Sexual Assault Prevention


The Coast Community College District recognizes that sexual assault is a serious issue, and will not tolerate acts of sexual assault on district property or district-sponsored activities. The District will investigate all allegations of sexual assault that occur on District property or at sponsored activities and take appropriate criminal, disciplinary or legal action, with prior consent of the victim.

The Coast Community College District is committed to its students’ safety as a vital ingredient to student learning and success. The District encourages victims of sexual violence to report the crime.

The colleges within the District – Orange Coast College, Golden West College and Coastline Community College – offer the following information and resources to students regarding sexual assault.


What is Sexual Assault? – Definitions
What to do if you think you were sexually assaulted or may have been sexually assaulted
Resources – where to go for help and advice
How to File a Complaint
Consequences of Committing Sexual Assault Crimes
What’s happening to me? Common reactions in victims sexual assault
Facts and Myths
Links to More Information