Immigration Technician
OCC   22571 Consumer Sci                    Halcrow                          Eileen           Clinical Adviser
GWC   52745 Criminal Justice                Hall                             Andrew           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11521 Office of Instruction           Hall                             Leva
IRV   18098 Irvine One-Stop                 Hall                             Neal             Irvine One-Stop
OCC   25922 Film                            Hall                             William          Faculty
OCC   22404 Technology                      Halley                           David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22044 Physical Education              Halsey                           John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22329 Social Sciences                 Halverson                        Sarah            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22337 Literature                      Hamber                           Franca           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84699 Educational Services            Hambly                           Raine            Educational Services Coordinator
GWC   51084 Business                        Hamilton                         Chris            Faculty
CCC   12306 Office of Instruction           Hamilton                         Ian Stuart       Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23203 Business Information Systems    Hamilton                         Julie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22463 Literature                      Hamilton                         Kieko            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23191 Consumer Sci                    Hammond                          Chitra           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22495 Theater Arts Department         Hampton                          Steven           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84670 Fiscal Operations-Payroll       Han                              Annie            Payroll Technician
OCC   21119 Social Sciences                 Hanchett                         Florence         Faculty
OCC   25799 Math Department                 Hancock                          Bob              Faculty
CML   11330 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Hanlon                           Anna             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21007 Physical Education              Hanlon                           Anna             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22530 Math                            Hanlon                           Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58310 Computer Services               Hanna                            John             Information Systems Technician Senior
OCC   22421 Social Sciences                 Hanna                            Laurie           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51089 Office Administration           Hannawell                        Peggy            Faculty
OCC   21077 Speech Department               Hansen                           Rod              Faculty
GWC   51124 School of Nursing               Hansen                           Varci            Faculty
OCC   22136 Theater Arts Department         Hanson                           Beth             Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14902 Westminster 1-Stop              Hanson                           Jinny            Operations Supervisor
WM1   14989 Westminster 1-Stop              Hanson                           Jinny            Operations Supervisor
OCC   22636 Social Sciences                 Hardinge                         Tara             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26234 Business/Personnel Services     Hardwick                         Noranda          Accounting Clerk Senior
OCC   25016 Office of Instruction           Hardy                            Carmella         Staff Assistant
OCC   22508 Theater Arts Department         Hare                             William          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52513 Arts and Letters                Hare                             William          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51181 School of Nursing               Harelson                         Karen            Faculty
OCC   26683 Campus Safety                   Harford                          Paul             Campus Safety Officer
WML   14912 Westminster Learning Center     Hargrove                         Leslie
OCC   22151 Business Education              Hargrove                         Ryan             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16578 Administrative Services         Harguess                         Dale             Computer Services
OCC   22736 Technology                      Harkins                          Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22092 Consumer Sci                    Harloe                           Linda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23274 Social Sciences                 Harlow                           Megan            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25532 Biological Sciences Department  Harmer                           Ann              Faculty
GWC   58947 New Media Center                Harmon                           Janet            Web/Multimedia Programmer
IRV   18028 Irvine One-Stop                 Harner                           Jim
GWC   52739 Criminal Justice                Harringon                        Odell            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11363 Office of Instruction           Harrington                       Julie            Faculty
OCC   25102 Fine Arts                       Harris                           Andrea           Director
GWC   55263 Maintenance                     Harris                           Claudius         Supervisor
OCC   25195 International Students Program  Harris                           Heather          Secretary Senior
GWC   52292 Comm Studies                    Harris                           Mari             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16291 Admissions Guidance Svs         Harrison                         Nate             Course Assistant I
OCC   22171 Literature                      Harrison                         William          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16124 Office of Instruction           Hart                             John             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11376 Office of Instruction           Hart                             John             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16120 Office of Instruction           Hart                             John             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11376 Office of Instruction           Hart                             John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21183 Psychology Department           Harvey                           Monta            Faculty
WML   17407 Westminster Learning Center     Harwood                          Glenn            Faculty
CML   17292 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Haselton                         Abigail          ECHS
GWC   51187 School of Nursing               Hashimoto                        Rumi             Faculty
OCC   22536 Consumer Sci                    Hass                             Lori             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25089 Emergency Medical Technician    Hassapis                         Phylicia         Faculty
OCC   22411 Social Sciences                 Hastings                         Cameron          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11239 Office of Instruction           Hastings                         Claudine         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26154 Welding                         Hau                              Lee              Welding Stock Clerk
OCC   22319 Literature                      Haug                             John             Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18027 Irvine One-Stop                 Hauri                            Gail
GWC   51049 Music                           Hausey                           Collette         Faculty
OCC   23100 Literature                      Haven                            Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22953 Physical Education              Havens                           Blair            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52580 Arts and Letters                Hawk                             Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51129 Math                            Hawkins                          Kate             Lab Assistant
OCC   25636 Office of Instruction           Hay                              Vickie           Coordinator
OCC   21030 Physical Education              Hayes                            Laird            Faculty
GWC   52444 Music                           Hayes                            Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22814 Business Education              Hayward                          David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21207 Math Department                 Hayward                          Valerie          Faculty
OCC   25740 Math Department                 Hayward                          Valerie          Faculty
CCC   11242 Office of Instruction           Hazard                           Sue              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22608 Physical Education              Hazard                           Suzy             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23163 Social Sciences                 Hazy                             Lazio Maria      Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52448 Library                         Head                             Anne             Adjunct Librarian
OCC   26390 Student Health Center           Health Education
OCC   22657 Consumer Sci                    Healy                            Mitchell         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22023 Technology                      Heaney                           Thomas           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25554 Social Sciences                 Hearlson                         Kenneth          Faculty
OCC   21164 Social Sciences                 Hearlson                         Kenneth          Faculty
OCC   22334 Business Education              Heath                            Brad             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52255 Business                        Heath                            Bradley          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11219 Office of Instruction           Heck                             Jan              Faculty
DOC   84638 DIS-Telecom                     Heffelman                        Roy              Information Systems Technician II
GWC   52146 Arts and Letters                Heidt                            Karen            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16194 Cable TV Program                Hein                             Jerry            Video Engineer
OCC   23149 Math                            Hellman                          Amy              Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84618 DIS-Technical Support           Help Desk
OCC   25500 Computer Maintenance            Help Desk/Audio Visual
OCC   25500 Computer Maintenance            Help Desk/Computing
CCC   16304 Cable TV Program                Help Desk/Telemedia
CCC   11277 Office of Instruction           Helwig                           Kent             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52722 Arts and Letters                Henderson                        Heather          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22305 Literature                      Henderson                        Nancy            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52028 Dance                           Hendrix                          Jeff             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52241 Math                            Heneks                           Kasara           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25697 Math                            Henninger                        leslie           Course Assistant I
GWC   52307 Business Sys                    Henry                            Christopher      Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11226 Office of Instruction           Henry                            Chuck            Faculty
CML   11508 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Henry                            Deborah          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22742 Consumer Sci                    Henry                            Dillon           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25757 Radiologic Technology           Henry                            Lorraine         Faculty
OCC   22448 Social Sciences                 Hepler                           Teresa           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23176 Fine Arts                       Herbst                           Marc             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21228 Chemistry Department            Herman                           Allen            Instructional Associate
OCC   25848 Chemistry Department            Herman                           Allen            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11575 Office of Instruction           Hernandez                        Christina        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55054 Community Services Office       Hernandez                        Laura            Secretary Senior
CCC   13040 Office of Instruction           Hernandez                        Marcela
OCC   22024 Consumer Sci                    Hernandez                        Richard          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52592 Arts and Letters                Hernandez                        Tom              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16120 Office of Instruction           Herrera                          Patrick          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11305 Office of Instruction           Herrera                          Patrick          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52443 Languages                       Herron                           Mark             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22224 Office of Instruction           Hesketh                          John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23179 Literature                      Hesse                            Douglas          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22016 Consumer Sci                    Hesse                            Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21258 Chemistry Department            Hewitt                           Arlene           Faculty
OCC   25668 Chemistry Department            Hewitt                           Arlene           Faculty
OCC   23243 Social Sciences                 Hewitt                           David
OCC   22325 Social Sciences                 Hicks                            Justin           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52649 Criminal Justice                Hicks                            Rick             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26265 EOPS Office                     Hidalgo                          Iris             Counselor Aide
OCC   21276 Math                            Hidden                           Marta            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23220 Literature                      Hidle                            Jade             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23115 Early Childhood Education       Higginbotham                     Timi             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23039 Literature                      Higgins                          Kolleen          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52373 Arts and Letters                Higgins                          Michael          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58792 Career Ed                       Higgins                          Minnie           Secretary Senior
DOC   84762 Transportation Maint            Higgins                          Willie           Mechanic
GWC   52354 Arts and Letters                Higgins-O`Connor                 Mary             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16449 Telecourse Distribution         Hill                             Elaine           Staff Assistant
GWC   58158 Maintenance                     Hill                             LeeAnn           Staff Specialist
GWC   52340 Maintenance                     Hill                             Leeanne          Staff Specialist
OCC   26645 Admissions                      Hill                             Midge            Admissions & Records Technician
CCC   11397 Office of Instruction           Hill                             Miriam           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84709 Human Resources                 Hill                             Nancy            Staff Assistant
CCC   11261 Office of Instruction           Hill                             Shawn            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58946 School of Nursing               Hils-Williams                    Jacqueline       Director
GWC   51023 Counseling                      Hinton                           Karen            Counselor
DOC   84707 Human Resources                 Hirsh                            Deborah          Vice Chancellor
GWC   52659 Arts and Letters                Hitchner                         Thomas           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16441 Counseling Aid Of               Ho                               Charlene
OCC   22195 Student Health Center           Ho                               Evangelina       Registered Nurse
OCC   23047 Business Education              Ho                               Fred             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25619 Job Placement Center            Ho                               Thao             Career Guidance Asst
CML   11402 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Ho-Chen                          Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51042 Math                            Hoang                            Antony           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22583 Math                            Hoang                            Thanh            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25711 Computer Services               Hobbs                            Eric             Multimedia Development Specialist Senior
OCC   25725 Public Information Office       Hobbs                            Jeffrey          Director Community Relations
GWC   52747 Math                            Hobgood                          John             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52027 Math                            Hockman                          Anna             Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14950 Westminster 1-Stop              Hodgen                           Jennifer         Westminster One-Stop
OCC   22302 Literature                      Hodges                           Ronald           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52350 ESL                             Hodjera                          Eva              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11280 Office of Instruction           Hoekstra                         Thomas           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22676 Counseling/Instruction          Hoeppner                         Bob              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21066 English Department              Hoffman                          Gary             Faculty
OCC   25714 English Department              Hoffman                          Gary             Faculty
OCC   21000 Literature                      Hoffman                          Glynis           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22886 Math                            Hoffman                          Jack             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11477 Telecourse Distribution         Hogan                            Mikel            Faculty
OCC   25598 Air Frame Plant                 Hogue                            Steven           Faculty
OCC   22424 Social Sciences                 Holder                           Bill             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52575 Arts and Letters                Holland                          Karen            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22425 Literature                      Holland                          Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25814 Social Sciences                 Hollander                        Gena             Faculty
OCC   21200 Social Sciences                 Hollander                        Gena             Faculty
CCC   16559 Admissions Guidance Svs         Holliday                         Ann              Coordinator
CML   17221 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Hollinden                        Jody             Department Chair
CCC   16625 Office of Instruction           Hollowell                        Barbara
CCC   11556 Office of Instruction           Holt                             Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52359 Arts and Letters                Hondo                            Kesha            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22032 Literature                      Honer                            Ruth             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55104 Financial Aid                   Hong                             Anna             Account Clerk Senior
OCC   25505 Electronics Technology          Hong                             Neil             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52967 Career Ed                       Hong                             Peter            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55230 Arts and Letters                Honors Program
OCC   22856 Office of Instruction           Hopkins                          Dustin           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22905 Library Services                Horan                            Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22017 Consumer Sci                    Horn                             Elsa             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52677 School of Nursing               Hornack                          Rhonda           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23078 Fine Arts                       Horton                           Alec             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22605 Literature                      Horton                           Ana Luisa        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   28112 Administrative Services Dept    Horwich                          Karrie
OCC   26129 Food Services - Instruction     Hospitality Comp Lab
GWC   52723 Arts and Letters                Hostetter                        Darrell          Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14903 Westminster 1-Stop              Hou                              Anthony          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58307 VP Office of Admin Services     Houlihan                         Janet            Vice President of Administration
OCC   22494 Early Childhood Education       Housden                          Kathy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22385 Literature                      Houssels                         Miriam           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22097 Consumer Sci                    Hovland                          Gail             Adjunct Faculty
CML   11243 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Howe                             Shona (Sonja)    Faculty
CCC   16545 Administrative Services         Howell                           Jane             Computer Support Specialist I
OCC   26426 Admissions                      Hoyt                             Sherri           Typist Clerk Senior
GWC   52716 Arts and Letters                Hsiao                            John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22438 Social Sciences                 Hsieh                            Susie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22428 Social Sciences                 Hsu-Laferl                       Elke             Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18066 Irvine One-Stop                 Huang                            Bill
OCC   22031 Consumer Sci                    Huang                            Ealeanor         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25835 Food Services - Instruction     Huang                            Eleanor          Faculty
OCC   26430 Food Services - Instruction     Huang                            Eleanor          Faculty
CML   11372 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Huang                            Mike             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23226 Literature                      Huberg                           Trina            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58104 Arts and Letters                Hudson                           David            Dean
GWC   52424 Math                            Huerta                           Nick             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   53032 Arts and Letters                Huettl                           Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55046 Community Services Office       Huff                             Lisa             Community Services Aide
GWC   52472 Social Sciences                 Hughes                           Charles          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52029 Art                             Hughes                           Mary             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22338 Literature                      Hughes                           Sheila           Adjunct Faculty
FVL   17542 Fountain Valley Technology      Hulett                           Marie
OCC   22761 Fine Arts                       Hulstrom                         Arthur           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58697 Learning Resources              Humphrey-Quirk                   Leslie           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22786 Fine Arts                       Hung                             Emily            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22181 Technology                      Hunkle                           Greg             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55222 Technology Suppt Svs            Hunt                             Cece             Information Systems Trainer
GWC   55162 Maintenance                     Hunt                             Greshaun         Special Events Coordinator/Receiving
GWC   52604 Arts and Letters                Hunt                             Wesley           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25506 Dance Department                Hunter                           Amelie           Faculty
OCC   21237 Dance Department                Hunter                           Amelie           Faculty
OCC   25967 Dance Department                Hunter                           Amelie           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52070 Arts and Letters                Hunter                           Ella             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52605 Arts and Letters                Huntoon                          Walter           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11594 Administrative Services         Hurst                            Geoff            Computer Services Techology
OCC   25207 Administrative Services Dept    Hurst                            Geoff            Student Systems Analyst
OCC   23140 Theater Arts Department         Hurtado                          Arleen           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21227 Literature                      Hussain                          Syec             Faculty
OCC   25810 Literature                      Hussain                          Syec             Faculty
OCC   22429 Social Sciences                 Hutchins                         Kenneth          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22462 Consumer Sci                    Hutchinson                       Mina             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25674 Technology                      Hutchinson                       Richard          Faculty
OCC   25693 Academic Administration         Hutchison                        Cathe            Staff Assistant Senior
GWC   52650 Arts and Letters                Huxley                           Dawn             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22170 EOPS Office                     Huynh                            Kim              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52503 Arts and Letters                Huynh                            Man Tue          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52108 Counseling                      Huynh                            Nancy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26436 Counseling                      Huynh                            Tiffany          Typist Clerk Senior
GWC   55061 Technology Suppt Svs            Hyska                            Brent            Information Systems Technician I
OCC   25138 Building Maintenance            Hyska                            Greg
OCC   25138 Computer Services               Hyska                            Greg             Information Systems Technician Senior
CCC   16230 Instructional Systems Develpmn  ISD Production
OCC   25768 Physical Education              Iacopetti                        Anthony          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26627 Computer Maintenance            Ianello                          Joey             Hourly Technician
OCC   22613 Literature                      Ibanez-Wing                      Maria-Isabel     Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25703 Photography Department          Ibranossian                      Agatha           Faculty
OCC   21149 Photography Department          Ibranossian                      Agatha           Faculty
CCC   11422 Office of Instruction           Igoudin                          Alex             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52476 Computer Science                Ikei                             E. Colin         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26230 Institutional Research          Ikuta                            Elliot           Research Assistant II
CCC   11586 Office of Instruction           Ildefonso                        Nelson           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26229 Institutional Research          Institutional Research
OCC   25940 International Students Program  International Students
OCC   25990 Job Placement Center            Internship Academy
OCC   22724 Literature                      Inui                             Tazuko           Faculty
OCC   26365 Admissions                      Ippolito                         Claire           Admissions & Records Technician III
GWC   58101 President's Office              Irvin                            Christina        Executive Assistant to the President
CCC   11400 Office of Instruction           Irvin                            Teresa           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26366 Admissions                      Irving                           Terry            Admissions & Records Technician II
GGL   11240 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Isbell                           Don              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21070 Business/Personnel Services     Ishihara                         Chie             Faculty
OCC   22333 Math                            Isle                             Timothy          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55033 Research                        Isonio                           Steven           Advisor
OCC   25549 Cardio Vascular Technology      Issac                            Darryl           Faculty
OCC   22763 Technology                      Itzen                            Jana             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22762 Technology                      Itzen                            William          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   22857 Office of Instruction           Ivey                             Marilyn          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52076 Life Sciences                   Iwanski                          Erik             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11244 Office of Instruction           Jaber                            John             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16119 Office of Instruction           Jaber                            John             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11314 Office of Instruction           Jackson                          D.               Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22992 Diagnostic Medical Sonography   Jackson                          Mary Cheryl      Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25162 Counseling                      Jackson                          Nicolette        Re-Entry Coordinator
CCC   16316 Instructional Systems Develpmn  Jacobs                           Jonathon         Multimedia Development Specialist
DOC   84660 Budget Control                  Jacobson                         Rita             Account Clerk Senior
OCC   25519 Early Childhood Education       Jaglowski                        Suzanne          Director
OCC   23183 Literature                      Jalalat                          Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52362 Art                             James                            George           Adjunct Faculty
WM1   11287 Westminster 1-Stop              James                            Scott            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11592 Office of Instruction           James                            Shannon          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16217 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    James                            Tai
OCC   22749 Literature                      Jameson                          Jeannine         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22553 Consumer Sci                    Jamieson                         Rita             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22033 Social Sciences                 Jana                             Denis            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23268 Literature                      Janas                            Diana            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26669 Building Maintenance            Janitorial Shop
GWC   52748 Arts and Letters                Janke                            Kelly            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   17419 Office of Instruction           Jao                              Le               Faculty
GWC   58295 Career Ed                       Jaramillo                        Eli              Faculty
OCC   22125 Drafting Technology             Jarman                           Dave             Faculty
CCC   11498 Office of Instruction           Jason                            Diana            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52524 Social Sciences                 Jasser                           Mais             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52392 Social Sciences                 Jazayeri                         Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55071 Technology Suppt Svs            Jazwiecki                        Al               Information Systems Technician II
GWC   55093 College Support Services - Div  Jazwiecki                        Sharon           Graphic/Publ Supv
GWC   51251 College Support Services - Div  Jazwiecki                        Sharon           Clerk
OCC   22353 Literature                      Jednoralski                      Annette          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52179 Counseling                      Jefferies                        Chris            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   53498 Office Administration           Jefferson                        Lurecca
GWC   58240 VP Office of Admin Services     Jefferson                        Lurecca          Staff Assistant
OCC   25504 Math Department                 Jeffries                         Don              Faculty
OCC   21214 Math Department                 Jeffries                         Don              Faculty
WML   17424 Westminster Learning Center     Jenkins                          Nancy            Counselor
OCC   23288 Art Department                  Jensen                           Karen            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11296 Office of Instruction           Jereb                            Claudia          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84669 Fiscal Operations-Payroll       Jesch                            Kim              Payroll Specialist
OCC   22563 Literature                      Jessel                           David            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52045 Custodial Services              Jimenez                          Gabriel          Custodian
OCC   25576 Job Placement Center            Job Placement
GWC   55113 Job Placement                   Job Placement
OCC   22823 Literature                      Johnson                          Ann              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52011 Business Sys                    Johnson                          Carl             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11398 Office of Instruction           Johnson                          Dan              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22630 Business Education              Johnson                          Douglas          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11034 Office of Instruction           Johnson                          Edgar            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58251 Arts and Letters                Johnson                          Garth            Faculty
GWC   53026 Arts and Letters                Johnson                          Jarvis           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23036 Literature                      Johnson                          Jarvis           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16114 Office of Instruction           Johnson                          Jeff             Faculty
CCC   11373 Office of Instruction           Johnson                          Jeff             Faculty
OCC   22378 Consumer Sci                    Johnson                          John             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52586 Physical Education              Johnson                          Leilani          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58734 Office of Instructn             Johnson                          Robert           Faculty
GWC   51151 Office of Instructn             Johnson                          Roger            Faculty
OCC   22208 Fine Arts                       Johnson                          Sandy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25022 Community Education             Johnson                          Signe            Publications Coordinator
OCC   22835 Office of Instruction           Johnson                          Tammie           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22209 Fine Arts                       Johnson                          Terry            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58329 Physical Education              Johnson                          Tim              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21167 Social Sciences                 Johnson-McComb                   Helen            Faculty
OCC   25863 Social Sciences                 Johnson-McComb                   Helen            Faculty
OCC   22543 Business/Personnel Services     Jones                            Allison          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84601 Office of the Chancellor        Jones                            Andrew           Chancellor
GWC   51017 Office Administration           Jones                            Barbara          Faculty
OCC   22588 Consumer Sci                    Jones                            Christianne      Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16221 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Jones                            Dan              Administrative Dean
CCC   11375 Office of Instruction           Jones                            Julie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22674 Social Sciences                 Jones                            Kristin          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52662 Arts and Letters                Jones                            Michele          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26142 Sailing Base                    Jones                            Michelle
GGL   17338 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Jones                            Nancy            Faculty
FVL   17519 Technology Center FVL           Jones                            Nancy            Faculty
OCC   22733 Business Education              Jones                            Nancy            Faculty
DOC   84620 DIS-Applications Support        Jones                            Rick             Application Analyst/Programmer
OCC   23023 Social Sciences                 Jones                            Ronald           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51085 Arts and Letters                Jones                            Ryane            Faculty
CCC   16634 Admissions Guidance Svs         Jones                            Shirley
OCC   23046 Consumer Sci                    Jones                            Steve            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58138 Admissions                      Jordan                           Damien           Admissions & Records Office Assistant
OCC   21050 Physical Education              Jorgenson                        Jim              Faculty
OCC   26143 Sailing Base                    Jorgenson                        Jim (Sailing)    Faculty
GWC   52300 Languages                       Josifek                          Jami             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22064 Technology                      Josifek                          Knute            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16174 Grant Development               Joy                              Karen            Secretary Senior
CCC   11558 Office of Instruction           Juarez                           Dalia            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16542 Administrative Services         Juno                             Thomas           Information Systems Technician Senior
OCC   25785 Counseling                      Jupiter                          Cheryl           Counselor
CCC   52530 Office of Instruction           Kabaji                           Noha             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16135 Office of Instruction           Kabaji                           Noha             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52512 Languages                       Kadmiri                          Karim            Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14906 Westminster 1-Stop              Kaeser                           Susan            Receptionist
OCC   21266 Literature                      Kagawa                           Akemi            Faculty
OCC   22499 Theater Arts Department         Kahan                            Teri             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52531 School of Nursing               Kahlen                           Denise           Nursing Enrol Growth & Reten Prog Aid
OCC   23289 Art Department                  Kahn                             Kathy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23255 Consumer Sci                    Kahn                             Pamela           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   53027 Arts and Letters                Kaiser                           Mifanwy          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26017 Fine Arts                       Kalama-Dutro                     Leinaala         Course Assistant I
GWC   52685 Math                            Kaliski                          Lucy             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22466 Consumer Sci                    Kammerer                         Linda            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52497 Learning Resources              Kamphuis                         Jacqueline       Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25538 Tutorial Center                 Kamphuis                         Jaki             Coordinator
OCC   22757 Literature                      Kane                             Clifford         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55131 Bookstore                       Kang                             C.               Bookstore Clerk II
GWC   52489 Math                            Kang                             Henry            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25635 Early Childhood Education       Kao                              Karen            Senior Secretary
OCC   21131 Business Information Systems    Karasuda                         Shin             Faculty
OCC   25633 Business Information Systems    Karasuda                         Shin             Faculty
OCC   22355 Consumer Sci                    Karian                           Carol            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52163 Social Sciences                 Karpenski                        Joe              Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18032 Irvine One-Stop                 Karr                             Beverly
OCC   22066 Consumer Sci                    Kasmar                           Steve            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25197 Counseling                      Katsuki                          Anna             Counselor
OCC   21187 Social Sciences                 Katz                             Eleanor          Faculty
OCC   25029 Social Sciences                 Katz                             Eleanor          Faculty
WML   11325 Westminster Learning Center     Katz                             Regina           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22155 Math                            Kaufmann                         Laura            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58271 Athletics                       Kawabata                         Kyle             Athletic Equipment Manager
DOC   84677 Purchasing Department           Kawabe                           Leonard          Maintenance
FVL   18026 Fountain Valley Technology      Kawakubo                         Massumi
GWC   52640 Arts and Letters                Kawamoto                         Hideko           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58996 College Support Services - Div  Kawamura                         Janet - TDD      Offset Press Operator II
OCC   22394 Theater Arts Department         Keading                          Hija             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22434 Social Sciences                 Keagy                            Dennis           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25090 Math                            Kearney                          Joanne           Lab Assistant
GWC   52000 Office of Instructn             Keat                             Art
OCC   26274 Community Education             Kech                             Eunice           Administrative Secretary
OCC   22354 Consumer Sci                    Keefer                           Sherry           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25157 Counseling                      Keegan                           Diane            Counselor
GWC   51193 School of Nursing               Keegan                           Mary Kay         Faculty
GWC   52116 Arts and Letters                Keeler                           Charlene         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55252 Bookstore                       Keeling                          Butch            Bookstore Clerk II
GWC   52759 Arts and Letters                Keen                             Phillip          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22826 Social Sciences                 Keep                             Ryan             Faculty
OCC   21078 American Language Department    Keesler                          Kathleen         Faculty
OCC   25566 American Language Department    Keesler                          Kathleen         Faculty
OCC   21085 Literature                      Keith                            Arlete           Faculty
OCC   25887 Literature                      Keith                            Beatriz          Faculty
OCC   21306 Literature                      Keith                            Beatriz          Faculty
DOC   84720 Personnel Services              Kellenberger                     Martie           HR Technician
GWC   52674 Arts and Letters                Kelly                            Aaron            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51121 Math                            Kelly                            Darla            Faculty
OCC   25740 Biological Sciences Department  Kelly                            Darla            Faculty
OCC   21208 Biological Sciences Department  Kelly                            Darla            Faculty
OCC   25564 Marine Science                  Kelly                            Dennis           Professor and Department Chair
OCC   22115 Technology                      Kelly                            James            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22175 Math                            Kelly                            Kim              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22540 Social Sciences                 Kelly                            Laurie           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21169 Business Education              Kelly                            Marilyn          Faculty
OCC   25030 Business Education              Kelly                            Marilyn          Faculty
WM1   11273 Westminster 1-Stop              Kelsey                           David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26650 Computer Services               Kemp                             Neal             Temp Technical Paraprofessional
CCC   11349 Office of Instruction           Kempe                            Gladys           Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14918 Westminster 1-Stop              Kennedy                          Ann              Workforce Specialist
WM1   14943 Westminster 1-Stop              Kennedy                          Geraldine
OCC   25597 Literature                      Kennedy                          Marilyn          Faculty
OCC   21308 Literature                      Kennedy                          Marilyn          Faculty
OCC   21110 Foreign Languages Department    Kennedy                          Patrick          Faculty
OCC   25047 Foreign Languages Department    Kennedy                          Patrick          Faculty
OCC   23261 Math                            Kennedy                          Steven           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25943 Consumer Sci                    Kenney                           Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22968 Technology                      Kent                             Stephen          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16487 Admissions Guidance Svs         Keough                           Janell
CML   11365 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Kepler                           Marc             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22435 Social Sciences                 Kerig                            Dorothy          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23151 Technology                      Kerins                           John             Adjunct Faculty
GGL   11241 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Kerr                             Jeff             Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84690 Risk Services                   Kerwin                           Bill             Risk Services Specialist
OCC   22454 Social Sciences                 Kerwin                           William          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22514 Physical Education              Ketcham                          Chris            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25175 Administrative Services Dept    Ketcham                          Justin
GWC   52299 School of Nursing               Ketchersid                       Linda
OCC   26662 Campus Operations Office        Key                              Randy            Energy Management Coordinator
OCC   26373 Admissions                      Keyser                           Nancy            Admissions & Records Technician I
GWC   52296 Math                            Khakbazan                        Maryam           Faculty
OCC   22887 Math                            Khakbazan                        Maryann          Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18040 Irvine One-Stop                 Khalili                          David
OCC   21204 Biological Sciences Department  Khamneian                        Haedeh           Faculty
OCC   25687 Biological Sciences Department  Khamneian                        Haedeh           Faculty
CCC   11428 Office of Instruction           Khan                             Mahbub           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22888 Math                            Khizhnyak                        Aleksandra       Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16159 Office of Instruction           Khosravani                       Mariam           Career Education Professional Expert
OCC   22936 Literature                      Kian                             Soheila          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26201 Campus Safety                   Kiena                            Cassandra        Typist Clerk Senior
CCC   16472 Administrative Services         Kieu                             Eric/Ha, Chinh   Temp Clerical
OCC   23072 Literature                      Kiley                            Paul             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52453 Music                           Kim                              Ellen            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22116 Technology                      Kimball                          Donald           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25623 Architectural Technology        Kings                            Rose Anne        Faculty
OCC   25749 College Foundation              Kinn                             Rene             Staff Assistant
GWC   58216 Career Ed                       Kiser                            Linda            Secretary
OCC   22766 Math                            Kiss                             Desi             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26617 Computer Maintenance            Kissamatkis                      Mike             Audio Visual Technician
OCC   26621 Business/Personnel Services     Klammer                          Karen
GWC   52616 Math                            Klaus                            Raymond          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52603 Social Sciences                 Klein                            Melinda          Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14923 Westminster 1-Stop              Klein                            Ron              Faculty
CCC   17227 Office of Instruction           Klein                            Sandra           Faculty
CCC   11614 Office of Instruction           Klein                            Sandra           Faculty
OCC   22126 Fine Arts                       Kleinpeter                       John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22212 Fine Arts                       Klemek                           Julia            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   53028 Arts and Letters                Klune                            Anthony          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25546 Computer Services               Knowles                          Greg
OCC   22415 Theater Arts Department         Knox                             Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25890 Physical Education              Knox                             John             Faculty
OCC   21333 Physical Education              Knox                             John             Faculty
CML   17436 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Kobata                           Sarah            Adjunct Faculty
GGL   11481 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Kobata                           Sarah            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22468 Consumer Sci                    Kodama                           Freda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25597 English Department              Koff                             Sheila           Faculty
OCC   21109 English Department              Koff                             Sheila           Faculty
OCC   22759 Fine Arts                       Kohl                             Brian            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52635 Arts and Letters                Kohls                            Annette          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21279 Math                            Koines                           Andrew           Faculty
OCC   25677 Math                            Koines                           Andrew           Faculty
GWC   52153 Comm Studies                    Kolokotrones                     Alexia           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22118 Aviation Services               Kolves                           Candi            Faculty
OCC   25918 Administrative Services Dept    Komenda                          Virginia
OCC   23259 Literature                      Komenda                          Virginia         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22459 Social Sciences                 Koontz                           Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26328 Consumer Sci                    Kopack                           Margie           Division Office Area Coordinator
OCC   22295 Technology                      Kopaskie                         Ed               Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58246 Physical Education              Kopp                             Kyle
OCC   26345 Library Services                Kopp                             Patricia         Library Assistant
OCC   25086 Library Services                Kopp                             Patricia         Library Assistant
CCC   11215 Office of Instruction           Kosbab                           Tina             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22852 Office of Instruction           Koui                             Cynthia          Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14996 Westminster 1-Stop              Kowalczuk                        Jillian          Westminster One-Stop
OCC   21148 Fine Arts                       Kraft                            Richard          Faculty
OCC   25703 Fine Arts                       Kraft                            Richard          Faculty
GWC   58278 Diesel Technology               Kramer                           Bryan            Faculty
GWC   51002 Diesel Technology               Kramer                           Bryan            Faculty
WML   17413 Westminster Learning Center     Krampe                           Lorraine
WM1   14927 Westminster 1-Stop              Krasney                          Isabelle         Workforce Specialist
IRV   18055 Irvine One-Stop                 Krasney                          Isabelle
IRV   18034 Irvine One-Stop                 Krasney                          Isabelle
WML   17405 Westminster Learning Center     Krause                           Karen            Typist Clerk Intermediate
OCC   22275 Literature                      Kreger                           Maria            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52673 Social Sciences                 Krikorian                        BJ               Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84621 DIS-Applications Support        Krikorian                        Paul             Application Project Coordinator
OCC   22773 Technology                      Kristoffer                       Phan             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52164 Social Sciences                 Krogfoss                         Kim              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22157 Math                            Krogh                            Ronald           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11228 Office of Instruction           Kroll                            Stephen          Faculty
OCC   22306 Literature                      Kross                            Kristy           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22371 Literature                      Krucli                           Thomas           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23257 Literature                      Krumm                            Christine        Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11256 Office of Instruction           Kuang                            Jessica          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21203 Consumer Sci                    Kubiak                           Renee            Faculty
OCC   25841 Consumer Sci                    Kubiak                           Renee            Faculty
OCC   22948 Literature                      Kubicka                          Tara             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22848 Literature                      Kubicka                          Tara             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52504 Arts and Letters                Kubis                            John-Michael     Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58232 Music                           Kubis                            Tom              Faculty
OCC   25680 Business Information Systems    Kucheck                          Riki             Faculty
CCC   16150 Administrative Services         Kudlik                           Richard          Fiscal Services Director
GWC   55004 Learning Resources              Kuehner                          Karen            Staff Assistant
WM1   14919 Westminster 1-Stop              Kumaran                          Meera            Office Aide
WML   17411 Westminster Learning Center     Kuntzman                         Linda            Faculty
OCC   21161 Social Sciences                 Kuo                              Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25852 Social Sciences                 Kuo                              Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23087 Social Sciences                 Kuo                              Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22310 Literature                      Kurth                            David            Adjunct Faculty
GGL   17303 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Kurz                             Sally            Faculty
OCC   22765 Technology                      Kushin                           Miles            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55115 Personnel Services Division     Kyllingstad                      Claire           Personnel Technician II
GWC   52360 Dance                           Kyselka                          Rita             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52184 Life Sciences                   LaMantia                         Mary Lynne       Faculty
GWC   51114 Life Sciences                   LaMantia                         Mary Lynne       Faculty
OCC   25173 Counseling                      Labounty                         Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22384 Physical Education              Lacopetti                        Anthony          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25696 Admissions                      Lagerlof                         Judi             Staff Specialist
OCC   26714 Admissions                      Lagerlof                         Judi             Staff Specialist
OCC   22523 Business Education              Lak                              Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84632 DIS-Technical Support           Lakhani                          Minesh           Information Systems Technician I
CCC   11265 Office of Instruction           Lam                              Jenny            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26131 Recycling Center                Lam                              Kelly
OCC   22646 Business Education              Lam                              Kim-Yen          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26253 Assessment Center               Lam                              Mymy             Staff Specialist
OCC   23244 Literature                      Lam                              Tri Ly
WM1   14975 Westminster 1-Stop              Lam-Chan                         Cindy
OCC   23024 Social Sciences                 Lamar                            Simon            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21270 Consumer Sci                    Lamas-Padilla                    Maria            Food Service
GWC   52434 Physical Education              Lammers                          Fred             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26271 Community Education             Lamoureux                        Ted
OCC   23174 Fine Arts                       Lampe                            Holly            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22007 Office of Instruction           Lampert                          Christine        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22800 Fine Arts                       Landon                           Hal              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52652 Counseling                      Lane                             Andrea           Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14937 Westminster 1-Stop              Lane                             Andrea           Westminster One-Stop
GWC   52218 Languages                       Langbein                         Sophie           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52092 Math                            Langdon                          Spencer          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52398 Social Sciences                 Langenwalter                     Paul             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22437 Social Sciences                 Langenwalter                     Paul             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26213 Computer Maintenance            Langsdorf                        Ed               Information Systems Technician I
GWC   55148 Financial Aid                   Lara                             Melissa          Senior Secretary
GWC   52222 Math                            Lara                             Ricardo          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23025 Social Sciences                 Lara                             Richard          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22480 Literature                      Large                            Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25145 Computer Maintenance            Lariosa                          Lynda            Office Coordinator
OCC   22119 Technology                      Larnard                          Howard           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26729 Children's Center               Larsen                           Hillary          Receptionist
GWC   58114 New Media Center                Larson                           Doug             Associate Dean
OCC   26511 College Publications            Larson                           Heather          Graphic Designer
OCC   26702 Children's Center               Larson                           Hillary          Receptionist
OCC   22764 Consumer Sci                    Larson                           Jacqueline       Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22237 Social Sciences                 Larson                           Mary Ann         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22639 Technology                      Larwin                           Garth            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16319 Admissions Guidance Svs         Laske                            Janet            Contract Education/Military Program Asst
OCC   23195 Consumer Sci                    Laskelle                         Paula            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25881 Building Maintenance            Latham                           Karen            Staff Aide
OCC   22256 Social Sciences                 Latson                           Jack             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21135 Math Department                 Laux                             John (Mickey)    Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51154 Languages                       Lavarini                         Theresa          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55122 Academic Senate                 Lavarini                         Theresa          President
GWC   52451 Languages                       Lavarini                         Theresa          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23026 Social Sciences                 Law                              Jerry            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21006 Consumer Sci                    Lawell                           Cheri            Faculty
GWC   58331 Physical Education              Lawler                           William          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22479 Social Sciences                 Lawson                           Kristin          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22502 Technology                      Lazear                           Thomas           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16596 Office of Instruction           Le                               Jenny
DOC   84606 Public Affairs Office           Le                               Kristen          Public Information Specialist
CCC   16157 Faculty Senate                  Le                               Kristen          Secretary Senior
GGL   17339 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Le                               Mai              Cal Works Coordinator
GWC   52663 Math                            Le                               Thien            Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18011 Irvine One-Stop                 Le                               Tommy            Irvine One-Stop
GWC   52455 Arts and Letters                Le                               Viet             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58207 Admissions                      Le-Nguyen                        Doan             Admissions & Records Technician
OCC   26237 Speech Department               LeMar                            Chelsea
GWC   52251 Arts and Letters                LeNoir                           Jamie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25535 Disabled Students               Learning Center
OCC   22904 Consumer Sci                    Lee                              Allison          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22979 Theater Arts Department         Lee                              David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22549 Physical Education              Lee                              Greg             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23040 Literature                      Lee                              James            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16415 Administrative Services         Lee                              Jeanette         Graphic Designer
OCC   22408 Theater Arts Department         Lee                              Judy             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16141 Office of Instruction           Lee                              Lisa             Faculty
CCC   11562 Office of Instruction           Lee                              Lisa             Faculty
CCC   16366 Office of Instruction           Lee                              Lisa             Faculty
OCC   26340 Large Group Facilities          Lee                              Mary Ann         Course Assistant I
OCC   26336 Fine Arts                       Lee                              Mary Ann         Course Assistant I
CCC   11262 Office of Instruction           Lee                              Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22945 Literature                      Lee                              Miwa             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22387 Literature                      Lee                              Nachiko          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22219 Air Frame Plant                 Lee                              Robert           Faculty
OCC   26077 Sailing Base                    Lee                              Todd             Professional Expert
OCC   23152 Consumer Sci                    Lee-Brown                        Laurie           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58257 Art                             Lee-Warren                       Susan            Faculty
OCC   22670 Literature                      Lefebvre                         Lyndsey          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16298 Fiscal Services                 Legal Clinic
GWC   51176 School of Nursing               Leggit                           Angie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23263 Social Sciences                 Lehigh                           Steven           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58113 Business Sys                    Lehmann                          DeAnna           Faculty
OCC   21103 Speech Department               Leigh, Mike                                       Faculty
GWC   58146 Admissions                      Leighton                         Janelle          Staff Assistant Senior
GWC   58284 Admissions                      Leighton                         Janelle          Staff Assistant Senior
CCC   16112 Office of Instruction           Leighton                         Ken              Coordinator
CCC   16308 Office of Instruction           Leighton                         Ken              Coordinator
GWC   52372 Life Sciences                   Leipzig                          Victor           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16119 Office of Instruction           Lembke                           Phyllis          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11566 Office of Instruction           Lembke                           Phyllis          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21239 Building Maintenance            Lenanton                         John             Faculty
OCC   22470 Consumer Sci                    Lenik                            Steven           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22022 Technology                      Leonard                          Norman           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21067 American Language Department    Lerma                            Maria            Faculty
OCC   25714 American Language Department    Lerma                            Maria            Faculty
OCC   26080 Career Education                Lerman                           Carol            Grant Coordinator
OCC   23293 Career Education                Lerman                           Carol            District Tech Prep Representative
GWC   52049 Comm Studies                    Lervold                          John             Faculty
CCC   11204 Office of Instruction           Letterman                        Bryce            Faculty
CML   17261 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Leuthold                         Candance
CCC   11563 Office of Instruction           Levenshus                        Joshua           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21234 Physics Department              Levine                           Joel             Faculty
OCC   26120 Physics Department              Levine                           Joel             Faculty
CCC   11253 Office of Instruction           Levy                             Elijah           Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18045 Irvine One-Stop                 Lew                              Mary
GWC   52404 Computer Science                Lewin                            Jack             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22074 Athletics Department            Lewin                            Pam              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22357 Literature                      Lewis                            Albert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25637 Film                            Lewis                            Brian            Faculty
OCC   22669 Fine Arts                       Lewis                            C. Thomas        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52467 Comm Studies                    Lewis                            Mark             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21195 Social Sciences                 Lewis                            Ralph            Faculty
GWC   52217 School of Nursing               Leyson                           Christine        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25885 Library Services                Library Information
CCC   11585 Office of Instruction           Lieu                             Anasa            Faculty
GWC   52033 Social Sciences                 Light                            Linda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22046 Student Services                Lincke                           Jack             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22471 Consumer Sci                    Lindenberger                     Linda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22572 Business Education              Lindquist                        Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22432 Math                            Lindsey                          Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51113 Life Sciences                   Lindsey                          Don              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26651 Computer Services               Lindsey                          Robert           Temp Technical Paraprofessional
OCC   22938 Literature                      Lindsey                          Scott            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25146 Computer Maintenance            Linke                            Jack             Information Systems Technician Senior
OCC   22974 Art Department                  Linkletter                       Karen            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22128 Consumer Sci                    Linley                           Holli            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22015 Technology                      Linn                             Susan            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52303 ESL                             Little                           John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22821 Literature                      Liu                              Emily            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22719 Early Childhood Education       Liu                              Peggy            Child Care Center Assistant
GWC   52024 Computer Science                Liu                              Shin             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21236 Math Department                 Livingston                       Tab              Faculty
OCC   22567 Literature                      Livote                           Michelle         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21080 English Department              Livsey                           Herb             Faculty
OCC   22473 Physical Education              Llorens                          Lilia            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51122 Math                            Lloyd                            Douglas          Faculty
OCC   22939 Literature                      Lloyd                            Giselle          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25753 Social Sciences                 Lloyd                            Nicole           Area Office Coordinator
GWC   58134 Media Center                    Lo                               Toni
OCC   26652 Computer Services               Lockerbie                        Andrew           Temp Technical Paraprofessional
GWC   52610 Library                         Lockhart                         Ann              Adjunct Faculty
GGL   17322 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Lockwood                         Rick             Faculty
DOC   84694 Transportation Maint            Loff                             Richard          Bus Driver
GWC   52460 Arts and Letters                Loffer                           Alexis           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22752 Consumer Sci                    Lognion                          Casey            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52120 Arts and Letters                Loh                              Theresa          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21291 Literature                      Lohman                           Benjamin         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25580 Literature                      Lohman                           Benjamin         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22866 Business Education              Loke                             Hong             Adjunct Faculty
GGL   11408 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Long                             Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52142 Social Sciences                 Long                             James            Faculty
GWC   58729 Social Sciences                 Long                             James            Faculty
GWC   52385 Arts and Letters                Longo                            Frank            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23073 Literature                      Lopez                            Alicia           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52192 Custodial Services              Lopez                            Fausto           Custodian
GWC   52262 Arts and Letters                Lopez                            Margarita        Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16609 Community Services              Lopez                            Rachelle
OCC   25103 Computer Services               Lopez                            Raya             Web Services
GWC   51153 Languages                       Lopez-Rodriguez                  Americo          Faculty
GWC   52195 Custodial Services              Lopez-Villa                      Juan             Custodian
CML   17232 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Lopour                           Kenneth
OCC   25584 Literature                      Loren                            Davi             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21287 Literature                      Loren                            Davi             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25731 Student Services                Lost & Found
OCC   22055 Consumer Sci                    Lothers                          Marty            Adjunct Faculty
GGL   17319 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Lovig                            Margaret         Faculty
GWC   52664 Math                            Lovric                           Kresimir         Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84682 Purchasing Department           Lowe                             Joanna           Purchasing Technician
GWC   58373 Criminal Justice                Lowenberg                        Ron              Associate Dean/Director
OCC   25568 Administrative Services Dept    Lowery                           Shelley          Staff Assistant III
GGL   11504 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Lowther                          Gene             Faculty
CCC   16146 Administrative Services         Loy                              Carolyn          Supervisor, Personnel Services
CCC   16196 Office of Instruction           Lubanski                         Donna            Staff Assistant
OCC   25520 Photography Department          Luckring                         Eve              Faculty
OCC   21020 Photography Department          Luckring                         Eve              Faculty
OCC   22018 Business Education              Luengas                          Jackeline        Adjunct Faculty
WML   11337 Westminster Learning Center     Lui                              Edward           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26233 Business/Personnel Services     Lule                             Andrea           Admissions & Records Technician
GWC   52755 Arts and Letters                Lulich                           Benjamin         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22087 Technology                      Lundberg                         Rachel           Faculty
GWC   58736 Community Services Office       Lundell                          Candy            Director
GWC   51154 Languages                       Lundquist                        John             Faculty
GWC   52117 Languages                       Lundquist                        John             Faculty
GWC   52768 Career Ed                       Luong                            Andy             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26462 Financial Aid                   Luong                            Yen              Financial Aid Specialist
GWC   55130 Bookstore                       Lussy                            Mary Anna        Bookstore Clerk
GWC   52593 Social Sciences                 Ly                               Sally            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84650 DIS-Technical Support           Lyn                              Tony             Systems/Network Analyst II
GWC   52665 Math                            Ma                               Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   24324 Children's Center               Mabry                            Carly            Child Care Center Assistant
OCC   26206 Campus Safety                   MacDonald                        John             Campus Safety Officer
OCC   20789 Consumer Sci                    MacRill                          Diane            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   17434 Office of Instruction           Macchia                          Ralph            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11430 Office of Instruction           Maccoun                          Wendy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25709 Library Services                Macdonald                        Lynn             Library Assistant Senior
GWC   58983 Technology Suppt Svs            Maciel                           Anthony          Director, Technology Support Services
CCC   16225 Administrative Services         Maciel                           Anthony          Director Computer Services
GWC   51090 Office Administration           Mack                             Joelene          Faculty
GWC   52401 Computer Science                Mackowiak                        James            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25765 Student Services                Macy                             Shirley          Staff Assistant
GWC   52326 Comm Studies                    Madrigal                         Stella           Faculty
GWC   58180 Comm Studies                    Madrigal                         Stella           Faculty
OCC   22805 Math                            Madsen                           Brenda           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25594 English Department              Magda                            Marni            Faculty
OCC   21111 English Department              Magda                            Marni            Faculty
CCC   16297 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Maharaj                          Peter            Manager, Contract Ed Prog Dev & Services
DOC   84740 DIS-Operations                  Maharaj                          Robert           Computer Operator
OCC   25797 Math                            Maher                            Deborah          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21190 Math                            Maher                            Deborah          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26433 Business/Personnel Services     Mahler                           Kathy            Cafeteria Manager
CCC   11463 Office of Instruction           Mahmood                          Hassaan          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52630 Arts and Letters                Mahmood                          Hassaan          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52387 Arts and Letters                Mahoney                          Louise           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16169 Admissions Guidance Svs         Mai                              Maria            Staff Specialist
GWC   55082 Mailroom                        Mailroom
GWC   52617 Career Ed                       Maine                            Robert           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58158 Maintenance                     Maintenance & Operations
OCC   25616 Business Education              Malaty                           Martha           Faculty
OCC   21127 Business Education              Malaty                           Martha           Faculty
OCC   23059 Math                            Malaya                           Kira             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11564 Office of Instruction           Maldonado                        Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16497 Public Information Office       Malek                            Nikoo            Adjunct Faculty
WML   11356 Westminster Learning Center     Malinni                          Roeun            Faculty
CML   11421 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Man                              Georgina         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22270 Math                            Manafi                           Sima             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25037 Business/Personnel Services     Mancina                          Dean             Health Pro/AFT Union
GWC   51216 Learning Resources              Mancina                          Dean             Professor
OCC   25786 Literature                      Mandelkern                       Michael          Dean
OCC   23041 Literature                      Mangan                           Michael          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16135 Office of Instruction           Maniaci                          Vera
CCC   11555 Office of Instruction           Mann                             Claire           Faculty
CCC   16272 Office of Instruction           Mann                             Shawn            Course Developer/Webmaster
OCC   23028 Social Sciences                 Manson                           Andrew           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22120 Technology                      Manuck                           Richard          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21042 Physical Education              Maran                            Janice           Faculty
OCC   25899 Physical Education              Maran                            Janice           Faculty
OCC   26466 Financial Aid                   Marasigan                        Katherine        Financial Aid Specialist
GWC   58992 EOPS                            Marchbank                        Chip             Counselor
GWC   58902 EOPS                            Marchbank                        Chip             Counselor
DOC   84731 Environmental H                 Marchbank                        Jerry            Environmental Health & Safety Specialist
OCC   21065 English Department              Marcina                          Vesna            Faculty
CCC   11258 Office of Instruction           Marcus                           Ted              Faculty
CCC   17326 Office of Instruction           Marcus                           Ted              Faculty
OCC   22651 Consumer Sci                    Marfice                          Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23008 Literature                      Margolin                         Cathy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22978 Literature                      Margrave                         Clint            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52214 TV Production                   Mariani                          Andy             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22587 Literature                      Marinca                          Ligia            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52115 Math                            Marino                           David            Faculty
GWC   52680 Student Health Services         Marinotti                        Eva              Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84851 Recruitment Analysis            Markel                           Vickie           District Level, HR Projects Coordinator
OCC   22267 Social Sciences                 Markle                           Gwynn            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11624 Office of Instruction           Marks                            Karen            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22059 Math Department                 Marks                            Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21054 Library Services                Marna                            Jodi Della       Faculty
CCC   11544 Office of Instruction           Marquez                          Gilbert
OCC   25906 Counseling                      Marron                           Eli              Counselor
IRV   18051 Irvine One-Stop                 Marshall                         Ann
GWC   50112 Learning Resources              Marten                           Connie           Instructional Aide
CCC   11503 Office of Instruction           Martenuk                         Stephen          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22966 Math                            Martin                           Larry            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22158 Literature                      Martin                           Marc             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22507 Physical Education              Martin                           Mary             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11300 Office of Instruction           Martin                           Melissa          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23131 Consumer Sci                    Martin                           Shana            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11350 Office of Instruction           Martin                           Sue              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21094 Foreign Languages Department    Martinez                         Brenda           Faculty
OCC   22277 Literature                      Martinez                         Brenda           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25185 Student Services                Martinez                         Carla            Coordinator, Student Leadership
WM1   14929 Westminster 1-Stop              Martinez                         Carlos
WM1   14941 Westminster 1-Stop              Martinez                         Carlos
DOC   84657 Fiscal Affairs Office           Martinez                         Elizabeth        Accounting Technician Senior
OCC   25975 Technology                      Martinez                         Mary             Office Coordinator
GWC   55090 Technology Suppt Svs            Martinez                         Mary             Staff Assistant Senior
OCC   25042 Special Services Office         Martinez                         Olivia           Supervisor of Student Programs & Servs.
OCC   23252 Disabled Students               Martinez                         Rachel
CCC   16597 Admissions Guidance Svs         Martinez                         Tannia           Hourly Assistant
OCC   21031 Admissions                      Martinez                         Vincent          Matriculation
OCC   22807 Math                            Martino                          Danielle         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52004 Business Sys                    Martinson                        Loulia           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51168 Criminal Justice                Marucci                          Joseph           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22534 Consumer Sci                    Maruyama                         Osami            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52149 Social Sciences                 Mase                             Michael          Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18049 Irvine One-Stop                 Masek                            Roberta
OCC   25038 Social Sciences                 Mason                            Douglas          Faculty
OCC   21197 Social Sciences                 Mason                            Douglas          Faculty
OCC   23074 Consumer Sci                    Masoumisharif                    Farahnaz         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23284 Math                            Masri                            Dianne           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11554 Office of Instruction           Masters                          Melinda          Adjunct Faculty
CML   11596 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Matar                            Mike             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52369 Business                        Mathias                          Rick             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52457 Arts and Letters                Mathis                           Trinity          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22565 Math                            Mathison                         Sally            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52012 Arts and Letters                Matsuura                         Junko            Adjunct Faculty
CML   11326 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Mattar                           Mary Anne        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26672 Building Maintenance            Matten                           Keith            Maintenance Skilled
WM1   14938 Westminster 1-Stop              Matthews                         Bernice
OCC   22341 Literature                      Mattoon                          Michelle         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52304 Office of Instructn             Matuck                           Alyssa           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21273 Math                            Maughan                          Helen            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21278 Math                            Maurer                           Ernie            Faculty
OCC   25677 Math                            Maurer                           Ernie            Faculty
DOC   84692 Transportation Maint            Mayberry                         Mike             Delivery Driver
OCC   22525 Physical Education              Mayor                            Jeff             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22746 Literature                      Mays                             Dawn             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23272 Literature                      Mc Alear                         Erin             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22596 Consumer Sci                    Mc Neice                         Alison Ellen     Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22949 Literature                      McAuliffe                        Carolyn          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22849 Literature                      McAuliffe                        Carolyn          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21241 Photography Department          McCall                           Leslie           Faculty
OCC   25520 Photography Department          McCall                           Leslie           Faculty
GWC   52393 School of Nursing               McCallum                         Douglas          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23051 Counseling                      McCarthy                         Mary Ann         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52381 Career Ed                       McCarthy                         Robin            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52509 Physical Sciences               McCauley                         Linda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25883 Allied Health Department        McClanahan                       Ann              Faculty
OCC   22349 Consumer Sci                    McClanahan                       Anne             Adjunct Faculty
CML   11299 Costa Mesa Learning Center      McCliman                         Michelle         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26194 Sailing Base                    McClung                          Scott
GGL   11479 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   McClure                          Helen            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52643 Arts and Letters                McClure                          Thirzie          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25657 Biological Sciences Department  McClure                          William          Faculty
OCC   21180 Biological Sciences Department  McClure                          William          Faculty
GWC   52336 Criminal Justice                McCollam                         Jeffery          Adjunct Faculty
WML   17403 Westminster Learning Center     McCollom                         Dorothy          Area Office Coordinator
CCC   16111 Instructional Systems Develpmn  McCollom                         Dorothy          Account Clerk Senior
WM1   14909 Westminster 1-Stop              McCord                           Diane            Workforce Specialist
DOC   84654 Fiscal Affairs Office           McCord                           Kim              Admin Director Fiscal Affairs
GWC   58163 School of Nursing               McCullum                         Tiwan            Clerk Typist
OCC   25055 Public Information Office       McCumiskey                       Jeff             IA
GWC   52194 Custodial Services              McDaniel                         Bennie           Custodial Supervisor
GWC   52471 School of Nursing               McDill                           Shawn            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16163 Admissions Guidance Svs         McDonald                         Jennifer         Director
OCC   26375 Admissions                      McDonald                         Patti            Admissions & Records Technician III
GWC   55011 Maintenance                     McGarvey                         Sean             Energy Management Facilitator
CCC   11257 Office of Instruction           McGeoch                          Norma            Adjunct Faculty
GGL   17301 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   McGowan                          Joumana          Dean
GWC   51148 Languages                       McGrath                          Marie            Faculty
OCC   22881 Consumer Sci                    McHale                           Glenda           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25140 Computer Maintenance            McIlwain                         Jim              Director College Support
CCC   11448 Office of Instruction           McIntosh                         Peggy            Faculty
OCC   22606 Math                            McKay                            David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22606 Literature                      McKay                            David            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52445 Math                            McKeachie                        Ryan             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23057 Food                            McKelvey                         Tracy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23013 Math                            McKeown                          Donna            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16350 Office of Instruction           McKindley                        Kathy            Secretary Senior
WM1   14990 Westminster 1-Stop              McLaren-Craig                    Mollie           Westminster One-Stop
OCC   25729 Consumer Sci                    McLaughlin                       Jane             Allied Health Program Assistant
OCC   23084 Fine Arts                       McLaughlin                       Kathleen         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11593 Office of Instruction           McLaughlin                       Marta            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16140 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    McLucas                          Karen            Staff Assistant
GWC   51207 Library                         McManus                          Maryann          Librarian
OCC   22160 Math                            McMorrow                         Patrick          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22274 Business/Personnel Services     McMullen                         Myke             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11590 Office of Instruction           McNamara                         John             Faculty
CCC   16141 Office of Instruction           McNamara                         John             Faculty
GWC   52591 Arts and Letters                McNeil                           Sharon           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52063 Arts and Letters                McPherson                        Deborah          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23264 Physical Education              Mcallister                       Brett            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23280 Social Sciences                 Mclaren                          Shane            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22475 Consumer Sci                    Mead                             Frank            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25558 Math                            Meakawa                          Naoko            Faculty
OCC   21124 Math                            Meakawa                          Naoko            Faculty
OCC   22758 Fine Arts                       Means                            Leland           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22485 Theater Arts Department         Measures                         Jonathan         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52760 Criminal Justice                Meers                            Bill             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22535 Literature                      Megas                            Eutihia          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52709 Criminal Justice                Mehlhoff                         David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22364 Consumer Sci                    Meinhold                         Gail             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22522 Literature                      Meler                            Suzanna          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23306 Campus Operations Office        Melim                            Richard
GWC   52510 Computer Science                Mellas                           Dean             Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14922 Westminster 1-Stop              Mellor                           Ashley           Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14914 Westminster 1-Stop              Mellor                           Linda            Staff Specialist
OCC   21198 Psychology Department           Melrose                          Charlene         Faculty
OCC   25833 Psychology Department           Melrose                          Charlene         Faculty
OCC   22426 Social Sciences                 Melucci                          Nancy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22071 Physical Education              Mena                             John
GWC   52706 School of Nursing               Mena                             Valerie          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22048 Physical Education              Menaker                          Shana            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52707 Social Sciences                 Menary                           John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26432 Cafeteria                       Menchaca                         Jennifer         Food Service
GWC   23096 Social Sciences                 Mendez                           Samuel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22476 Consumer Sci                    Mendez                           Tony             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25045 Instructional Progms            Mendoza                          Bob              Dean
GWC   52517 Social Sciences                 Mendoza                          Jan              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25093 Math                            Mendoza                          Robert           Dean
OCC   26141 Sailing Base                    Menninger                        Mary
OCC   26193 Sailing Base                    Menninger                        Mary
OCC   25891 Athletics Department            Mens Equipment Room
CCC   16612 Administrative Services         Mensah                           Araba
CCC   11216 Office of Instruction           Menzing                          Todd             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11525 Office of Instruction           Meola                            Frank            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84662 Fiscal Operations-Accounting    Merriam                          JoAnn            Accounting Technician
GWC   58970 Personnel Services Division     Merrigan                         Gena             Staff Assistant Senior
DOC   84722 Personnel Services              Mesenbrink                       Catherine        HR Specialist
CCC   11439 Office of Instruction           Messina                          John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22871 Consumer Sci                    Metcalf                          Annette          Adjunct Faculty
CML   11371 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Metoyer                          Rebecca          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11565 Office of Instruction           Meyer                            Nancy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21256 Music Department                Meza                             Bill             Accompanist
OCC   26362 Admissions                      Michel                           Melba            Clerk Intermediate
OCC   22597 Consumer Sci                    Mickelson                        Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51130 Life Sciences                   Microbiology Lab Asst                             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25776 Chemistry Department            Middleton                        Sharon           Course Assistant
OCC   26343 Chemistry Department            Middleton                        Sharon           Course Assistant
GWC   52165 Social Sciences                 Miele                            Richard          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11431 Office of Instruction           Mielki                           Tammy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22824 Literature                      Mierop                           John             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16463 Administrative Services         Mihatov                          Steve            Computer Support Specialist
GWC   52226 Life Sciences                   Mikelson                         Louis            Faculty
GWC   51110 Life Sciences                   Mikelson                         Louis            Faculty
CCC   16589 Office of Instruction           Military Outreach
CCC   16326 Office of Instruction           Military Programs
OCC   25948 Computer Maintenance            Millard                          Martin           Information Systems Technician I
OCC   25096 OCC Print Shop                  Miller                           Beverly          Office Coordinator
CCC   11414 Office of Instruction           Miller                           Diana            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21231 Math Department                 Miller                           Frank            Faculty
OCC   23102 Literature                      Miller                           Jane             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22747 Literature                      Miller                           Karlene          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58319 Office of Instructn             Miller                           Lois             Vice President of Instruction
GWC   52761 Arts and Letters                Miller                           Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22216 Technology                      Miller                           Randy            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52574 Criminal Justice                Miller                           Ronald           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11272 Office of Instruction           Miller                           Rosemary         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16129 Office of Instruction           Miller                           Rosemary         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51107 Life Sciences                   Miller                           Stephen          Faculty
GWC   52089 Life Sciences                   Miller                           Stephen          Faculty
OCC   22544 Business Education              Millers                          John             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55072 Technology Suppt Svs            Milligan                         Patrick          Information Systems Technician II
GWC   55151 Disabled Students Ct            Millikan                         April            Interpreter Specialist
OCC   25550 Math Department                 Millikin                         Doug             Faculty
OCC   21216 Math Department                 Millikin                         Doug             Faculty
GWC   52421 Career Ed                       Millis                           Lowell           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22163 Math                            Milner                           Jeffrey          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11284 Office of Instruction           Mims                             Brian            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52752 Career Ed                       Miner                            Robert           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52204 Social Sciences                 Minsky                           Larry            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22582 Math                            Mir-Hosseini                     Monte            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16234 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Misserville                      Kathy            Faculty
OCC   22969 Social Sciences                 Mitchell                         Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16544 Administrative Services         Mitchell                         Jim              Information Systems Technician Senior
OCC   22614 Physical Education              Mitchell                         Matt             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25183 Physical Education              Mitchell                         Matt             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52366 Learning Resources              Mitzner                          Rita             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51272 School of Nursing               Miyadi                           Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52763 Learning Resources              Moberly                          Erik             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22019 Social Sciences                 Mochizuki                        Jon              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21051 Physical Education              Moeller                          Linda            Faculty
OCC   23285 Math                            Mofid                            Kevin            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11426 Office of Instruction           Mohr                             Cheryl           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52408 Career Ed                       Moir                             Casey            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21093 Literature                      Monahan                          Georgie          Faculty
OCC   25780 Literature                      Monahan                          Georgie          Faculty
OCC   25006 Library Services                Monahan                          Georgie          Faculty
OCC   22365 Social Sciences                 Moncrief                         Marshall         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23212 Math                            Moniz                            Pam              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52607 Arts and Letters                Monroe                           Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
WML   17412 Westminster Learning Center     Montague                         Judy             Instructional Associate
OCC   25017 Campus Safety                   Montanez                         Jesse            Campus Safety Officer
GWC   52278 Arts and Letters                Montenegro                       Fernando         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55189 Intercultural Center            Montes                           Christana        Staff Assistant
OCC   23108 Computer Services               Montes                           Victoria         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26031 Enrollment Services             Montgomery                       Cyndee           Staff Assistant
OCC   25886 President's Office              Montooth                         Carisa           Secretary
OCC   26346 Library Services                Moon                             Belta            Library Clerk Senior
CCC   16401 Bookstore                       Moon                             Bill             Bookstore Shipping & Receiving
GWC   52636 Social Sciences                 Moore                            Amanda           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21235 Math Department                 Moore                            Art              Faculty
GWC   51235 Office of Instructn             Moore                            Art              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55065 Technology Suppt Svs            Moore                            Brad             Information System Technician II
OCC   22085 Consumer Sci                    Moore                            Carrie           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58264 Social Sciences                 Moore                            David            Faculty
GWC   55106 Financial Aid                   Moore                            Garland          Financial Aid Technician
OCC   26120 Math                            Moore                            Greg             Faculty
OCC   21281 Math                            Moore                            Greg             Faculty
OCC   22491 Sailing Base (Crew)             Moore                            Larry            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52484 Social Sciences                 Moore                            Marilyn          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51119 Arts and Letters                Moore                            Sacha            Faculty
GWC   52244 Arts and Letters                Moorhead                         Christina        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   9687  Literature                      Mora                             Flory
CCC   11368 Office of Instruction           Mora-Gehring                     Flory            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52450 Languages                       Moran                            Olga             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22396 Math                            Moravec                          Marin            Faculty
OCC   23107 Business Information Systems    Morgan                           Arabian          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21058 Library Services                Morgan                           Carl             Librarian
OCC   25651 Business Education              Morgan                           Dennis           Faculty
GWC   52306 Arts and Letters                Morgan                           Lynn             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23089 Social Sciences                 Moriarty                         Kathleen         Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84753 Environmental H                 Morin                            Linda            Environmental Health and Safetly Coord.
OCC   22122 Technology                      Morinishi                        Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22599 Technology                      Morressey                        Nathan           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58377 Bookstore                       Morris                           Brian            Director
GWC   51025 Cosmetology                     Morris                           Cece             Cosmetology Dispensary Technician
OCC   22922 Consumer Sci                    Morris                           Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22837 Social Sciences                 Mortenson                        Al               Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22659 Physical Education              Morton                           Glenn            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25727 Student Services                Morvice                          Mike             Staff Assistant
OCC   22532 EOPS Office                     Mosello                          Donna            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25509 Financial Aid                   Moser                            Melissa          Director Financial Aid
OCC   26262 Children's Center               Mott                             Linda            Office Coordinator
CCC   16584 Counseling Aid Of               Moulton                          Janette
CCC   11347 Office of Instruction           Mowrer                           Melanie          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11438 Office of Instruction           Mozell                           Harold           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52678 Business                        Mucci                            James            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21274 Math                            Mucciaro                         Tom              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22703 Literature                      Muelas                           Mari-Aala        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25887 Literature                      Muelas                           Mari-Aala        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22153 Literature                      Mueller                          Heidi            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25646 Student Services                Mueller                          Kathryn          Dean of Students
OCC   21016 Business/Personnel Services     Muir                             Robert           Faculty
GWC   52493 Arts and Letters                Muldrow                          Ronald           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22076 Literature                      Muller                           Jerome           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26374 Admissions                      Munoz-Sanchez                    Martha           Admissions & Records Technician II
OCC   22218 Fine Arts                       Murdy                            David            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52022 Comm Studies                    Murphy                           Bill             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22927 Physical Education              Murphy                           Caitlin          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22041 Business Information Systems    Murphy                           David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22179 Business Education              Murphy                           Jim              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22444 Consumer Sci                    Murphy                           Louise           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22634 Consumer Sci                    Murphy                           Sue              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22271 Business Education              Murphy                           Timothy          Faculty
OCC   25631 Business Education              Murphy                           Timothy          Faculty
OCC   21032 Business Education              Murphy                           Timothy          Faculty
GWC   51182 School of Nursing               Murray                           Sharon           Faculty
OCC   22318 Literature                      Musgrove                         Charlene         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52093 Office Administration           Mushet                           Linda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25539 Fine Arts                       Mushkin                          Hillary          Adjunct Faculty
CML   11405 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Mutsuno                          Ryan             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52064 Life Sciences                   Muzic                            Renee            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52717 Arts and Letters                Myers                            Darya            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23003 Office of Instruction           Myers                            Dennis
OCC   22388 Literature                      Myers                            Doug             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22795 Fine Arts                       Myers                            Doug             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58336 Social Sciences                 Myers                            Elizabeth        Course Assistant I
OCC   25565 Dental Assistant                Myers                            Joy              Faculty
OCC   25843 Art Department                  Myers                            Kevin            Faculty
OCC   22405 Theater Arts Department         Nacif                            Evelyn           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25032 Literature                      Naesse                           Irene            Faculty
CCC   11578 Office of Instruction           Najera                           Mike             Faculty
CCC   16136 Office of Instruction           Najera                           Mike             Faculty
GWC   52234 Arts and Letters                Najm                             Tariq            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22873 Physical Education              Nakamura                         Amy              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11548 Office of Instruction           Nakamura                         Nina             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58125 Counseling                      Nakauchi                         Linda            Secretary Senior
GWC   52631 Math                            Nalazco-Gomez                    Gaby             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22586 Math                            Narey                            Valerie          Adjunct Faculty
FVL   17523 Fountain Valley Technology      Nash                             Bob              Research Production Associate
GWC   52501 Math                            Nason                            Jesse            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   53030 Arts and Letters                Nau                              Janet            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25558 Math                            Nauta                            Dale             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21120 Math                            Nauta                            Dale             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26052 Admissions                      Nava                             Christine        Admissions & Records Technician I
OCC   22648 Music Department                Navidad                          Paul             Faculty
OCC   25692 Music Department                Navidad                          Paul             Faculty
DOC   84775 DIS-Telecom                     Neal                             Michelle         Telecommunications Assistant
OCC   22673 Social Sciences                 Nedza                            Erin             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22842 Technology                      Needham                          Samar            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25672 Career Education                Neel                             Ginger           Coordinator
GWC   52475 Math                            Neely                            Joshua           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22070 Business Information Systems    Neil                             Jeanne           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52577 Arts and Letters                Nelson                           Janine           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22215 Consumer Sci                    Nelson                           Kimberly         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22049 Physical Education              Nemeth                           Angelika         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22879 Business Education              Nerad                            Pat              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25858 Business/Personnel Services     Neth                             Jan
OCC   22347 Literature                      Neu                              Heidi            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25827 Commercial Pilot's Program      Neuman                           Dan              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22906 Literature                      New                              Heidi            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84740 DIS-Operations                  Newbold                          John             Computer Operator
OCC   23231 Business Education              Newbry                           Lyndi            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52439 Physical Education              Newby                            Linda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22682 Social Sciences                 Newman                           Angela           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26512 College Publications            Newman                           Linda            Graphic Composer
GWC   58386 Learning Resources              Ngo                              Michelle         Staff Assistant
OCC   26128 Financial Aid                   Ngo                              Vincent          Financial Aid Technician
WM1   14971 Westminster 1-Stop              Ngo                              Vinh
GWC   55271 Arts and Letters                Nguyen                           Allen            Lab Instructional Assistant
GWC   52386 Computer Science                Nguyen                           An Ngoc          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55100 EOPS                            Nguyen                           Angelyn          Secretary Senior
GWC   55047 Community Services Office       Nguyen                           Ann              Community Services Aide
GWC   52521 Arts and Letters                Nguyen                           Ann              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26202 Campus Safety                   Nguyen                           Bai              Typist Clerk Senior
IRV   18017 Irvine One-Stop                 Nguyen                           Binh
IRV   18005 Irvine One-Stop                 Nguyen                           Binh
OCC   22252 Math                            Nguyen                           Catherine        Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16144 Administrative Services         Nguyen                           Christine        Vice President Administrative Services
CCC   16426 Counseling Aid Of               Nguyen                           Christy          Counselor
IRV   18048 Irvine One-Stop                 Nguyen                           Cindy
WM1   14968 Westminster 1-Stop              Nguyen                           Crystal
GGL   17314 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Nguyen                           Da
OCC   26051 Custodial Services              Nguyen                           Danny            Custodian
CCC   11237 Office of Instruction           Nguyen                           David            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11275 Office of Instruction           Nguyen                           Diem Thanh       Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26519 Financial Aid                   Nguyen                           Diep             Financial Aid Specialist
GWC   55092 Graphics Services               Nguyen                           Don              Offset Press Operator III
OCC   22350 Consumer Sci                    Nguyen                           Duc              Adjunct Faculty
WML   11328 Westminster Learning Center     Nguyen                           Frances          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52666 Math                            Nguyen                           Frank            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52641 Math                            Nguyen                           Hang             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22607 Math                            Nguyen                           Huy              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25158 Counseling                      Nguyen                           Jessica          Counselor
GWC   52197 Custodial Services              Nguyen                           Jimmy            Custodian
GWC   51254 Counseling                      Nguyen                           Jimmy            Counselor
CCC   16344 Counseling Aid Of               Nguyen                           JohnPaul         Guidance Assistant
GWC   55060 Technology Suppt Svs            Nguyen                           Julie            Student Systems Analyst
CCC   11220 Office of Instruction           Nguyen                           Kara             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16676 Admissions Guidance Svs         Nguyen                           Kimlan
OCC   22368 Literature                      Nguyen                           Ky               Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11427 Office of Instruction           Nguyen                           Ky               Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11491 Office of Instruction           Nguyen                           Ky Ngoc          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84672 Fiscal Operations-Payroll       Nguyen                           Lieu             Payroll Technician
GWC   52656 Business                        Nguyen                           Minh             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51067 Admissions                      Nguyen                           Minh             Banner Special Projects Assistant
GWC   55277 Physical Sciences               Nguyen                           Nhanban          Lab Instructional Assistant
OCC   22563 Math                            Nguyen                           Pamela           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22521 Math                            Nguyen                           Pierre           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11581 Office of Instruction           Nguyen                           Scott            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22557 Math                            Nguyen                           Scott            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25044 American Language Department    Nguyen                           So               Faculty
OCC   21081 American Language Department    Nguyen                           So               Faculty
OCC   22439 Math                            Nguyen                           Son              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52242 Counseling                      Nguyen                           Steve            Adjunct Faculty
WM1   11281 Westminster 1-Stop              Nguyen                           Thomas           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16534 Print Shop                      Nguyen                           Thomas           Offset Press Operator III
OCC   23254 Disabled Students               Nguyen                           Thu Kim
OCC   25846 Math                            Nguyen                           Thuy             Secretary
CCC   11509 Office of Instruction           Nguyen                           Tim              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52129 Public Safety                   Nguyen                           Toai             Campus Safety Officer
GWC   51060 Counseling                      Nguyen                           Tri              Counselor
OCC   26333 Office of Instruction           Nguyen                           Tung Thi         Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14966 Westminster 1-Stop              Nguyen                           Uyen
GWC   58175 Academic Senate                 Nguyen                           Uyen "Julie"     Secretary Senior
GWC   58180 Academic Senate                 Nguyen                           Uyen "Julie"     Secretary Senior
DOC   84695 Transportation Maint            Nguyen                           Van              Mechanic
CCC   11631 Office of Instruction           Nguyen                           Vincent          Faculty
CCC   16525 Administrative Services         Nibeel                           Debbie           Receptionist
DOC   84633 DIS-Telecom                     Nicholls                         Bob              Information Systems Technician Senior
OCC   25946 Transfer Center                 Nicholson                        Ann              Staff Assistant
OCC   25583 Administrative Services Dept    Nicholson                        Ann              President, Classified Union
OCC   22220 Fine Arts                       Nicholson                        Charles          Faculty
CML   17229 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Nicholson                        Joanne
      21011 Ornamental Horticult            Niederhauser                     Thomas           Lab Assistant
GWC   51099 Computer Science                Nielsen                          Donavan          Faculty
FVL   17524 Fountain Valley Technology      Nieman                           Michelle         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23192 Consumer Sci                    Nigrelli                         Christina        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22649 Fine Arts                       Nileson                          Chris            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52611 Arts and Letters                Nilsen                           Cara             Adjunct Faculty
WML   11472 Westminster Learning Center     Ninh                             Joseph           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23022 Math                            Ninh, Joseph                                      Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22990 Food Services - Instruction     Nino                             Emiliano         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25991 International Students Program  Niroumand                        Madjid           Director
OCC   25015 Office of Instruction           Nish                             Melinda          Vice President
OCC   22159 Literature                      Nishimara                        Jeffrey          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52361 Music                           Nivans                           David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22709 Business Education              Nixon                            Robyn Lee        Faculty
WM1   14965 Westminster 1-Stop              Niznik                           Nikki
CCC   16251 Admissions Guidance Svs         Noble                            Gayle            Coordinator
GWC   52651 Math                            Nobles                           Stephanie        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22379 Consumer Sci                    Nolan                            Katherine        Faculty
OCC   22982 Literature                      Noriega                          Cosme            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22245 Consumer Sci                    Noriega                          Keith            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22478 Social Sciences                 Norlin                           Kurt             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25030 Social Sciences                 Norling                          Marcella         Faculty
OCC   21257 Social Sciences                 Norling                          Marcella         Faculty
GWC   52428 Math                            Norman                           Kimberly         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22416 Social Sciences                 Norman                           Sharon           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26318 Learning Center                 Normandin                        Stephanie        Assistant
OCC   22558 Fine Arts                       Norris                           Trevor           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52505 Arts and Letters                Norris                           Windy            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52054 Arts and Letters                Norton                           Joshua           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22625 Business Education              Noser                            Gerald           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22366 Literature                      Noser                            Mary             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22767 Literature                      Novy                             Lester           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22483 Math                            Nowroozi                         Nakisa           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84723 Personnel Services              Nunez                            Lisa             Personnel Hourly
GWC   55158 School of Nursing               Nursing Skills Lab
CCC   11450 Office of Instruction           Nusrat                           Rehana           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58258 Arts and Letters                Nutt                             Chris            Course Assistant I
GWC   52740 Career Ed                       Nutt                             Greg             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23202 Literature                      ORourke                          Shawn            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26182 Student Health Center           O`Connor                         Robin            Faculty
OCC   21665 Student Health Center           O`Connor                         Robin            Faculty
DOC   84713 Recruitment Analysis            O`Connor                         Shannon          Supervisor, Recruitment & Staff Analysis
GWC   52013 Life Sciences                   O`Donnell                        Ruth             Adjunct Faculty
CML   17244 Costa Mesa Learning Center      O`Leary                          Robin
CCC   16166 Administrative Services         O`Steen                          Kelly            Admissions & Records Technician
OCC   25952 Computer Maintenance            Oberlin                          Craig            Sr. Director, College Information Tech.
OCC   21118 Literature                      Obstfeld                         Loretta          Faculty
OCC   25566 Literature                      Obstfeld                         Loretta          Faculty
OCC   22361 Literature                      Obstfeld                         Loretta          Faculty
OCC   23054 Literature                      Obstfeld                         Loretta          Faculty
OCC   21082 English Department              Obstfeld                         Raymond          Faculty
OCC   25043 English Department              Obstfeld                         Raymond          Faculty
OCC   23184 Literature                      Ochoa                            Lucas            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21301 Physical Education              Ochoa                            Marco            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25890 Physical Education              Ochoa                            Marco            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22595 Consumer Sci                    Ochwatt                          Jodie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22940 Literature                      Odasso                           Dave             Adjunct Faculty
GGL   17315 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Oelstrom                         Jeanne           Faculty
CCC   11259 Office of Instruction           Offenhauser                      Tyler            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25630 Business/Personnel Services     Ogaz                             Becky            Secretary Senior
GWC   51132 Math                            Ohlendorf                        Chris            Instructional Associate
WM1   14953 Westminster 1-Stop              Okada                            Jack
OCC   23135 Library Services                Okamura                          Jill             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21194 Social Sciences                 Olds                             Michael          Faculty
OCC   25611 Technology                      Olitsky                          Steven           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22548 Technology                      Olitsky                          Steven           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52403 School of Nursing               Oliver                           Carol            Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14997 Westminster 1-Stop              Oliver                           John
GWC   52733 Arts and Letters                Oliveri                          Steven           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52679 Business                        Olmsted                          Steven           Adjunct Faculty
WM1   17805 Westminster 1-Stop              Olsen                            Kay
GWC   52250 Social Sciences                 Olson                            Carla            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23122 Social Sciences                 Olson                            Tamara           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51061 Counseling                      Olson                            Tarin            Faculty
DOC   84683 Purchasing Department           Olufson                          Jan              Buyer II
OCC   25621 Design Works                    On-Line Education Program
CCC   16116 Office of Instruction           Ondracek                         Ted              Faculty
CCC   11321 Office of Instruction           Ondracek                         Ted              Faculty
OCC   23009 Literature                      Ong                              Lynn             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52291 Social Sciences                 Ontiveros                        Manuel           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84624 DIS-Applications Support        Oostdyk                          Charlie          Application System Analyst
OCC   26479 Administrative Services Dept    Operator OCC
OCC   22222 Fine Arts                       Opheim                           David            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52764 School of Nursing               Orellana                         Sandra           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22191 Technology                      Orlik                            Roger            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22798 Physical Education              Orloff                           Scott            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52626 Social Sciences                 Orme                             Denise           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52394 Criminal Justice                Ormes                            Guy              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58148 Counseling                      Ornelas                          Veronica         Instructional Associate
DOC   84685 Purchasing Department           Orr                              Bob              Buyer II
OCC   22390 Office of Instruction           Orsborn                          Tami             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58965 Admissions                      Ortberg                          Jennifer         Director
OCC   22617 Consumer Sci                    Ortega                           Yvonne           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22980 Literature                      Ortiz                            Chaiya           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52534 Arts and Letters                Ortiz                            Eladio           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25229 Machine Technology              Ortiz                            Oscar            Faculty
OCC   22395 Math                            Ortiz-Franco                     Luis             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11342 Office of Instruction           Osborne                          Dwight           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84627 DIS-Applications Support        Oshiro                           Gary             Application Programer Analyst
GWC   52297 Languages                       Osick                            Jane             Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84772 DIS-Technical Support           Ostovarpour                      Bobby            Network Analyst II
CCC   16130 Office of Instruction           Ostrowski                        Ken              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11567 Office of Instruction           Ostrowski                        Ken              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11610 Office of Instruction           Otero                            Nelson           Faculty
OCC   26665 Technology                      Ott                              Matt             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25874 Art Department                  Ott                              Torii
OCC   22236 Technology                      Ott                              William          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22427 Consumer Sci                    Ottley                           Rachelle         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22652 Consumer Sci                    Otto                             Elena            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51039 Theater                         Otto                             Terry            Faculty
OCC   22716 Social Sciences                 Otwell                           Charles          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58144 Counseling                      Outreach Office
WML   17465 Westminster Learning Center     Outreach Westminster
GWC   52589 Counseling                      Overton                          Kimberly         Adjunct Counselor
OCC   21057 Library Services                Oviatt                           Vinta
OCC   22743 Consumer Sci                    Owen                             Roberta          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52508 Arts and Letters                Owens                            Roger            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11483 Office of Instruction           Owney                            Tamara           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23258 Literature                      Oxenham                          Gwendolyn        Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11245 Office of Instruction           Ozbirn                           Katherine        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22413 Office of Instruction           Ozida                            Andrew
OCC   25183 Physical Education              P.E. Office 12
GWC   51029 Athletics                       PE Athletics 1
GWC   58236 New Media Center                Pacheco                          Pam              Staff Assistant
CCC   11568 Office of Instruction           Padilla                          Angela           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26027 Financial Aid                   Padilla                          Rina             Financial Aid Specialist
GWC   58392 Counseling                      Page                             Ruben            Counselor
OCC   25840 Administrative Services Dept    Pagel                            Richard          Vice President
OCC   22748 Consumer Sci                    Paille                           Julie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25050 Academic Senate                 Paine                            Allison          Secretary Senior
GWC   52725 Social Sciences                 Pakula                           Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52637 Arts and Letters                Palacios                         Roberto          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22177 Business Education              Palmer                           Jeff             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25603 Library Services                Palmer                           Leslie           Library Clerk Intermediate
OCC   23118 Dental Assistant                Palmer                           Monica           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58289 Career Ed                       Palmer                           Theodore         Faculty
GWC   52313 Languages                       Pangborn                         Lori             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22166 Math                            Pankhurst                        Paul             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22976 Literature                      Pappas                           Gus              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22941 Literature                      Paransky                         Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22445 Social Sciences                 Parchan                          Gary             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11435 Office of Instruction           Parent                           Nancy            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84605 Public Affairs Office           Parham                           Martha           Director, Marketing & Public Relations
CML   11339 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Parham                           Martha           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   26657 Career Ed                       Parihar                          Kishore          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   84769 Technology                      Park                             Carol            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25748 Agriculture Department          Parker                           John             Faculty
OCC   21240 Agriculture Department          Parker                           John             Faculty
OCC   25596 Literature                      Parker                           Ken              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23037 Literature                      Parker                           Ken              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21121 Literature                      Parker                           Kenneth          Faculty
OCC   21083 English Department              Parker                           Kevin            Faculty
OCC   25748 English Department              Parker                           Kevin            Faculty
OCC   22050 Physical Education              Parker                           Lori             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22702 Literature                      Parker                           Vincent          Faculty
CCC   11487 Office of Instruction           Parker                           William Russell  Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25049 Literature                      Parmelee                         Vanessa          AV Repair Technician
CCC   11268 Office of Instruction           Parsell                          Jill             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55064 Technology Suppt Svs            Parsons                          Jason            Information System Technician Senior
GWC   55152 Student Services - Admin        Pascoe                           Kimberly         Faculty
CCC   11553 Office of Instruction           Pasino                           Jim              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52699 School of Nursing               Pasquale                         Paulette         Adjunct Faculty
CML   11223 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Pastel                           Fay              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22641 Consumer Sci                    Patel                            Bhavna           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55084 College Support Services - Div  Patel                            Jasvanti         Senior Clerk
GWC   52376 Business Sys                    Patten                           M. Kathy         Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84630 DIS-Telecom                     Patterson                        Richard          Telecommunications Supervisor
CCC   11570 Office of Instruction           Patterson                        Teresa           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52644 Arts and Letters                Pattison                         Pat              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11288 Office of Instruction           Paul                             St. John         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52627 Arts and Letters                Pausic                           Laura            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52054 Math                            Pawson                           Gail             Faculty
GWC   52560 Life Sciences                   Pawson                           John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22907 Literature                      Payne-Weins                      Elena            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11211 Office of Instruction           Pecoraro                         Mickie           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25777 Counseling                      Peer Helpers Office
OCC   26655 Campus Safety                   Pegausch                         Dan              Campus Safety Officer
OCC   26302 Campus Operations Office        Pegausch                         Dan
OCC   25108 Financial Aid                   Peiler                           Karin            Banner Special Project Manager
OCC   22165 Technology                      Peltier                          Luc              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52710 Criminal Justice                Pena                             Rich             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23150 Theater Arts Department         Pendersen                        Jocelyn          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52684 Career Ed                       Penna                            Michael          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52729 Social Sciences                 Penner                           Anita            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16205 Office of Instruction           Perdue                           Brenda           Personnel Technician II
GWC   58707 VP Office of Admin Services     Perez                            Dr. Monte        Vice President Student Services
CCC   11464 Office of Instruction           Perez                            Elena            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16367 Admissions Guidance Svs         Perez                            Helen
GWC   52446 Arts and Letters                Perez                            Jason            Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18075 Irvine One-Stop                 Perez                            Jorge
OCC   23220 Literature                      Perez                            Roger            Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14949 Westminster 1-Stop              Perkins                          Joel
OCC   21444 Math                            Perkins                          Marc             Faculty
OCC   25737 Admissions                      Permanent Records
GWC   52700 Social Sciences                 Perrin                           Michelle         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25101 Fine Arts                       Peters                           George           DMA Lab Coordinator
OCC   22629 Office of Instruction           Peters                           Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22989 Food Services - Instruction     Peters                           Jeremy           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25684 Technology                      Peters                           Timothy          Faculty
CML   17218 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Peterson                         Kim              Counselor
OCC   22923 Consumer Sci                    Peterson                         Randy            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11452 Office of Instruction           Peterson                         Sharon           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23311 Theater Arts Department         Petit                            Adam             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11387 Administrative Services         Petri                            Mike             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22960 Construction Technology         Petri Jr.                        Robert           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11313 Office of Instruction           Petropoulos                      Mary             Faculty
GWC   52583 Arts and Letters                Petruzzi                         Georgina         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21275 Social Sciences                 Pettus                           Candice          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22486 Consumer Sci                    Pfeiffer                         Sallie           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22455 Social Sciences                 Pflueger                         Paul             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22929 Math                            Pham                             Ahn Mai          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51192 School of Nursing               Pham                             Diep             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52400 Office of Instructn             Pham                             Duong            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16547 Administrative Services         Pham                             Hai              Information Systems Technician II
OCC   25764 Counseling                      Pham                             Hue              Dean
GWC   52124 Languages                       Pham                             Khanh            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23218 Literature                      Pham                             Kimdzung         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22594 Math                            Pham                             Lan D.           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21191 Social Sciences                 Pham                             Lien             Faculty
OCC   25797 Social Sciences                 Pham                             Lien             Faculty
OCC   22176 Literature                      Pham                             Thach            Adjunct Faculty
CML   11399 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Pham                             Thach Ngoc       Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52711 School of Nursing               Pham                             Thu              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52753 Arts and Letters                Pham                             Viethang         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25895 Office of Instruction           Phan                             Dat              Faculty
OCC   21001 Office of Instruction           Phan                             Dat              Faculty
CCC   16425 EOPS Office                     Phan                             Sheena           Office Coordinator
WM1   17806 Westminster 1-Stop              Phi                              Thuy
WM1   14974 Westminster 1-Stop              Phi                              Thyana
OCC   21002 EOPS Office                     Phillips                         Clyde            Counselor
OCC   22053 Social Sciences                 Phillips                         David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22467 Literature                      Phillips                         Kimberly         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22107 Technology                      Phillips                         Rick             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52529 Languages                       Phlaum                           Jason            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16465 Administrative Services         Phomprasack                      Tracee
OCC   26399 International Students Program  Phonsiri                         Stephanie        Home Stay Coordinator
GWC   55112 Job Placement                   Phung                            Teresa           Staff Aide
OCC   21242 Math                            Physics Lab
CCC   16240 Counseling Aid Of               Pienkowski                       Cynthia          Director
OCC   51202 Physical Education              Pierce                           Betty
OCC   22664 Business/Personnel Services     Pierce                           Donna            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58349 Physical Education              Pierce                           Pug              Faculty
OCC   26730 Children's Center               Pierstorff                       Jasmah           Child Care Center Assistant
OCC   23048 Social Sciences                 Pifer                            Heather          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22129 Music Department                Pile                             Randy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23119 Social Sciences                 Pilska                           Janine           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51188 School of Nursing               Pinkowski                        Jacqueline       Faculty
OCC   23012 Math                            Pinnick                          David            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11403 Office of Instruction           Pirino                           Giorga           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23290 Technology                      Pirona                           Diego            Adjunct Faculty
WML   17418 Westminster Learning Center     Pittaway                         Daniel
GWC   51169 Arts and Letters                Pizano                           Veronica         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22038 Physical Education              Place                            Donna            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84840 Budget Control                  Plaia                            Karen            Account Clerk Senior
OCC   22227 Math                            Plaster                          Nikki            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51131 Physical Sciences               Plaster                          Nikki            Lab Assistant
OCC   25936 Agriculture Department          Plastination Lab
CCC   11260 Office of Instruction           Platfoot                         Shirley          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22276 Business Education              Plisco                           David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25945 Community Education             Plum                             Caryn            Outreach
OCC   22760 Fine Arts                       Plunkett                         Angela           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52080 Arts and Letters                Pogrund                          Allan            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25076 Fine Arts                       Pok                              Eva              Secretary Senior
OCC   23251 Disabled Students               Pok                              Eva-Tevi
WM1   14915 Westminster 1-Stop              Pok-Bruno                        Thida            Typist Clerk Intermediate
GWC   52670 Business Sys                    Polentz                          Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21334 Speech Department               Polk                             Sherana          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25580 Speech Department               Polk                             Sherana          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58139 Office of Instructn             Pollaro                          Norma            Staff Assistant, Confidential
OCC   22382 Literature                      Polloczek                        D. Paul          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52519 Languages                       Polloczek                        Paul             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58228 Pool Services                   Pool
GWC   52701 Social Sciences                 Poole                            John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22526 Business Education              Poole                            John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23270 Social Sciences                 Popa                             Aura             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22584 Physical Education              Popovich                         Steve            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52584 Business Sys                    Porter                           Kathleen         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11419 Office of Instruction           Porter                           Pamela           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25536 Fine Arts                       Poshek                           Joe              Dean
GWC   52090 Communications                  Potter                           Donald           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51194 School of Nursing               Potts                            Eva              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52323 School of Nursing               Potts                            Eva              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58146 International Student Programs  Pourreza                         Atouza           Library Assistant
GWC   55175 International Student Programs  Pourreza                         Atouza           Library Assistant
WML   17405 Westminster Learning Center     Poush                            Irene            Typist Clerk Intermediate
GWC   52034 Arts and Letters                Powell                           Jacquelyn        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26279 Community Education             Powell                           Quintin          Reporter/Assistant Producer
GGL   11471 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Powell                           Rita             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51024 Cosmetology                     Powers                           Julie Ann        Dispensary Technician
GWC   55275 Cosmetology                     Powers                           Julie Ann        Dispensary Technician
OCC   26203 Campus Safety                   Powers                           Katia            Typist Clerk Senior
GWC   58285 Office of Instructn             Powers                           Katia
OCC   26215 Bookstore                       Pratt                            Shannon          Bookstore Clerk II
WML   17414 Westminster Learning Center     Preciado                         Anita            Faculty
WML   17430 Westminster Learning Center     Preschool Parent Ed
CCC   11333 Office of Instruction           Price                            Barbara
OCC   22822 Literature                      Price                            Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22101 Drafting Technology             Price                            Dave             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51026 Office of Instructn             Price                            Loyann
OCC   22051 Physical Education              Pridomirski                      Joanne           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52594 Math                            Priest                           Michelle         Adjunct Faculty
GGL   17309 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Primich                          Sue              Counselor
GWC   58208 Receiving/Inventory Control     Prince                           Cathy            Shipping/Receiving
OCC   22131 Dance Department                Pritchard                        Michelle         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22487 Consumer Sci                    Proctor                          Terese           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51039 Theater                         Production Office
OCC   25861 Computer Services               Profeta                          Glen             Director, Applications & Infrastructure
OCC   25648 Marine Science                  Profeta                          Rip              Marine Science Asst
GWC   51040 Theater                         Projection Booth
CCC   11224 Office of Instruction           Proppe                           Jean             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52075 Business Sys                    Pruitt                           Ida              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58367 Public Information Office       Public Relations
GWC   58924 Public Safety                   Public Safety
WML   11623 Westminster Learning Center     Puentes                          Tiffany          Instructional Associate
GWC   52355 Languages                       Puga                             Gilbert          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23308 Technology                      Pullman                          Lori             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55025 Admissions                      Putzel                           Elissa           Admissions & Records Technician II
CCC   16210 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Quach                            Helen            Senior Clerk
CCC   16435 Telecourse Distribution         Quach                            Helen            Clerk Senior
GWC   52261 Diesel Technology               Quach                            Tai              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52065 Office Administration           Quade                            Joyce            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84739 Public Affairs Office           Quarles                          Joey             Graphic Design
CCC   11352 Office of Instruction           Quast                            Gerald           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52191 Arts and Letters                Quezada                          Veronica         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22446 Social Sciences                 Quickel                          Kimberly         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52708 Social Sciences                 Quinn                            Chris            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22253 Social Sciences                 Quinn                            Christopher      Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22681 Consumer Sci                    Quinonez                         Dolores          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23234 Fine Arts                       Quinonez                         Imara            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25988 Job Placement Center            Quinonez                         Rena             Job Placement Specialist, Senior
GWC   58375 Criminal Justice                Quiros                           Victor           Faculty
OCC   26222 Bookstore                       Quiroz                           Eli
OCC   23153 Consumer Sci                    Raagas-Quarm                     Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22928 Social Sciences                 Rabii                            Narges           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84776 DIS-Technical Support           Raddavong                        Anna             Information Systems Technician I
DOC   84742 Fiscal Operations-Accounting    Raddavong                        Kahn             Accounting Technician
GWC   52769 Career Ed                       Radecki                          Tim              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25110 Business Education              Radford                          Shirley          Division Area Office Coordinator
GWC   52486 School of Nursing               Rae                              Caroline         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23253 Disabled Students               Rafael                           Esperanza
OCC   23035 Consumer Sci                    Rafferty                         Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25034 Business Education              Ragenovich                       Christine        Faculty
OCC   21179 Business Education              Ragenovich                       Christine        Faculty
CCC   16416 Print Shop                      Rahimi                           Madana           Publications Assistant Senior
OCC   22392 Literature                      Raileanu                         Lia              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22089 Business Education              Rainey                           Dennis           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52702 Social Sciences                 Ralph                            Sheryl           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23250 Math Department                 Ramazan                          Kevin
GWC   52333 ESL                             Rami                             Kiran            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11497 Office of Instruction           Ramirez                          Deborah          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25920 Staff Development               Ramirez                          Nancy            Staff Development Coordinator
GWC   58223 Theater                         Ramm-Engle                       Martha "Martie"  Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16413 Print Shop                      Ramon                            Diana            Secretary Admin
OCC   26490 Physical Education              Ramos                            Richard          Athletic Equipment Manager
OCC   26441 Admissions                      Ramos                            Richard          Admissions & Records Technician II
OCC   23132 Technology                      Randal                           David            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11208 Office of Instruction           Randall                          Jewell           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52578 School of Nursing               Rangel                           Amy              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22148 Literature                      Rangno                           Erik             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52452 Counseling                      Rapp                             Paula            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22161 Math                            Raskin                           Debra            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22436 Social Sciences                 Rasmussen                        Myrna            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23103 Literature                      Rather                           Janet            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16570 Public Information Office       Rathner                          Harry
CCC   11484 Office of Instruction           Ratzlaff                         Duane            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23278 Social Sciences                 Rauterkus                        Cathleen Nista   Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22052 Physical Education              Rawles                           Dennis           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23245 Literature                      Ray                              Jamie
OCC   21201 Social Sciences                 Raya                             Robert           Faculty
OCC   25814 Social Sciences                 Raya                             Robert           Faculty
GWC   58111 Career Center                   Re-Entry Center
GWC   55221 Counseling                      Re-Entry Counselors
OCC   22266 Social Sciences                 Reagan                           Evette           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25893 Consumer Sci                    Reber-Bonhall                    Cynthia          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25132 Business/Personnel Services     Recalde                          Edwina           Personnel Technician II
OCC   26485 Receiving/Inventory Control     Receiving                                         Warehouse Coord
IRV   18000 Irvine One-Stop                 Reception Irvine One-Stop
GWC   58279 Social Sciences                 Reck                             Jim              Faculty
OCC   26643 Office of Instruction           Reck                             Richard          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25131 Recycling Center                Recycling Center
OCC   26139 Financial Aid                   Redding                          Ryan             Financial Aid Technician
GWC   52726 Arts and Letters                Redfield                         Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25578 Re-entry Center                 Reed                             Barbara          Secretary Senior
OCC   22190 Technology                      Reeves                           Caroline         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25900 Library Services                Reference Counter
OCC   22492 Consumer Sci                    Regalado-Otter                   Mary             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25176 Admissions                      Registration
OCC   26167 Financial Aid                   Regnier                          Virginia
GWC   52416 Life Sciences                   Rehmat                           Shehnaz          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23005 Technology                      Reimer                           Paul George      Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22367 Consumer Sci                    Reinemann                        Tina             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11206 Office of Instruction           Reisch                           Carl             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52107 Communications                  Remsburg-Shiroishi               Elizabeth        Faculty
OCC   25877 OCC Print Shop                  Reprographics
GWC   51189 School of Nursing               Restelli                         Diane            Faculty
GWC   52686 School of Nursing               Retardo                          Kathy            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52368 ESL                             Revilla                          Candace          Adjunct Faculty
GGL   17324 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Rewers                           Keven            Instructional Associate
GWC   52511 Learning Resources              Rewers                           Keven            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16445 Telecourse Distribution         Reyes                            Emily            Telecourse Marketing Coordinator
CML   11353 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Reyes                            Jesus            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52734 Arts and Letters                Reyes                            Lourdes          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58352 Cosmetology                     Reyna                            Ed               Faculty
GWC   51020 Cosmetology                     Reyna                            Ed               Faculty
GWC   51133 Math                            Reynolds                         Yoko             Instructional Associate
OCC   22423 Consumer Sci                    Rhines                           Linda            Faculty
WM1   14934 Westminster 1-Stop              Rhodes                           Victoria
OCC   22734 Business Education              Ricci                            Derek O.         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52527 TV Production                   Ricci                            Robert           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52316 Comm Studies                    Rice                             Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22309 Literature                      Rice                             Leighanne        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22896 Consumer Sci                    Rich                             Abbe             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22872 Consumer Sci                    Rich                             Jody             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23053 Literature                      Richards                         Heather          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84734 Purchasing Department           Richards                         Kathy            Purchasing Clerk II
OCC   22985 Literature                      Richardson                       Melissa          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84673 Physical Facilities Office      Richey                           Ardith           Director
OCC   23236 Math Department                 Richie                           Morgan
CCC   11458 Office of Instruction           Richter                          Otto             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52661 School of Nursing               Ridens                           Jill             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22398 Social Sciences                 Ridnor                           Rachel           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52590 Criminal Justice                Riegel                           Nicole           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11217 Office of Instruction           Rigali                           Rebecca          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22228 Fine Arts                       Riggins                          Larry            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22874 Consumer Sci                    Riggio                           Alison           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84625 DIS-Applications Support        Rigney                           Tim              Application Project Coordinator
OCC   25949 Computer Maintenance            Riley                            Kevin            Information Systems Technician II
OCC   25657 Social Sciences                 Ring                             David            Faculty
OCC   21185 Social Sciences                 Ring                             David            Faculty
OCC   23027 Math                            Ringler                          Debra            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22836 Consumer Sci                    Rippo                            Deborah          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84800 Risk Services                   Risk Services
OCC   26659 Grounds Services                Rivell                           Sean             Grounds Supervisor
IRV   18073 Irvine One-Stop                 River                            Pedro            Westminster One-Stop
OCC   22880 Business Education              River                            Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26349 Library Services                Rivera                           Jennifer         Library Clerk Senior
WM1   14924 Westminster 1-Stop              Rivera                           Miguel
GWC   52703 Social Sciences                 Rives                            Nick             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52371 Music                           Robbins                          Danny            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52687 School of Nursing               Robbins                          Harold           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22529 Literature                      Roberson                         Stephen          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52066 Office Administration           Roberts                          Joan             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22028 Consumer Sci                    Roberts                          Mary             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22498 Technology                      Roberts                          Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25073 Disabled Students               Robertson                        Darrin           Disabled Students Media Access Spclst
OCC   22293 Literature                      Robertson                        Gary             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23092 Business Education              Robertson                        Susan            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22496 Business Education              Robinson                         Joseph           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22497 Consumer Sci                    Robinson                         Karen D.         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25879 Art Department                  Robinson                         Steve            Faculty
DOC   84671 Fiscal Operations-Payroll       Robison                          Sharon           Payroll Technician
CML   17248 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Robledo                          Toby
CML   17204 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Robledo                          Toby
OCC   22790 Consumer Sci                    Robles                           Diana            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22515 Consumer Sci                    Roche                            Cindy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25726 Public Information Office       Roda                             Mary             Public Information Specialist
OCC   26656 Campus Safety                   Roda                             Wally            Campus Safety Officer
OCC   22692 Consumer Sci                    Rodgers                          Bridget          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52642 Math                            Rodgers                          James            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52477 Criminal Justice                Rodgers                          Ron              Coordinator
OCC   26351 Literature                      Rodriguez                        Betty            Secretary Senior
OCC   25682 Technology                      Rodriguez                        David            Faculty
OCC   22895 Consumer Sci                    Rodriguez                        Hipolito         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16204 Instructional Development       Rodriguez                        Jodi             Staff Assistant
DOC   84609 District Governance             Rodriguez                        Jodi             Staff Assistant Senior
CML   11348 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Rodriguez                        Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55288 Maintenance                     Rodriguez                        Regi
OCC   22616 Consumer Sci                    Rodriguez                        Veronica         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16203 Instructional Development       Rodriguez                        Vince            Supervisor, Instructional Services
CCC   16211 Telecourse Distribution         Rodriguez                        Vincent          Dean, Distance Learning
GWC   52091 Life Sciences                   Rodriguez-Soqui                  Susana           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22449 Social Sciences                 Roessler                         Mark             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22853 Office of Instruction           Rogan                            Patrick          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21176 Literature                      Rogers                           Marcia           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16233 Office of Instruction           Rogers                           Stephani
CCC   16135 Office of Instruction           Rogoff                           Meri             Faculty
CCC   11616 Office of Instruction           Rogoff                           Meri             Faculty
GWC   52972 Arts and Letters                Rohlander                        Nathan
GWC   51194 School of Nursing               Rojas                            Cheryl           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52618 School of Nursing               Rojas                            Cheryl           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22142 Physical Education              Rojas                            Rubilena         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22696 Technology                      Rojas                            Santos           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58121 Admissions                      Rokes                            Karen            Staff Assistant
CCC   16167 Admissions Guidance Svs         Romeo                            Erika            Office Assistant
OCC   23093 Math                            Romero                           Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23260 Literature                      Romney                           Abraham          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52240 Business                        Roohk                            Bonnie
GWC   58925 Criminal Justice                Rosas                            Suzanne          Program Facilitator
OCC   22750 Office of Instruction           Rose                             Jim              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16467 Administrative Services         Rose                             Lynn
DOC   84634 DIS-Telecom                     Rose                             Ron              Telecommunications Analyst
GWC   52741 Criminal Justice                Rose                             Sanford          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22601 Office of Instruction           Roselli                          Joan             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22047 Office of Instruction           Rosen                            Lugene           Adjunct Faculty
CML   17249 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Roseth                           Jessica
OCC   25226 Computer Services               Ross                             Floria           Web/MultiMedia Programmer
GWC   51209 Library                         Ross                             Roxie            Librarian
OCC   22312 Business Education              Roth                             John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25834 Business/Personnel Services     Rothgeb                          Helen            Accountant
OCC   22230 Fine Arts                       Rothschild-Boros                 Monica           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52145 Social Sciences                 Roumeliotis                      Brieana          Faculty
CCC   11317 Office of Instruction           Rowley                           Jean             Faculty
OCC   22168 Math                            Rozak                            Richard          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22580 Consumer Sci                    Rubel                            Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21072 Music Department                Rubenstein                       Eliza            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   23172 Art                             Rubenstein                       Eliza            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22278 Business Education              Rubinstein                       Nancy            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11205 Office of Instruction           Ruhle                            Jim              Faculty
CCC   16136 Office of Instruction           Ruhle                            Jim              Faculty
GWC   58229 Physical Education              Ruiz                             Raul             Faculty
GWC   52389 Arts and Letters                Rumsey                           Duane            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22284 Math                            Runcie                           Rosa             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52645 Office of Instructn             RusAlvarez                       Ana              Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18068 Irvine One-Stop                 Rush                             Bobi
DOC   84864 Risk Services                   Russell                          Patricia         Workers Compensation Specialist
OCC   22726 Literature                      Rust                             Amy              Faculty
CCC   11264 Office of Instruction           Rutledge                         Darius           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22744 Consumer Sci                    Ryan                             Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
CML   17217 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Ryan                             Celeste          Faculty
CCC   11468 Office of Instruction           Ryan                             Diane            Adjunct Faculty
CML   12324 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Ryan                             Diane            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52364 Math                            Ryan                             matsuno          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84688 Risk Services                   Rymas                            Colleen          Risk Svcs Insurance & Claims Specialist
GWC   52166 Cosmetology                     Saba-Gladis                      Taraneh          Faculty
CCC   11552 Office of Instruction           Sabha                            Fayruz           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22083 Consumer Sci                    Sabori                           Sibley           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25540 Radiologic Technology           Sachs                            Loren            Radiology Technician
CCC   16220 Instructional Systems Develpmn  Sacket                           Wendy            Publications Assistant Senior
OCC   22113 Consumer Sci                    Sadrmirzaei                      Jill             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23296 Literature                      Sage                             Sharon           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52770 Criminal Justice                Sagel                            Brett            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11492 Office of Instruction           Sagen                            Arthur           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11560 Office of Instruction           Sagen                            Jay              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11250 Office of Instruction           Sahagun                          Steve            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25631 Computer Services               Saicheck                         Bill             Faculty
OCC   21255 Computer Services               Saicheck                         Bill             Faculty
OCC   26243 Sailing Base                    Sailing Center
CCC   11324 Office of Instruction           Saiminen-Karamitros              Katri            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11385 Office of Instruction           Sak                              Kathleen         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22037 Literature                      Sakakihara                       Joel             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26071 Computer Maintenance            Salas                            Tony
WM1   14904 Westminster 1-Stop              Salazar                          Paul             Staff Specialist
CCC   11611 Office of Instruction           Salazar                          Thomas           Faculty
CCC   17527 Telecourse Distribution         Salcedo                          Nicki            Staff Aide
OCC   26435 Cafeteria                       Salcedo                          Rosio            Typist Clerk Senior
OCC   23029 Consumer Sci                    Salcedo-Balding                  Diane            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52056 Arts and Letters                Salerno                          Mark             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52160 Diesel Technology               Sales                            Efren            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23112 Literature                      Salessi                          Susanna          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25981 American Language Department    Salibi                           Nuha             Faculty
OCC   21090 American Language Department    Salibi                           Nuha             Faculty
OCC   23123 Social Sciences                 Salim                            Zia              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25691 Photography Department          Salinger                         Joan             Faculty
OCC   22169 Math                            Sam                              Thinh            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23144 Literature                      Samaniego                        Kimberly         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51161 EOPS                            Sambrano                         Michelle         Counselor
OCC   26200 Campus Safety                   Sampson                          Dorothy          Secretary Senior
CCC   11329 Office of Instruction           Sampson                          Kevin            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55088 Technology Suppt Svs            Sams                             Dave             Information System Technician Senior
OCC   22501 Consumer Sci                    San Brano                        Laura            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11418 Office of Instruction           Sanchez                          David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22751 Literature                      Sanchez                          David            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16338 Office of the President         Sanchez                          Dr. Jorge        Research Supervisor
GWC   52199 Custodial Services              Sanchez                          Jesus            Custodian
OCC   25938 Computer Services               Sanchez                          Raul             Information Systems Technician II
OCC   26732 Children's Center               Sanchez                          Salvadore        Food Service Worker I
OCC   23014 Math                            Sanchez                          Sandra           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26372 Admissions                      Sanchez                          Silvia           Admissions & Records Technician I
GWC   52216 Art                             Sanchez                          Stephanie        Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14945 Westminster 1-Stop              Sanchez                          Vickie
OCC   22254 Social Sciences                 Sanchez-Reenan                   Erika            Adjunct Faculty
CML   11603 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Sanders                          Sue              Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84615 Budget Control                  Sanders                          Tracey           Accounting Technician Senior
GWC   52086 Arts and Letters                Sandowicz                        Ryan             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23155 Theater Arts Department         Sandrock                         Donna            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58356 Arts and Letters                Sandrock                         Donna            Gallery Director
OCC   22770 Business Education              Sangha                           "Rudy" Dawinder  Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11456 Office of Instruction           Santori                          Gregg            Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14932 Westminster 1-Stop              Saposnek                         Lloyd            Hourly/Temp Technical Paraprofessional
OCC   22640 Physical Education              Sapp                             Dan              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26331 Athletics Department            Saracini                         Laura            Typist Clerk Senior
OCC   26270 Community Education             Saracino                         Linda            Typist Clerk Senior
GWC   52581 Arts and Letters                Sassone                          Robert           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52112 Languages                       Sato                             Hao-Yun          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11255 Office of Instruction           Satow                            Jingfang         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22400 Technology                      Savage                           Jan              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52632 Arts and Letters                Savard                           Hale             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22369 Literature                      Sawyer                           Athena           Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14913 Westminster 1-Stop              Sayasy                           Khen             Office Coordinator
OCC   22892 Math                            Saylor                           Cristi (Mercedes)Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26516 Fine Arts                       Scaglione                        David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22541 Consumer Sci                    Scagliotti                       Patricia         Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14973 Westminster 1-Stop              Scaiola                          Theresa
OCC   25914 Business Information Systems    Scane                            Danielle         Faculty
OCC   25503 Math Department                 Scanlon                          Dan              Faculty
OCC   21212 Math Department                 Scanlon                          Dan              Faculty
OCC   26754 Library Services                Scarbrough                       Terry
GWC   51123 Math                            Scardina                         Tom              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22778 Literature                      Scarfone                         Anthony          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22551 Social Sciences                 Schachat                         Carol            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52620 Arts and Letters                Schager                          Nancy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23304 Art Department                  Scheibe                          Mary             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52973 Arts and Letters                Scheiwiller                      Staci
OCC   25649 Public Information Office       Schellingerhout                  Hank             Application Programmer Analyst Assistant
GWC   52257 Arts and Letters                Scheys                           Rene             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11476 Office of Instruction           Schindelbeck                     Judy             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58383 Tutorial/Learning Center        Schlosser                        Lori             Staff Aide
OCC   22450 Social Sciences                 Schmitz                          Blanche          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22753 Literature                      Schneekluth                      Sherilyn         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   52506 Office of Instruction           Schneekluth                      Sherilyn         Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18042 Irvine One-Stop                 Schneider                        Karen
OCC   23083 Music Department                Schneiderman                     John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25187 Student Health Center           Schneiderman                     Rob              Counselor
OCC   22273 Business/Personnel Services     Scholz                           Suzanne          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23031 Social Sciences                 Schonder                         Annettel         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55289 Business                        Schramm                          Lynn             Division/Area Office Coordinator
OCC   22132 Art Department                  Schriefer                        Cheryl           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52688 Arts and Letters                Schroeder                        Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25698 Administrative Services Dept    Schulte                          Rita             Staff Specialist
OCC   23197 Literature                      Schweitzer                       Dahlia           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52736 Art                             Schwenkmeyer                     Karen            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25845 Large Group Facilities          Science Hall
OCC   26254 Admissions                      Scott                            Dea              Testing Technician
OCC   23104 Literature                      Scott                            Jane             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25643 Department of Education         Scott                            Leslie
OCC   25832 Social Sciences                 Scott                            Michael          Faculty
OCC   21186 Social Sciences                 Scott                            Michael          Faculty
GWC   52317 Languages                       Sebring                          James            Adjunct Faculty
CML   17285 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Secord                           Debbie           Faculty
OCC   26242 Sailing Base                    Segerblom                        Mette            Sailing Program Coordinator
OCC   22298 Literature                      Segura                           Joe              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22555 Consumer Sci                    Seiersen                         Chris            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52619 Learning Resources              Seilo                            John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22280 Business Education              Seilo                            John             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51183 School of Nursing               Sekins                           Denise           Faculty
OCC   25854 Food Services - Instruction     Selzer                           Tom              General Manager
OCC   23121 Social Sciences                 Sennet                           Richard          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22139 Consumer Sci                    Senteno                          Rudy             Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84698 Educational Services            Serban                           Andreea          Associate Vice Chancellor, Interim
OCC   23055 Literature                      Sereno                           Adrienne         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22908 Literature                      Serpas                           Summer           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23058 Literature                      Serrano                          Carmen           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52754 Arts and Letters                Seufert                          Dana             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22269 Social Sciences                 Sevier                           Scott            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52172 Social Sciences                 Sevilla                          Dennis           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51088 School of Nursing               Sexton                           Sigrid           Faculty
OCC   25043 Literature                      Seyster                          Barry            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11429 Office of Instruction           Seyster                          Barry            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22370 Literature                      Seyster                          Barry            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58266 Physical Education              Shackleford                      Ray              Faculty
OCC   22951 Social Sciences                 Shafer                           Ken              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25507 Student Services                Shaffer                          Eva
GWC   58726 Research                        Shaffer                          Linda            Staff Aide
OCC   22286 Business/Personnel Services     Shah                             Ahmad            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52742 Math                            Shah                             Sonali           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22213 Social Sciences                 Shah                             Sumitra          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23230 Social Sciences                 Shaikh                           Munir            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25638 EOPS Office                     Shajie                           Vida             Director
OCC   22964 Theater Arts Department         Shalat                           Andrew           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21040 Dance Department                Shanley                          Karen            Faculty
OCC   21218 Math Department                 Shannon                          Kevin            Faculty
OCC   25563 Math Department                 Shannon                          Kevin            Faculty
OCC   22833 Math                            Sharma                           Upasna           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25193 Administrative Services Dept    Sharp                            Diana
GWC   58365 Physical Education              Shaughnessy                      Michael          Faculty
OCC   23062 Consumer Sci                    Sheff                            Arlene           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11465 Admissions Guidance Svs         Shelley                          Kate             Faculty
CML   17286 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Shelly                           Kate
OCC   22194 Literature                      Shepard                          David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26330 Physical Education              Shepard                          James            Division/Area Office Coordinator
OCC   23265 Literature                      Sherman-Falcioni                 Jocelyn          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23248 Literature                      Sherman-Falcioni                 Joycelyn
OCC   25837 Literature                      Sherman-Falcioni                 Joycelyn
CCC   11214 Office of Instruction           Shi                              Nigie            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52667 Math                            Shihabi                          Azzam            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25695 Biological Sciences Department  Shimizu                          Craig            Lab Assistant
OCC   22721 Technology                      Shimizu                          Wesley           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25100 Consumer Sci                    Shine                            Brenda           Faculty
WM1   11279 Westminster 1-Stop              Shiring                          Richard          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22875 Fine Arts                       Shoro                            Natasha          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52237 Arts and Letters                Shreve                           Penny            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16260 Fiscal Services                 Shrode                           Bobbie           Accounting Technician
OCC   22569 Math                            Shufen                           Huang            Adjunct Faculty
CML   11598 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Siefkes                          Ashlie           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84679 Physical Facilities Office      Siegfreid                        Mary             Staff Aide
GWC   52409 Languages                       Sileoni                          Maria            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52329 ESL                             Sillings                         Don              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52318 Languages                       Silva                            Ernesto          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22154 Math                            Silva                            F. (Gene)        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23193 Consumer Sci                    Silva                            Joel             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23146 Literature                      Silva                            Paula            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23241 Consumer Sci                    Silva                            Ronald
OCC   22010 Technology                      Silverman                        Harold
OCC   22376 Literature                      Simon                            Jaclyn           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22828 Literature                      Simon                            Jacqueline       Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26358 Bookstore                       Simpson                          Bill             Operations Assistant
OCC   21265 Cafeteria                       Simpson                          Melissa          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21045 Physical Education              Simpson                          Sean             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55176 Library                         Simpson                          Vickie           Library Clerk Senior
OCC   22249 Technology                      Sims                             James            Adjunct Faculty
CML   11364 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Sims                             Pam              Faculty
OCC   22461 Literature                      Sims                             Pamela           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11589 Office of Instruction           Sinclair                         Anita            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22172 Math                            Sinclair                         Duncan           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22152 Math                            Sinek                            John             Faculty
OCC   22326 Math                            Singleton                        Marc             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26653 Computer Services               Sinkinson                        John             Temp Technical Paraprofessional
OCC   26234 Office of Instruction           Sirimanotham                     Jim              Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14910 Westminster 1-Stop              Siu                              Anna             Workforce Specialist
IRV   18021 Irvine One-Stop                 Siu                              Anna
OCC   25787 Counseling                      Sjule                            Jerry            Counselor
OCC   21133 Physical Education              Skeie                            Leon             Faculty
OCC   25112 Physical Education              Skeie                            Leon             Faculty
GWC   52319 ESL                             Skidmore                         Adepeju          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11469 Office of Instruction           Skocilic                         John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22883 Technology                      Skytte                           Christian        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55075 College Support Services - Div  Slagle                           Dale             Offset Press Operator III
OCC   22777 Consumer Sci                    Slaughter                        Lauren           Adjunct Faculty
CML   17259 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Slawson                          Kathy
CCC   11266 Office of Instruction           Sleep                            Katherine        Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16116 Office of Instruction           Sliff                            Robert           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11340 Office of Instruction           Sliff                            Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23063 Consumer Sci                    Sloate                           Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22932 Music Department                Smelser                          Nadia            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23138 Theater Arts Department         Smith                            Allison          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58296 Physical Education              Smith                            Betsy            Faculty
DOC   84635 DIS-Telecom                     Smith                            Bruce            Information Systems Technician Senior
OCC   22701 Physical Education              Smith                            Carl Doug        Faculty
OCC   25183 Physical Education              Smith                            Carl Doug        Faculty
GWC   55279 Computer Services               Smith                            Colm
CCC   11437 Office of Instruction           Smith                            David            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11411 Office of Instruction           Smith                            David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22602 Office of Instruction           Smith                            Dean             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16447 Learning Resources Center       Smith                            Dorsie           Staff Aide
OCC   22282 Math                            Smith                            Heather          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58124 Cosmetology                     Smith                            Jane             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22730 Physical Education              Smith                            Kevin            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23049 Social Sciences                 Smith                            Maureen          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52595 Social Sciences                 Smith                            Maureen          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23032 Social Sciences                 Smith                            Melinda          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23281 Social Sciences                 Smith                            Peggy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22774 Consumer Sci                    Smith                            Peggy Donohue    Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22671 Student Services                Smith                            Robin            Food Service Worker
GWC   52558 Business                        Smith                            Roger            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52353 Criminal Justice                Smith                            Ron              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11588 Office of Instruction           Smith                            Ron              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22942 Literature                      Smith                            Ryan             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23081 Sailing Base                    Smith                            Scott            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25926 Business/Personnel Services     Smith                            Sloan            Account Clerk Senior
GWC   23173 Art                             Smith                            Spencer          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21182 Social Sciences                 Smith                            Susan            Faculty
OCC   25035 Social Sciences                 Smith                            Susan            Faculty
OCC   21142 Social Sciences                 Smolin                           James            Faculty
CCC   11381 Office of Instruction           Smorstok                         Mary             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58355 Cosmetology                     Snedeker                         Marde            Faculty
GWC   51146 Cosmetology                     Snedeker                         Marde            Faculty
GWC   58352 Cosmetology                     Snedeker                         Mary             Faculty
GWC   52718 Arts and Letters                Snodgrass                        Terrance         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22838 Math                            Snyder                           Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52638 Career Ed                       Snyder                           Mark             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16243 Grant Development               Snyder                           Tom              Director
OCC   23134 Technology                      Sobcsak                          Bruce            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55067 College Support Services - Div  Soedjono                         Eng              Information Systems Technician I
OCC   21272 Math                            Sogo                             Farah (Lisa)     Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52606 Arts and Letters                Sohelia                          Kian             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25506 Dance Department                Sohl-Ellison                     Linda            Faculty
OCC   21041 Dance Department                Sohl-Ellison                     Linda            Faculty
CML   11601 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Solorza                          Michael          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51092 Office Administration           Sorenson                         Marjorie         Faculty
GWC   55276 Physical Sciences               Soto                             Nicholas         Lab Instructional Assistant
OCC   25800 Music Department                Soto                             Ric              Faculty
OCC   25671 Music Department                Soto                             Ric              Faculty
OCC   22624 Aviation Services               Sotos                            David            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23145 Theater Arts Department         Southwell                        Linda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22340 English Department              Souza                            Christine        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22234 Fine Arts                       Sparkuhl                         Patrick          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52485 Math                            Speakman                         Teresa           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25976 Campus Operations Office        Spears                           Maryann          Staff Specialist
GWC   58303 Library                         Speech Center
OCC   22897 Fine Arts                       Spellman                         Naomi            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22626 Technology                      Spencer                          Jon              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58129 Admissions                      Spencer                          Sherrill         Admissions & Records Technician III
CCC   16145 Administrative Services         Spencer                          Shirley          Staff Assistant
OCC   21300 Physical Education              Spencer                          Steve            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11613 Office of Instruction           Spero                            Mark             Faculty
GWC   55069 Technology Suppt Svs            Spiratos                         Jerry            Information Systems Technician II
CCC   16218 Admissions Guidance Svs         Spoja                            Carol            Instructional Coordinator
OCC   26312 Physical Education              Sports Medicine
GWC   52224 Arts and Letters                Sprague                          Jane             Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84601 Office of the Chancellor        Sprague                          Nancy            Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
OCC   23128 Consumer Sci                    Springett                        Marion           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22914 Music Department                St. Clair                        Kevin            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25690 Business/Personnel Services     Sta Ana                          Christine
CCC   16127 Office of Instruction           Stacey                           Allen            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11312 Office of Instruction           Stacey                           Allen            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11246 Office of Instruction           Stachelski                       Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26482 Community Education             Stage-Theater
OCC   22527 Literature                      Staley                           Jeffrey          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52612 Business Sys                    Standlea                         Nicholas         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22517 Fine Arts                       Standlee                         Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22281 Business Education              Stanich                          Sandra           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22698 Business Education              Starr                            Dean             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26474 Admissions                      Stauter                          Gisela           Admissions & Records Technician I
OCC   26209 OCC Print Shop                  Stead                            Jim              Reprographics Technician
      25748 Ornamental Horticult            Stead                            Joe              Adjunct Faculty
      26231 Ornamental Horticult            Stead                            Joe              Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84655 Fiscal Affairs Office           Stead                            Marsha           Staff Assistant
OCC   25521 Photography Department          Steadry                          Rick             Faculty
OCC   21154 Photography Department          Steadry                          Rick             Faculty
OCC   23303 Technology                      Stebbins                         John             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52167 Social Sciences                 Stecker                          Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52352 Office of Instructn             Stecker                          Etta             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11338 Office of Instruction           Steddum                          Michelle         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52585 Music                           Steidinger                       Ryan             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16130 Office of Instruction           Stein                            Carol            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11222 Office of Instruction           Stein                            Carol            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51115 Physical Sciences               Stein                            Konrad           Faculty
GWC   58182 Physical Sciences               Stein                            Konrad           Faculty
GWC   52236 Physical Sciences               Stein                            Konrad           Faculty
OCC   25567 Technology                      Steinfeld                        Thomas           Faculty
GWC   52596 Social Sciences                 Steinhaus-Donham                 Cynthia          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52690 Arts and Letters                Stephens                         Jonathan         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52536 Arts and Letters                Stephenson                       Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23162 Social Sciences                 Stern                            Frank            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26229 Library Services                Sterner                          Sheri            Library Director
OCC   25081 Library Services                Sterner                          Sheri            Library Director
OCC   21245 Office of Instruction           Stevens                          Nancy            Counselor
OCC   22781 Business Education              Stevenson                        Glenn            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16117 Faculty Senate                  Stewart                          Cheryl
OCC   22723 Social Sciences                 Stewart                          Christine        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52095 Math                            Stewart                          Frank            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25543 Electronics Technology          Stewart                          John             Faculty
OCC   22343 Theater Arts Department         Stewart                          Sue              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16629 Administrative Services         Stewert                          Kerry
OCC   22877 Technology                      Stickel                          Karl             Faculty
OCC   25024 Business/Personnel Services     Stiles                           Lynnette         Staff Assistant
CCC   11502 Telecourse Distribution         Stillings                        Lisa
OCC   26654 Computer Services               Stolenwerk                       Diane            Temp Technical Paraprofessional
OCC   25129 Administrative Services Dept    Stoneking                        Joyce            Faculty
OCC   25981 American Language Department    Storm                            Sara             Faculty
OCC   21091 American Language Department    Storm                            Sara             Faculty
GWC   52230 Business Sys                    Storrer                          Kellie           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23079 Physical Education              Strachan                         Glenn            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25826 Administrative Services Dept    Stracner                         Mike
OCC   22036 Literature                      Straeter                         Ray              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11517 Office of Instruction           Strauss                          Esther           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23016 Social Sciences                 Strickland                       Trisha           Adjunct Faculty
WM1   18074 Westminster 1-Stop              Stringer                         Jean
OCC   23094 Consumer Sci                    Strobel                          Lynn             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16360 Public Information Office       Stromlund                        Gary             Security Coordinator
CCC   16417 Print Shop                      Strube                           Kathy            Graphic Designer
OCC   21299 Technology                      Stuart                           Kenneth          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11233 Office of Instruction           Stubblefield                     Katie            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   50113 Student Activities              Student Council
OCC   26397 Student Health Center           Student Health Center
OCC   25808 Student Health Center           Student Health Center
CCC   16412 Office of Instruction           Student Services
OCC   25730 Student Services                Student Services
  850116356 Student Track                   Student Tracking
CCC   16242 Cable TV Program                Studio
OCC   26463 Financial Aid                   Suarez                           Kathy            Secretary
GWC   51155 Comm Studies                    Sudweeks                         Sandra           Faculty
OCC   22264 Social Sciences                 Suh                              Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26371 Admissions                      Sukaesih                         Rini             Evaluations Specialist
OCC   25849 Biological Sciences Department  Sullivan                         Diane            Lab Assistant
GWC   52074 Physical Sciences               Sullivan                         Maureen          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52608 Arts and Letters                Sung                             Mi Kyung         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21097 English Department              Suozzo                           Joanne           Faculty
OCC   25579 English Department              Suozzo                           Joanne           Faculty
OCC   25500 Computer Services               Support Center
OCC   23090 Social Sciences                 Surfas                           Lesley           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52681 School of Nursing               Survillas                        Kristan          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16100 Bookstore                       Susanto                          Augustinus       Account Clerk Intermediate
GWC   52097 Social Sciences                 Sutherland                       Corine           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22811 Consumer Sci                    Sutherland                       Robert           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16186 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Sutliff                          Michelle         Public Relations Officer
GWC   52293 Arts and Letters                Suzuki                           Ayako            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25859 Social Sciences                 Suzuki                           Lori             Faculty
OCC   21159 Social Sciences                 Suzuki                           Lori             Faculty
OCC   26383 Student Health Center           Swaid                            Sandi            Typist Clerk Intermediate
OCC   22021 Physical Education              Swail                            Julie            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16153 Office of the President         Swancutt                         Laurie           Executive Assistant to the President
GWC   52597 Social Sciences                 Swanson                          Donny            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22174 Math                            Swanson                          Eugene           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25866 Community Education             Swap Meet Info
OCC   26481 Community Education             Swap Meet Trailer
IRV   18047 Irvine One-Stop                 Swartzbaugh                      Leslie
OCC   22137 Film                            Sweeney                          Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   22272 Physical Education              Sweesy-Barger                    Millie           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22910 Literature                      Sweet                            Teresa           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22214 Consumer Sci                    Sweeton                          Duane            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52213 Social Sciences                 Swendson                         Paul             Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84834 Educational Services            Swingle                          Dejah            Career Development Grant Coordinator
GWC   52337 School of Nursing               Switzer                          Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11457 Office of Instruction           Syed                             Erum             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51150 Communications                  Sykes                            Elizabeth        Faculty
CCC   16256 Office of Instruction           TBA Counseling                                    Counselor
WM1   14972 Westminster 1-Stop              Ta                               Tri
OCC   22133 Math                            Taba                             Khalil           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11383 Office of Instruction           Takacs                           Marcia           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23240 Fine Arts                       Takei                            Hisano           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16307 Admissions Guidance Svs         Tallman                          Judy             Instruction Programs Facilitator
CML   11213 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Talmage                          Dorrie           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23069 Consumer Sci                    Tamialis                         Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52495 Math                            Tamsamani                        Zouhair          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22718 Math                            Tan                              Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55105 Financial Aid                   Tang                             Tuong            Financial Aid Specialist
OCC   22456 Office of Instruction           Tanger                           Ken              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23277 Consumer Sci                    Tappan                           Wendy            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52454 Communications                  Tarango                          Abraham          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22756 Literature                      Tate                             Peter            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22878 Fine Arts                       Taussig                          Arthur           Faculty
GWC   52487 Languages                       Taylor                           Aya              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52557 Criminal Justice                Taylor                           Chris            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22592 Technology                      Taylor                           Dan              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23256 Social Sciences                 Taylor                           Joshua           ad
OCC   22314 Social Sciences                 Taylor                           Joy              Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14944 Westminster 1-Stop              Taylor                           Linda
GWC   52727 Social Sciences                 Taylor                           Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
GGL   17320 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Taylor                           Marg             Faculty
CCC   11210 Office of Instruction           Taylor                           Marg             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25594 English Department              Taylor                           Mike             Faculty
OCC   21025 Consumer Sci                    Taylor                           Mike             Professional Expert
OCC   21112 English Department              Taylor                           Mike             Faculty
OCC   21069 Speech Department               Taylor                           Peg              Faculty
GWC   58235 Physical Education              Taylor                           Scott            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52462 Languages                       Tayyar                           Paul             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25812 Technology                      Technology Department
GWC   55060 Technology Suppt Svs            Technology Support
DOC   84607 District Governance             Teeter                           Christian        Secretary of the Board of Trustees
GWC   58955 Admissions                      Tel Reg Help Line
CCC   16216 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Telecourse
GWC   55235 Technology Suppt Svs            Tellez                           Anthony          Information Systems Technician I
GWC   52613 Business Sys                    Teng                             Anthony          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22104 Business Education              Teng                             Anthony          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25759 Art Department                  Tennant                          Wayne            Faculty
OCC   21144 Art Department                  Tennant                          Wayne            Faculty
CCC   17277 Office of Instruction           Teregis                          Tracy
GWC   52633 Math                            Ternes                           Linda            Adjunct Faculty
CML   11227 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Terry                            Brenda           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22117 Consumer Sci                    Terry                            Jody             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16124 Office of Instruction           Terry                            Ladd             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22239 Fine Arts                       Terry                            Ladd             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11203 Office of Instruction           Terry                            Ladd             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51160 EOPS                            Terry                            Russell          Counselor
CCC   16586 Administrative Services         Tetnowski                        Debe             Student Systems Analyst
GWC   52324 Languages                       Teweles                          William          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52055 Business                        Thaler                           Tim              Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11276 Office of Instruction           Thaler                           Timothy
GWC   52539 School of Nursing               Thatch                           Amy              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58151 Admissions                      Thate                            Laura            Typist Clerk Senior
CCC   11384 Office of Instruction           Thayer                           Karen            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84628 DIS-Applications Support        Thayer                           Kathie           Application Project Coordinator
OCC   26199 Administrative Services Dept    The Grove
OCC   25640 Theater Arts Department         Theater Arts
OCC   26480 Community Education             Theater Box Office
GWC   51033 Theater                         Theater Box Office
OCC   26505 Theater Arts Department         Theater Information
OCC   25804 Community Education             Theater Office
OCC   21232 Theater Arts Department         Theater Office
OCC   26420 Theater Arts Department         Theater Repertory
OCC   26597 Theater Arts Department         Theater Staff
GWC   58183 Public Safety                   Theobald                         Brent            Security Coordinator
DOC   84706 Educational Services            Thissell                         Lynne            Executive Assistant, Vice Chancellor
OCC   26378 Admissions                      Thomas                           Carolyn          Admissions & Records Technician II
OCC   22952 Social Sciences                 Thomas                           Richard          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22612 Physical Education              Thome                            Troyce           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84665 Fiscal Operations-Payroll       Thompson                         Daniela          Supervisor Payroll Systems
CCC   16352 Office of Instruction           Thompson                         Dave             Technical Paraprofessional
GWC   58727 Office of Instructn             Thompson                         Dwayne           Research Assistant II
OCC   23085 Fine Arts                       Thompson                         Kari             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26733 Children's Center               Thompson                         Mary             Child Development Specialist
GWC   52480 Physical Education              Thompson-Asato                   Becky            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58302 Social Sciences                 Thorne                           C. S.            Faculty
OCC   21044 Physical Education              Thornton                         Michael          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11310 Office of Instruction           Thrasher                         Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23120 Social Sciences                 Thron                            Rebecca          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26431 Sailing Base (Crew)             Tice                             Bruce            Sailing Center
OCC   24319 Early Childhood Education       Tickner                          Kathleen         Child Development Specialist
GWC   55087 Technology Suppt Svs            Tillotson                        Jeff             Information System Technician II
GWC   52766 Career Ed                       Tilzer                           Jeffrey          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25833 Social Sciences                 Timmons                          Terry            Faculty
OCC   21199 Social Sciences                 Timmons                          Terry            Faculty
IRV   18039 Irvine One-Stop                 Tiongco                          Lanie
WM1   14907 Westminster 1-Stop              Tiongco                          Lanie            Typist Clerk Intermediate
OCC   22375 Literature                      Tirman                           Daninel          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58358 Arts and Letters                Tittle                           Cheryl           Clerk Senior
GWC   52228 TV Production                   Todd                             Jerry            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52765 Arts and Letters                Toffler                          Betsy Ann        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25181 Counseling                      Tom                              Eileen           Counselor
OCC   22754 Literature                      Tomaselli                        Marisa           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11390 Office of Instruction           Tonelli                          Barbara          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26126 Building Maintenance            Topete                           Ruben
OCC   22695 Consumer Sci                    Topley                           Margaret         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   25758 Art                             Topping                          Holly            Faculty
GWC   52374 Art                             Tornheim                         Norman           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58376 Bookstore                       Tornow                           John             Assitant Manager
OCC   26249 Learning Center                 Torres                           Alma             Typist Clerk Senior
GGL   17367 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Torres                           Dian
GWC   52388 Career Ed                       Torres                           John             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11529 Office of Instruction           Torrini                          Lynn             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58252 Western Sun Newspaper           Tortolano                        Jim              Faculty
OCC   22268 Social Sciences                 Townsend                         Jay              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25959 Business Education              Toy                              Sandra           Faculty
OCC   21146 Business Education              Toy                              Sandra           Faculty
IRV   18056 Irvine One-Stop                 Tran                             Ann
DOC   84730 Fiscal Operations-Payroll       Tran                             Brittni          Payroll Technician
CCC   16610 Administrative Services         Tran                             Chau
WM1   11401 Westminster 1-Stop              Tran                             Chau Duc
CML   11200 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Tran                             Dung             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22188 Physical Education              Tran                             Duy              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25855 Computer Services               Tran                             Frank            Information Systems Technician II
CCC   16275 Administrative Services         Tran                             Ha               Account Clerk Senior
OCC   23210 Math                            Tran                             Hoa              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25802 Mailroom                        Tran                             Jenny            Mail Room Clerk
OCC   26309 Mailroom                        Tran                             Jenny            Mail Room Clerk
OCC   21247 EOPS Office                     Tran                             Julie            Staff Aide
OCC   26308 Literature                      Tran                             Kaitlyn          Secretary
CCC   16226 Admissions Guidance Svs         Tran                             Karen            Immigration Technician
OCC   26464 Financial Aid                   Tran                             Kathie           Staff Assistant Senior
CML   11404 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Tran                             Kieu Trang Thi   Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52447 Math                            Tran                             Le               Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22512 Literature                      Tran                             Minh-Tam         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52279 Arts and Letters                Tran                             Nguyen           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11485 Office of Instruction           Tran                             S.               Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51172 Arts and Letters                Tran                             Tammie           Faculty
GWC   58348 Transfer Center                 Tran                             Thao             Instructional Associate
GWC   52330 School of Nursing               Tran                             Thi              Adjunct Faculty
FVL   17537 Fountain Valley Technology      Tran                             Thu
GGL   17342 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Tran                             Thuy             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58968 Office of Instructn             Tran                             Tien             Disabled Student Media Access Specialist
OCC   26459 Community Education             Tran                             Van
GWC   52433 Physical Sciences               Tran                             Vinh
WM1   14916 Westminster 1-Stop              Tran-Nguyen                      Martha
OCC   25770 Admissions                      Transcript Information
CCC   16171 Transfer Center                 Transfer Center
GWC   58794 Transfer Center                 Transfer Center
GGL   17308 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Transfer Center
GWC   52325 Languages                       Trapp                            Elizabeth        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25864 International Students Program  Traver                           Maria            Counselor
OCC   22078 Math                            Tress                            Marguerite       Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14917 Westminster 1-Stop              Trinh                            Rose             Job Developer
OCC   22792 Consumer Sci                    Tronier                          Julie            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52053 Office Administration           Trott                            Ruby             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26306 Computer Maintenance            Troung                           Johnathon        Information Systems Technician I
CML   11535 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Troy                             Jeff             Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84805 Physical Facilities Office      Trujillo                         Annette          Accounting Technician
GWC   55196 Fiscal Services Division        Trulin                           Pat              Account Clerk Senior
OCC   25624 Administrative Services Dept    Truong                           Johnathan
GWC   55133 Bookstore                       Truong                           Thomas           Account Clerk Senior
GWC   52609 Arts and Letters                Tsai                             Mike             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25523 Photography Department          Tsutsumida                       Damian           Faculty
GWC   52481 ESL                             Tumbas                           Nancy            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84637 DIS-Technical Support           Turk                             Charles          Systems/Network Analyst I
OCC   22417 Literature                      Turnbull                         Lisa             Faculty
GWC   52582 Arts and Letters                Turner                           Lorena           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22105 Physical Education              Turner                           Travis           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55244 Tutorial/Learning Center        Tutorial Center
OCC   22865 Physical Education              Tutton                           Matt             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23068 Math                            Tweedy                           Maryanne         Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52500 Arts and Letters                Tyberg                           John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22785 Technology                      Ueda                             Dale             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22321 Literature                      Ujihara                          Mitsuko          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52344 Social Sciences                 Uliana                           Regina           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51152 Arts and Letters                Ullrich                          Richard          Faculty
OCC   22034 Business Education              Ulrich                           Thomas           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23033 Social Sciences                 Underwood                        Tricia           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22552 Social Sciences                 Urata                            Karen            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26289 Drafting Technology             Urbien                           Darrell          Lab Assistant
OCC   22346 Theater Arts Department         Uribe                            Peter            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22619 Fine Arts                       Urie                             Walter           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23310 Theater Arts Department         Urlik                            Joy              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55224 VP Office of Admin Services     VP Student Services
GWC   51117 Office of Instructn             Vail                             Travis
OCC   22884 Technology                      Valdez                           Edilberto        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52148 Social Sciences                 Valentino                        Sherene          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51051 Counseling                      Valenzuela                       Yvonne           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52490 Math                            Valinluck                        Michael          Adjunct Faculty
CML   17215 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Valle                            Erica            Staff Aide
OCC   22240 Fine Arts                       Valley                           Stephen          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51130 Life Sciences                   Van Dorn                         Holly            Instructional Associate
GWC   58247 New Media Center                Van Dorn                         Juli             Online Instructional Assistant
OCC   22943 Math Department                 VanRy                            Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22327 Social Sciences                 VanderVis                        Melinda          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23275 Accounting                      Varga                            John             Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84842 Purchasing Department           Vargas                           Adrian           Custodian
OCC   22528 Math                            Vargas                           Benjamin         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26386 Student Health Center           Vargas                           Lucas            Utility Worker
OCC   26166 Financial Aid                   Varner                           Angela           Financial Aid Technician
GWC   52767 Career Ed                       Vasilik                          Richard          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84696 Transportation Maint            Vasquez                          John             Bus Driver
OCC   25741 Student Services                Vasquez                          Tere             Secretary Senior
FVL   17512 Fountain Valley Technology      Vaughan                          Marie
CCC   16232 Instructional Systems Develpmn  Vaughan                          Marie            AV Services Assistant
FVL   17513 Fountain Valley Technology      Vaughan                          Marie
OCC   22542 Business/Personnel Services     Vaughn                           Andrew           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11493 Office of Instruction           Vayo                             Sunshine         Faculty
OCC   26667 Building Maintenance            Velasco                          Ruben            Maintenance Skilled
OCC   26461 Financial Aid                   Velasquez                        Joe              Financial Aid Technician
CCC   11377 Office of Instruction           Velazquez                        Victor           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55044 Community Services Office       Venable                          Terance          Swap Meet Supervisor
GWC   55139 Student Activities              Venegas                          Valerie          Director
OCC   25517 Early Childhood Education       Venham                           LuAnne           Secretary Senior
GWC   52118 Social Sciences                 Vento                            John             Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14928 Westminster 1-Stop              Verdial                          Robert
OCC   22308 Technology                      Vernier                          Darcy            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22250 Technology                      Veturis                          David            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55009 Office of Instructn             Vice President`s Office
OCC   23113 Consumer Sci                    Vidal-Prudholme                  Laura            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58355 Cosmetology                     Viele                            Nancy            Faculty
GWC   51242 Cosmetology                     Viele                            Nancy            Faculty
FVL   17547 Fountain Valley Technology      Vierstra                         Don              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58371 Criminal Justice                Villa                            Patricia         Secretary Senior
OCC   26361 Admissions                      Villalobos                       Jessica          Admissions & Records Technician II
CCC   22959 Office of Instruction           Villalobos                       Jose             Faculty
OCC   22356 Consumer Sci                    Villareal                        Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58260 Physical Education              Villarreal                       Bert             Faculty
GWC   51212 Physical Education              Villarreal                       Bert             Faculty
GWC   55056 Public Information Office       Villegas                         Diane            Graphics Designer
OCC   22983 Literature                      Villegas                         Patricia         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16433 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Vinh                             Tho              Computer Support Specialist I
OCC   25950 Computer Maintenance            Viragh                           Ilona            Information System Technician II
OCC   22440 Math                            Visco                            Lisa             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22740 Math                            Visco                            Marc             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51086 Business                        Vlachos                          Dino             Faculty
GWC   52068 Office Administration           Vlachos                          Helen            Adjunct Faculty
CML   17294 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Vo                               Phoung           ECHS
GWC   58323 Assessment Center               Vo                               Tuan             Testing Technician
OCC   21277 Math                            Voicu                            Mariana          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22285 Literature                      Volmer                           Kimberly         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22241 Fine Arts                       Voorhees                         Michael          Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84771 DIS-Applications Support        Vorathavorn                      Max              Application Programmer Analyst
GWC   52602 Arts and Letters                Votava                           Leslie           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22627 Technology                      Voysey                           Keith            Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14970 Westminster 1-Stop              Vu                               Calinh
OCC   26467 Financial Aid                   Vu                               Jenny            Financial Aid Specialist
CCC   11445 Office of Instruction           Vu                               Minh Thien       Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25951 Computer Maintenance            Vu                               Phu              Information Systems Technician I
GWC   55108 Financial Aid                   Vu                               Thanh            Financial Aid Technician
CCC   16219 Instructional Systems Develpmn  Vu                               Thien            AV Services Assist
GWC   55107 Financial Aid                   Vu                               Victoria         Financial Aid Technician
OCC   22637 Social Sciences                 Vu                               Vienna           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22861 Math                            Vu                               Yenkhanh         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16598 Admissions Guidance Svs         Vuong                            Helen
OCC   22911 Literature                      Wager                            Timothy          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52417 Arts and Letters                Wagner                           Helena           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22096 Literature                      Wagner                           Helene           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26734 Children's Center               Wagner                           Karen            Child Care Center Assistant
WM1   11278 Westminster 1-Stop              Wahba                            Remon            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25118 Snack Bars                      Wakim                            Anis             Snack Bar Operator Assistant
OCC   23034 Social Sciences                 Wakim                            Salena           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23204 Business Education              Waldfogel                        Donna            Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84708 Human Resources                 Waldfogel                        Donna            Admin Director, HR
OCC   22745 Physical Education              Walker                           Don              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52023 Arts and Letters                Walker                           Heather          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22654 Consumer Sci                    Walker                           Janie            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22377 Literature                      Walker                           John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22812 Consumer Sci                    Wall                             Kathy            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55153 Fiscal Services Division        Wall                             Susan            Staff Aide
OCC   21061 Physical Education              Wallace                          Barry            Faculty
OCC   25890 Physical Education              Wallace                          Barry            Faculty
OCC   22893 Math                            Wallace                          Jason            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58990 Math                            Wallace                          Mary             Coordinator
CCC   11362 Office of Instruction           Waller-Walker                    Ellis            Faculty
OCC   22433 Literature                      Walls                            Laura            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22320 Consumer Sci                    Wang                             Brian            Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14946 Westminster 1-Stop              Wang                             Jenny
WM1   14921 Westminster 1-Stop              Wang                             Jocelyn
IRV   18069 Irvine One-Stop                 Wang                             Robert           Westminster One-Stop
OCC   23262 Social Sciences                 Wang                             Wei-Chung        Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11587 Office of Instruction           Ward                             Ashley           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16208 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Ward                             Helen            Area Facilitator
CCC   16323 Office of Instruction           Ward                             Jason            Adjunct Faculty
CML   11389 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Ward                             Michael Scott    Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52469 Languages                       Ward                             Mona Lisa        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52728 Arts and Letters                Ward                             Sherry           Adjunct Faculty
DOC   84879 DIS-Technical Support           Wareham                          Juta             Application Systems Analyst/Programmer
CCC   17302 Office of Instruction           Warner                           Michael          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11527 Office of Instruction           Warwick                          Randall          Faculty
CCC   16114 Office of Instruction           Warwick                          Randall          Faculty
OCC   22313 Literature                      Warwick                          Teresa           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22090 Fine Arts                       Washington                       Tamiko           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55132 Bookstore                       Washington                       Vanessa          Bookstore Clerk II
CCC   11319 Office of Instruction           Washington                       Warren           Adjunct Counselor
GWC   52516 Office Administration           Waters                           Doris            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22474 Fine Arts                       Waters                           Jim              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51166 Criminal Justice                Watkins                          Derrick          Faculty
GWC   52328 Comm Studies                    Watkins                          Margaret         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21049 Athletics Department            Watson                           Don              Faculty
CCC   11317 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Watson                           Katherine        Telecourse/Independent Study
CCC   16127 Instruct TV/Indepent Studies    Watson                           Katherine        Telecourse/Independent Study
OCC   21264 Office of Instruction           Watson                           Maryann          Faculty
GWC   52365 Business Sys                    Watson                           Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22178 Math                            Watt                             Sandra           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55134 Bookstore                       Watts                            David            Textbook Clerk
CCC   11417 Office of Instruction           Watts                            Susan            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21086 Fine Arts                       Weatherford                      Leigh Ann        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21055 Library Services                Webb                             Debbie           Librarian
OCC   22912 Literature                      Webb                             John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25894 Counseling                      Weber                            Dan              Office Coordinator
DOC   84702 Educational Services            Webster                          Stephen          Research Systems Analyst
GWC   52494 Arts and Letters                Wegter                           Rachel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26379 Admissions                      Weikel                           Terry            Typist Clerk Senior
GWC   52327 Criminal Justice                Welch                            Ray              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52654 Criminal Justice                Welch                            Vickie           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22854 Business Education              Weller                           Fred             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23239 Math Department                 Wells                            Julie
GWC   52440 Physical Education              Wells                            Matthew          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21284 Literature                      Wells                            Stephanie        Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52006 Diesel Technology               Welty                            Jim              Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52496 Arts and Letters                Welty                            Rebecca          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52305 Criminal Justice                Wemmer                           Rich             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11480 Office of Instruction           Wen                              Edward           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25521 Art Department                  Wendell                          Bob              Faculty
OCC   21155 Art Department                  Wendell                          Bob              Faculty
OCC   25094 Coast Report                    Werblin                          Kathy            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11473 Office of Instruction           West                             Jane             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25869 Admissions                      West                             Jim              Associate Registrar
CCC   16442 Counseling Aid Of               West                             Tammy            Account Clerk Intermediate
OCC   23271 Social Sciences                 Westbrook                        Nathan           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22813 Consumer Sci                    Westercamp                       Robert           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52639 Career Ed                       Westerkamp                       Robb             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25512 Art Department                  Westerman                        Donna            Faculty
GWC   58786 Western Sun Newspaper           Western Sun
GWC   51157 Western Sun Newspaper           Western Sun News Room
WML   17400 Westminster Learning Center     Westminster Office
CCC   11225 Office of Instruction           Wetger                           Rachel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25629 Music Department                Wheaton                          Dana             Faculty
OCC   25985 Music Department                Wheaton                          Dana             Faculty
OCC   22933 Art Department                  Wheaton                          Mark             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22830 Literature                      Whitaker                         Jutta            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55156 Pool Services                   Whitchurch                       Charles
OCC   24306 Sailing Base (Crew)             White                            Bob
GWC   52069 Office Administration           White                            Carol            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22288 Business Education              Whitehead                        Gerald           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22026 Computer Maintenance            Whitehead                        Ron              Instructional Associate
GWC   52744 Criminal Justice                Whiteley                         Sean             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25954 Computer Maintenance            Whiteside                        Sandy            Information Systems Technician
IRV   18093 Irvine One-Stop                 Whitlinger                       Leslie
GWC   52771 Arts and Letters                Whitney                          Marisa           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21150 Social Sciences                 Whitridge                        Roger            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11584 Office of Instruction           Whitson                          Stephen          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52339 Business Sys                    Whitson                          Stephen          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25577 President's Office              Whittaker                        Denise           President
OCC   25712 President's Office              Whittaker                        Denise           President
OCC   25959 Business Management/Market      Wichert                          Jack             Faculty
OCC   25838 Counseling                      Wickremesinghe                   Manoj            Faculty
GWC   52083 School of Nursing               Widman                           Kris             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   52332 Literature                      Wietting                         John             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51276 Office of Instructn             Wight                            Greg             Faculty
GWC   52749 Math                            Wilcox                           Jennifer         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   17269 Administrative Services         Wild                             Michelle         Coordinator
DOC   84793 Personnel Services              Wile                             Geri             Manager, Employee Services & Records
DOC   84724 Services/Staff Benefits         Wile                             Geri             Manager, Benefits
WM1   14988 Westminster 1-Stop              Wilkerson                        Lois             Director
WM1   14901 Westminster 1-Stop              Wilkerson                        Lois             Director
CCC   16160 Office of Instruction           Wilkerson                        Lois             Vice President, Student Services
IRV   18015 Irvine One-Stop                 Wilkerson                        Lois             Director
GWC   58771 Arts and Letters                Wilkerson                        Ronald "RC"      Faculty
OCC   22386 Social Sciences                 Williams                         Ann Marie        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23307 Math                            Williams                         Bethany          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22632 Literature                      Williams                         Craig            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   55154 Fiscal Services Division        Williams                         Darlena          Accounting Technician
CCC   16546 Administrative Services         Williams                         Doug             Information Systems Technician Senior
OCC   23190 Art Department                  Williams                         Patrick          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23186 Literature                      Williams                         R.               Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22533 Consumer Sci                    Williams                         Robert           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23188 Literature                      Williams                         Sherry           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22574 Literature                      Wills                            Jody             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22374 Consumer Sci                    Wilsom                           Kim              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22550 Physical Education              Wilson                           Audrey           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52499 Business Sys                    Wilson                           Daniel           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25155 Computer Maintenance            Wilson                           Eric             Professional Development Tech Trainer
CCC   11415 Office of Instruction           Wilson                           Jeff             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51062 School of Nursing               Wilson                           Julia            Faculty
OCC   22481 Social Sciences                 Wilson                           Michael          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22667 Business/Personnel Services     Wilson                           Nancy            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52258 Math                            Wimmer                           Ronda            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16132 Office of Instruction           Windsor                          Adrian           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11407 Office of Instruction           Windsor                          Adrian           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26677 Campus Safety                   Winer                            Timothy          Campus Safety Officer
CML   17216 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Winger                           Lisa             Staff Assistant
OCC   22217 Fine Arts                       Winkel                           Lance            Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18062 Irvine One-Stop                 Winn                             Deborah
OCC   22291 Office of Instruction           Winter                           Harry
OCC   21108 American Language Department    Winter                           Nick             Faculty
OCC   25046 American Language Department    Winter                           Nick             Faculty
CCC   16249 Office of Instruction           Winterbourne                     Susan            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16549 Counseling Aid Of               Winterbourne                     Susan            Counselor
CML   17278 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Winterbourne                     Susan
OCC   22509 Social Sciences                 Winterman                        Viorica          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22801 Physical Education              Wittenberg                       Joel             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58370 Criminal Justice                Wofford                          Joyce            Staff Aide
CCC   16148 Fiscal Services                 Wojciechowski                    Danny            Accounting Coord
CCC   16228 Instructional Systems Develpmn  Wojciechowski                    Linda            Secretary Admin
OCC   26335 Large Group Facilities          Wolf                             Daisy            Course Assistant I
GWC   23171 Theater                         Wolf                             Scott            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58396 Arts and Letters                Wolf                             Sigrid           Theater Operator Facilities
GWC   52287 Office Administration           Wolfson                          Mary             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52347 Arts and Letters                Wolzinger                        Renah            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26735 Children's Center               Womack                           Debbie           Child Development Specialist
GGL   17306 Garden Grove Educational Cntr   Wombold                          Connie           Receptionist
OCC   25121 Physical Education              Women`s Equipment Room
OCC   26596 Physical Education              Women`s Sports
GWC   55012 Technology Suppt Svs            Wong                             Jeffery          Computer Services Operator
GWC   51174 Admissions                      Wong                             Jeffrey          Student Systems Analyst
CCC   11528 Office of Instruction           Wong                             Jingling         Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26185 Computer Maintenance            Wong                             Mike             Information Systems Technician II
OCC   26668 Campus Operations Office        Wong                             Mike             Energy Management Facilitator
GWC   55170 Student Health Services         Wong                             Susan            Physician
OCC   22292 Business Education              Wood                             Ilene            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25993 Community Education             Wood                             Janine           Community Services Systems Specialist
OCC   23105 Literature                      Wood                             Joshua           Adjunct Faculty
IRV   18022 Irvine One-Stop                 Wood                             Lori
WM1   14908 Westminster 1-Stop              Wood                             Lori             Workforce Specialist
OCC   26401 International Students Program  Wood                             Melanie
GWC   51047 Music                           Wood                             Rose Ann         Faculty
OCC   22683 Library Services                Wood                             Suzanne          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22389 Literature                      Woodruff                         Saundra          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23229 Technology                      Woodward                         Gerald, Jr.      Adjunct Faculty
FVL   17534 Fountain Valley Technology      Worden                           Mark
OCC   25026 Student Health Center           Worden                           Sylvia           Director
OCC   25097 Student Health Center           Worden                           Sylvia           Director
GWC   58903 Office of Instructn             Wordes                           John             Director, Special Projects
OCC   22358 Consumer Sci                    Worrell                          Aileen           Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11559 Office of Instruction           Wrobel                           Al               Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16120 Office of Instruction           Wrobel                           Al               Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25028 Social Sciences                 Wynne                            Ann              Faculty
OCC   21184 Office of Instruction           Wynne                            Ann              Faculty
CCC   16239 Counseling Aid Of               Xa                               Quan             Financial Aid Technician
CCC   16428 EOPS Office                     Xa                               Tina             EOPS Technician
OCC   22655 Consumer Sci                    Yamamura                         Mike             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   51093 Office Administration           Yamashita                        Carol            Faculty
OCC   25931 Drafting Technology             Yanaga                           Randy            Faculty
FVL   17515 Fountain Valley Technology      Yanalunas                        Meg
OCC   22443 Math                            Yang                             Catalina         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   16276 Telecourse Distribution         Yang                             Daniel
GWC   58384 Learning Resources              Yarchin                          Ann              Division Area Coordinator
GWC   52623 Arts and Letters                Yaron                            Sharon           Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52537 Languages                       Yasger                           Sue              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21132 Business Information Systems    Yates                            Ron              Faculty
OCC   25633 Business Information Systems    Yates                            Ron              Faculty
CCC   11441 Office of Instruction           Yazan                            Ozkan            Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11316 Counseling Aid Of               Yee                              Lauren
CCC   11470 Office of Instruction           Yeh                              Ning             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52407 Languages                       Yen                              Shu-jen          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23223 Physical Education              Yeo                              Suzanne          Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23010 Business Education              Yeoh                             Mark             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21170 Social Sciences                 Yett                             Betil            Faculty
OCC   25810 Social Sciences                 Yett                             Betil            Faculty
OCC   21230 Office of Instruction           Yett                             Jay              Faculty
OCC   22988 Fashion Merchandising           Yeung                            Vinnie           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22684 Physical Education              Yi                               Ki               Adjunct Faculty
CML   17203 Costa Mesa Learning Center      Yokota                           Janice           Area Office Coordinator
OCC   23266 Consumer Sci                    Yong                             Tabitha          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   58762 Counseling                      York                             Linda            Counselor
GWC   58333 Physical Education              Yoshida-Peer                     Noreen           Staff Aide
IRV   18013 Irvine One-Stop                 Yoshii                           Michi            Irvine One-Stop
GWC   55015 Transfer Center                 Young                            Caroline         Typist Clerk Senior
CCC   17548 Office of Instruction           Young                            Gary             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52599 Arts and Letters                Young                            Julia            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25986 Technology                      Young                            Richard          Faculty
OCC   22183 Math                            Young                            Ronald           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   26056 Technology                      Young                            Terry Ann        Course Assistant
DOC   84604 Internal Auditor                Young                            Tracy            Internal Auditor Associate
GWC   52232 Arts and Letters                Yu                               He-Chun          Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11490 Office of Instruction           Yue                              Amy              Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22103 Technology                      Zachwieja                        Thomas           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   23127 Consumer Sci                    Zager                            Christina        Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22184 Math                            Zaidi                            Masood           Adjunct Faculty
FVL   17543 Fountain Valley Technology      Zaki                             Sohair
OCC   22804 Office of Instruction           Zamarripa                        Julio            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52100 Office of Instructn             Zarske                           John             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22677 Consumer Sci                    Zavrsnick                        Sandi            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22984 Literature                      Zdan                             Kathryn          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52522 Math                            Zebadua                          Emily            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52253 Computer Science                Zeighami                         Farrid           Adjunct Faculty
WM1   14962 Westminster 1-Stop              Zeller                           Joyce            Westminster One Stop
OCC   25107 Fashion Merchandising           Zellerbach                       Charles          Faculty
OCC   26250 Disabled Students               Zhe                              Bob              Counselor
GWC   52483 Physical Sciences               Zia                              Priscilla        Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11630 Office of Instruction           Zicree                           Steve            Faculty
OCC   22185 Math                            Ziemer                           William          Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52689 Arts and Letters                Zimmermann                       James            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52689 Arts and Letters                Zimmermann                       James            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   21062 English Department              Zimmermann                       Jay              Faculty
OCC   25033 English Department              Zimmermann                       Jay              Faculty
OCC   21286 Literature                      Zitter                           Jeremy           Faculty
OCC   22915 Theater Arts Department         Zoeckler                         Linda            Adjunct Faculty
OCC   25137 Air Frame Plant                 Zombek                           Mark             Faculty
OCC   22556 Math                            Zoval                            James            Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52556 Office of Instructn             Zuluaga                          Luis             Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22615 Physical Education              Zumwalt                          Rick             Adjunct Faculty
GWC   52127 Arts and Letters                de Gaillande                     Phillipe         Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11579 Office of Instruction           del Carmen                       George           Adjunct Faculty
CML   11420 Costa Mesa Learning Center      keefer                           Sherry           Adjunct Faculty
OCC   22300 Social Sciences                 menary                           John             Adjunct Faculty
CCC   11572 Office of Instruction           menchaca                         Jessica          Adjunct Faculty